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Digital Research

This guide provides an overview of tips, support, and resources available to complete digital research projects at American University.

Digital Publication and Exhibition Tools

Omeka S is a web-publishing platform for storing research images, adding metadata, and bringing both together to create fully online scholarly exhibits and collections. This tool is available for researchers to use for free from American University Library. The resources below provide an introduction to the tool.

WordPress is a web-publishing platform available to all AU community members through EdSpace accounts. WordPress can support many kinds of web content to publish your research and quickly share it with others. WordPress offers many free, self-guided tutorials and workshops to learn its ins and outs.

Esri StoryMaps is a third web-publishing platform available to researchers at AU. This tool allows you to blend narrative texts, multimedia content, and maps seamlessly to publish your research digitally.

KnightLab is a group from Northwestern University that develops prototypes, tools, and services for digital storytelling, content creation, interactive information sharing. These tools allow researchers to share their research in creative and engaging ways with a variety of audiences. All of KnightLab's tools come with free guides for getting started, and most of the tools can be added into websites using an iframe.

If you have never built a website before, you might find the following guides for planning the design and flow of websites a helpful place to start.