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Digital Research

This guide provides an overview of tips, support, and resources available to complete digital research projects at American University.

Support for Digital Research at the AU Library

The American University Library has expertise, resources, and technologies to help you conduct accurate digital scholarly analyses and create engaging digital research products.

If you are interested in starting a digital research project, send your questions to to get connected with one of our experts. Our experts come together from different departments around the Library to offer a variety of services that support digital research and inquiry. We can help you develop an idea for a digital research project, enhance your technological skills, choose the best tools to conduct and present your digital research, get access to the right software and equipment that you need for your project, and choose the right method for presenting your research findings.

Support Tiers from the AU Library

The AU Library offers numerous levels of support for digital research projects, based on your research goals and project needs.

Tier 1: Basic Consultations with Standard Research Tools

Researchers request short-term help with tools or services for their research (this level meets basic needs for the largest number of scholars).

Library will provide guidance and offer resources via single or a few short-term consultations, introductory training sessions, technical support, or guidance on project considerations.

Tools used will run using standard settings without customization or ongoing Library intervention.

Tier 2: In-Depth Collaborations & Enhanced Research Tools

Researchers request longer-term collaboration on options, resources, and methodologies for their project design.

Library will provide more sustained, project-based expertise and involvement over at least one semester and engage with research at various points throughout the project life cycle.

Tools used may involve more in-depth configurations of the standard settings.

Tier 3: Specialized Partnerships & Applied Research Projects

Researchers and Library operate as collaborative research partners on projects. 

Library will offer the highest level of involvement and intervention, therefore Library faculty or staff will be written into grants.

May involve the development of new methods, tools, and platforms that require cycles of development, testing, and improvement.