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Do I need a product key?

If you have downloaded EndNote through the portal and are being asked for a product key, your computer did not properly unzip the installation files. You will need to extract/unzip the file before you can install it correctly.  One way to unzip is using the right mouse-click ‘extract to’. After extracting the zip-file into a directory of choice, click the msi-file in the chosen directory to install EndNote. A product key should not be necessary.

Downloading EndNote

AU provides the bibliographic software EndNote free of charge for all students, faculty and staff.


To download the program, log into the AU Portal, click on the "Technology" link on the right, and then click on "Download Software".

Close MS Word before you install EndNote so that the CiteWhileYouWrite plug in can be added.

There are a series of steps and a licensing agreement as part of the setup.

DO NOT store your EndNote library on Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox or anything of the sort. It will slowly corrupt the files. 

After EndNote is installed, if you are interested in having the software search the AU databases for available PDF's and automatically attach them to your references, see the How to Use EndNote's Find Full Text Feature tab under Extra Details. 



How to Download EndNote Video