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A portrait of Giselle. 1982. 1 videocassette (97 min.). Host Sir Anton Dolin prepares New York City Ballet's Patricia McBride for the role of Giselle as he recounts the plot of the ballet, gives the history of its performance, and lends insight into the technical and dramatic expertise required of its dancers. Presents footage of performances of, and interviews with, celebrated ballerinas who have danced the role of Giselle, including Carla Fracci, Natalia Makarova, and Olga Spessivtzeva. VHS 491

Ailey dances. 1982. 1 videocassette (90 min.). A ballet performance by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and other musical performances. VHS 490

American Ballet Theatre in San Francisco. 1985. 1 videocassette (105 min.).  VHS 486

An evening with Kylian and the Nederlands Dans Theater. The World of dance. 1987? 1 videocassette (89 min.). Four ballets performed by The Netherlands Dans Theatre, one of Europe's most exciting ballet companies. VHS 487

An evening with the Ballet Rambert. The World of dance. 198. 1 videocassette (98 min.). Ballet Rambert company performs three innovative, imaginative dances. VHS 508

Antony Tudor. 1992. 1 videocassette (60 min.). Tudor revolutionized ballet by replacing princes and princesses with ordinary people who display universal human emotions. In this documentary Tudor speaks about his work - as do Agnes de Mille, Nora Kaye, Sallie Wilson, Margaret Craske, and Martha Hill. Interspersed with their interviews are excerpts of Tudor classics: Dark elegies, Pillar of fire, Jardin aux lilas, Romeo and Juliet, Judgment of Paris and Undertow, among others. Historical black-and-white sequences of Nora Kaye, Hugh Laing, and Sallie Wilson in principal roles are juxtaposed with footage of later interpreters. Finally, Tudor is shown rehearsing and talking about one of his last works, The leaves are fading.  VHS 1667

Balanchine essays Arabesque. Nonesuch dance collection: The Balanchine library. 1994. 1 videocassette (45 min.). Analysis and aspects of the Balanchine technique featuring excerpts from The nutcracker, Donizetti variations, Divertimento no.15, Raymonda variations, Swan Lake, Serenade, Symphony in C and The four temperaments. VHS 2773

The Ballerinas. 1987. 1 videocassette (108 min.). A two-part ballet-drama that features Peter Ustinov and Carla Fracci in a series of dramatic vignettes highlighted with excerpts from classic ballets.  Ustinov portrays Theophile Gautier (French poet, writer and ballet critic) in part I and Sergei Diaghilev (Russian ballet impresario) in part II.  Fracci acts and dances the roles of Marie Taglioni, Fanny Elssler, Carlotta Grisi, Emma Livry, Giuseppina Bozzacchi, Carlotta Brianza, Matilde Kschessinska, Anna Pavlova, Tamara Karsavina, and Olga Spessitzeva. VHS 506

Baryshnikov by Tharp with American Ballet Theatre. Dance in America. 1984. 1 videocassette (60 min.). Three ballets choreographed by Twyla Tharp that tell no story but are full of the vitality, daring, intelligence, and emotional depth that a great dancer possesses. Tharp's approach is personal, radical, and contemporary, and she combines this vision with the classsical artist's regard for form and technique to bring the viewer a memorable record of one of the greatest dancers of our era.  VHS 482

Baryshnikov the dancer and the dance. Dance series. 1983. 1 videocassette (82 min.). Profile of Mikhail Baryshnikov. Includes the complete ballet "Configurations" choreographed by Choo San Goh.  VHS 480

The Children of Theatre Street. 1978. 1 videocassette (92 min.). Describes life at the Vaganova Choreographic Institute in Leningrad, formerly the Imperial Ballet School of Russia, which has spawned dancers like Pavlova, Nijinsky, Baryshnikov, and Balanchine.  VHS 1379

Choreography by Balanchine with members of the New York City Ballet. Nonesuch dance collection: The Balanchine Library: Dance in America. 1995. 2 videocassettes (111 min.). A collection of Balanchine's choreographic works from throughout the century, reconceived in 1977-78 for Dance in America (Great Performances) by Balanchine. VHS 2771, VHS 2772

Cinderella a ballet. 1989. 1 videocassette (87 min.). Contemporary adaptation of the classic fairy tale of Cinderella, with the characters played as dolls in a dollhouse. Production conceived for and performed by the Lyon Opera Ballet.  VHS 1318

Creole Giselle. Ballet series. 1988. 1 videocassette (88 min.). A performance of the Dance Theatre of Harlem's acclaimed interpretation of the classic ballet Giselle. Making only minor changes in the story, music and traditional choreography, DTH founder Arthur Mitchell has set the ballet in 1841 Louisiana, where social status among freed blacks was measured by how far removed one's family was from slavery. Thus in this version, Giselle faces the same social obstacles and heartbreaking rejection by Albert and his family as their classical counterparts.  VHS 1387

Dancing for Mr. B six Balanchine ballerinas. Nonesuch dance collection: The Balanchine Library. 1995. 1 videocassette (86 min.). Portrays six of Balanchine's celebrated American ballerinas and, through them, also illuminates the life of their mentor. VHS 2774

