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Course Reserve Textbook Collection


Instructors can request articles, book chapters, and textbooks for their courses by using the Course Reserves button found in their Blackboard or Canvas course pages. We are strongly encouraging faculty to take into consideration whether texts are available electronically when requiring them for their course.

For textbooks that are available as ebooks with a license for institution-wide use, the Library will purchase those materials and make them available to students through Blackboard, Canvas or AU Library Search. For course readings that are only available in print, those will be accessible through our Loaning Digital Course Reserves service. Once we’ve digitized any required readings, a student may borrow the restricted digital readings (can’t download, print, or share) for 2 hours at a time, mimicking as closely as possible our print reserves process.

Due to the volume of requests and the amount of content to be digitized, there may be many titles that are not available for students immediately and there may be delays in processing times. Reserves materials must adhere to the University’s copyright policies and no more than one chapter or 10% of a book can be scanned and posted to Blackboard or Canvas.

Please note that there are delays in providing access to these textbooks, due to multiple factors: 1) that we first need to determine if they are available to us as ebooks with a license for institution-wide use and if not, we need to then scan the required pages and 2) we have limited staffing onsite.

Course Reserves button

Instructors can submit their book requests by using the Library Course Reserves management system (Ares) in Blackboard or Canvas.

  • Log in to your Blackboard or Canvas account using your university login credentials.
  • Under "My Courses", select the course that you want to request items for.
  • In your course, select "Course Reserves" from the left menu bar. This will open the course reserves module. If the Course Reserves button is not available, please contact Course Reserves.
  • Under the Course Tools Menu, click on "Request Book".
  • Fill out as much information as you can about the book you would like to request.

                                Course Reserves button in Blackboard                            Course Reserves button in Canvas

Course Reserves button found in Blackboard course page                             Course Reserves button in Canvas course page