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Optimizing EndNote to Find Full Text

EndNote has the ability to search for full text articles which you have access to through AU's library subscriptions and/or that are freely available on the Internet to attach to your existing references.  When EndNote locates a copy of an article, it automatically downloads and attaches the PDF the corresponding EndNote record.

To get the most out of this feature, you will first need to change some settings in EndNote.

1) In EndNote, go to EDIT>PREFERENCES

2) On the left side of the EndNote Preferences box, click on Find Full Text. Make sure all four of the boxes are checked. In the OpenURL Path field insert:

In the Authenticate with (URL) field insert:

3) Check the automatically invoke box and click OK

Now everything should be configured to optimize the use of EndNote's Find Full Text feature.

Using Find Full Text

If you have checked the appropriate box, EndNote will automatically attempt to Find Full Text on all newly imported references. To search for full text for references you already have in your library:

1) Select the reference, or references, you'd like to find the text for and click on the Find Full Text button at the top of the screen

2)  A Find Full Text Login Screen will appear, click continue.  A copyright and usage notice will pop up, click ok

3) When EndNote has completed the search, you will see a count on the left side, under the Find Full Text heading, of how many full text articles EndNote was able to retrieve. The articles retrieved will be attached to the references they belong to.

Even after you have changed your preferences to optimize the Find Full text feature, it will not always work. However, it is fast and easy to use so it can never hurt to try as a first step. I was able to find four of the six articles I just tried as a sample.  


How to Use Find Full Text in EndNote Video