Firestone dances 1962-1963. Voice of Firestone classic performances. 1995. 1 videocassette (ca. 50 min.). Classic ballet performances including Nureyev's first television performance in the U.S.  Variations after Degas includes reproductions of some of the Degas paintings of ballet dancers. VHS 4152

Fonteyn and Nureyev the perfect partnership. 1985. 1 videocassette (89 min.). A visual biography of Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev's partnership from its inception in 1962 to its close seventeen years later told through a series of interviews and performances. Includes excerpts from "Romeo & Juliet," "Le Corsaire," "Marguerite & Armand," "Les Sylphides," "Lucifer," and "Sleeping Beauty."  Also includes rare, behind-the-scenes footage of both dancers. VHS 488

Giselle, o, Las Willis ballet fantastico. 1995. 1 videocassette (99 min.). The classic ballet about a young girl deceived by her lover, and the tragic consequences. VHS 4153

Lebedinoe ozero. Ballet series. 1988. 1 videocassette (81 min.). Prince Siegfried falls in love with a swan, actually an enchanted princess.  Tricked by a magician, Siegfried and his swan maiden leap to their deaths. VHS 4149

The magic of the Bolshoi Ballet past and present. World of dance. 1987. 1 videocassette (60 min.). Excerpts from ballets performed by the Bolshoi Ballet from the 1930's through 1980's. VHS 761

The Magic of the dance. 1980. Dame Margot Fonteyn offers a look at the world of ballet. Includes performances by today's leading dancers as well as historical footage of ballet performances. VHS 159-164

Paris dances Diaghilev. 1991. 1 videocassette (84 min.). "Four works of the Ballet Russes, recreated in their original sets, costumes and choreography, performed by the Paris Opera Ballet as a tribute to Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev (1872-1929)" -- Cassette box. VHS 2288

Raymonda. 1987. 1 videocassette (146 min.). Raymonda is to marry Jean de Brienne, but the Saracen knight, Abderakhman, forces his attentions on her while her betrothed is on a crusade.  At the last moment de Brienne returns, fights his rival and wins the hand of Raymonda. VHS 489

Road to the Stamping Ground. 1984. 1 videocassette (60 min.). Kylian's ballet "Stamping Ground" was inspired by the Australian aborigine dance ceremony he witnessed in 1980. This film includes footage from the Australian ceremonies, intercut with the choreographer and his own dancers working in the Hague. Includes complete performances of the finished ballet "Stamping Ground," and of a stamping dance performed by Australian tribesmen. VHS 485

Romeo and Juliet ballet in three acts. Ballet series. 198? 1 videocassette (124 min.). The story of young, tragic love is as enduring as the seasons. International ballet star, Margot Fonteyn, and Russian virtuoso, Rudolf Nureyev, create passion and intrigue on the screen as they portray star-crossed lovers in this legendary story. VHS 481

The Royal Ballet in La Bayadere the temple dancer. 1991. 1 videocassette (124 min.). Members of the British Royal Ballet perform the ballet La Bayadere, the tragic love story, set in India, of a temple dancer and a warrior. VHS 3970

Sleeping beauty. Ballet series. 1990. 1 videocassette (84 min.). The Kirov Ballet performs Tchaikovsky's ballet based on the fairy tale of the beautiful young princess whose jealous stepmother plots to put her into a long sleep that can only be broken by the kiss of a prince. VHS 4150

The Sleeping beauty. 1994. 1 videocassette (132 min.). Ballet based on the fairy tale about the beautiful princess who falls asleep after pricking her finger and remains asleep until she is awakened by the kiss of a prince. VHS 3995

Stuttgart Ballet, the miracle lives. 1983. 1 videocassette (58 min.). Discusses the creation of the Stuttgart Ballet by John Cranko, how the company survived his untimely death, and what the company is like today. VHS 948

Suzanne Farrell elusive muse. 1997. 1 videocassette (105 min.). Nominated for an Academy Award, this documentary chronicles the life of dancer Suzanne Farrell. Film eloquently weaves together vintage and extraordinary never-before-seen archival clips of Farrell's radiant performances of choreographer George Balanchine ballets with the compelling and bitter-sweet love story between Farrell and Balanchine. VHS 4628

Swan Lake. 1982. 1 videocassette (137 min.). Prince Siegfried, out hunting, falls in love with a swan, actually an enchanted princess who can be saved only by true love.  In despair after being tricked by a wicked magician who substitutes his daughter for the swan, Siegfried and his swan maiden leap to their deaths. VHS 3996

Swan lake. 1984. 1 videocassette (126 min.). VHS 479

Swan lake. 1988. 1 videocassette (116 min.). Makarova's choreography evokes an atmosphere of magic and mystery in this classic tale of eternal love, betrayal, and death. Prince Siegfried sees a swan on the lake who turns into the enchanted princess Odette.  She can only be saved by the true love of another.  This the Prince promises her, but he is tricked by a wicked magician who disguises his daughter as the swan-maiden.  Siegfried and his love leap to their deaths thus destroying the evil power of the magician. VHS 1015

The Swan Lake a ballet in four acts. 1986. 1 videocassette (112 min.). The prince searched for a future bride, to be queen when he becomes king. The swan that bears the golden crown posseses magical powers that hold the key. VHS 943