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Faculty Guide to Credo Information Literacy--Core

How to integrate Credo Information Literacy modules with your Blackboard course content.

Step 1

In your course, click on the Assignments page and then click on the +Assignment button.


Assignment page in Canvas

Step 2

Go to the Submission Type drop down menu and choose External Tool.


Canvas Assignment page showing the Submission Type drop down menue

Step 3

Paste the LTI link you want to add from the Information Literacy-Core Links page in this guide in the External Tool URL field, then make sure the other assignment settings are configured:

Name: give the assignment a name of your choosing

Display Grade as: Points

Points: Assign a point value. Credo's scoring uses one point per question:

  • Quizzes: 5 points
  • Pre- or Post-Test: 20 points

If you assign a different point value, the grade will scale when it is passed back from Credo, e.g. a 4/5 will scale to 8/10 or 80/100. However, if you change the point value after students have taken the quiz, any grades already logged in the grade column will not automatically rescore (this is a function of Canvas' system, not Credo).

Make sure not to assign a point value of 0, which will cause all student scores to display in the grade book as 0.



Add to an Assignment Group

Check "Do not count towards the final grade" if you do not want the score automatically included in the final grade for the course.

Click "Load this tool in a new tab" if you would like the link to open in a new tab, not embedded within the page. 

Step 4

Click "Save and Publish" if you want to publish the assignment right away, or just "Save" if you will publish it later.  The new assignment should display either embedded in the page or as a link to open in a new window, depending on the default configured in the Global Tool Setup step.


Embedded Credo quiz in Canvas