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Country Rankings

This is a list of country rankings based on indicators that try to measure different comparable characteristics of countries around the world. Most of these rankings are ongoing and recurring.

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Press Freedom country rankings

Be careful when using these indexes. They measure qualities that are difficult to quantify. Moreover, methodologies often change year to year; therefore, multiyear comparisons are often invalid. For these reasons, it is important to know the methodologies used to derive these cross country comparisons before using them. Most of the indexes included provide their methodology.

Search tip: If you are looking for an indicator, e.g. stability, do a search in the search box for the database that you select. That will let you know which index measures that quality.

  • Freedom of the Press (1980- ) from Freedom House
    Assesses the degree of print, broadcast, and Internet freedom in every country in the world. Ratings are based on three broad categories: the legal environment in which media operate, political influences on reporting and access to information, and economic pressures on content and the dissemination of news. From 1980-93, the countries are categorized as "Free," "Partly Free," or "Not Free." From 1994 onwards, both category designations and numerical rating from 0 (the most free) to 100 (the least free) are given.
  • Journalists in Jail (2000- ) from Committee to Protect Journalists
    Journalists Killed (1992- )
    Statistics on the number of journalists imprisoned or killed. This can be used as a barometer on the amount of press freedom in the country. Also has information on missing journalists.
  • Media Sustainability Index (2001- ) from IREX 
    Analysis of the condition of independent media in 38 countries in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Press Freedom Index (2002- ) from Reporters Without Borders
    Reflects the degree of freedom journalists and news organisations enjoy in 168 countries, and the efforts made by the state to respect and ensure respect for this freedom.