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Using a Shared Library

To access a shared library from EndNote: FILE>OPEN LIBRARY

To toggle between your personal library and the shared library: FILE>OPEN RECENT

To add citations from the shared library to your personal library: REFERENCES>COPY REFERENCES TO

To un-share your library: FILE>SHARE>GEAR SYMBOL>REMOVE


Using EndNote X8 Sharing

EndNote X7 introduced a new sharing mode and EndNote X8 expands on it:

  • Share your library with anyone who’s using EndNote X8  (up to 100 people)
  • Share your entire EndNote library, including references, PDFs, and annotations
  • Everyone can add to, annotate and use the library – at the same time and track who is making changes
  • There’s no charge for sharing, no library size limit and no charge for unlimited cloud storage

Please note that you are sharing your ENTIRE library, not just one group of references, and that one person is the sharer and the rest are sharees.  

If you would like to share only a part of your library then see the section below on using EndNote Online to share groups.

If you do not already have an EndNote Online (formerly called EndNote Web) account, go to EDIT>PREFERENCES>ENABLE SYNC and register for a free account to start sharing.

To sync go to TOOLS>SYNC or use the Sync Button.

Once the library is synced, go to FILE>SHARE and enter the email of users you wish to invite to share your library or use the Share Button. They will receive an email and instructions. All users must be running X7 or X8. Use HELP>CHECK FOR UPDATES to confirm you are running the latest version of EndNote.


Using EndNote Online to Share Your Citations

EndNote is a stand alone desktop type software. Using EndNote Online (Web)  provides a method to share citations without sharing your entire library. Note that you are NOT able to share file attachments such as PDF's 

Signing up for an EndNote Online account is free and easy. In EndNote desktop, go to EDIT>PREFERENCES>ENABLE SYNC and follow prompts to create your account, making sure to use the same e-mail address that you signed up for your stand alone EndNote account with, likely your AU address.

Once you are signed up for your on-line EndNote account, sync it with your desktop EndNote library.

1) Click the Sync button in the toolbar of your desktop EndNote(or select Sync from the Tools menu).


2) Enter your Endnote Online email address and password to login to your account. Click OK to begin the synchronization process.

Enabling Sharing on EndNote Online

Once your EndNote library is synced with EndNote Online, you are able to share selected parts of it by clicking on Organize and Manage My Groups.

Select which groups you would like to share.

Add the e-mail address of the person you want to have access to it and decide if that person should have read only or read/write access to your citations.

Videos on Sharing EndNote Libraries