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African American Studies

This guide features resources relevant to research in African American history and culture, race and identity, and the African diaspora.

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Items in the WRLC catalog are organized by the Library of Congress classification system. Within this system, items are classified under specific subjects. Call numbers help to organize books by these subjects. There are specific letters or letter combinations that denote a given subject area. The following call numbers relate to African American studies:

  • E184.5-185.98 African American History and Culture
  • E441-453 Slavery in the United States, Antislavery movements 
  • PS153 .M56 Multiculturalism and Ethnicity in Literature
  • PS153 .N5 African American Writers/ African American Voices in Literature
  • PS508 .N3 A36 -PS508 .N3 S56 African American Literature, Anthologies and Collections

General United States History:

  • E201-298 The Revolution, 1775-1783 
  • E300-453 Revolution to the Civil War, 1775/1783-1861 
  • E337.8-400 Early nineteenth century, 1801/1809-1845 
  • E415.6-440.5 Middle nineteenth century, 1845/1848-1861 
  • E456-655 Civil War period, 1861-1865 
  • E660-738 Late nineteenth century, 1865-1900 
  • E668 Reconstruction, 1865-1877
  • E740-837.7 Twentieth century
  • E838-889 Later twentieth century, 1961-2000
  • E895-904 Twenty-first century
  • F1-975 United States local history

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