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Audio Technology

Media Services Hours

Regular Hours:

Mon - Thurs 9am - 10pm

Fri 9am - 6pm

Sat, Sun 11am - 6pm

Contact Information:

Media Services Desk: (202) 885-3250
IM: AskMediaServices (aim, yahoo, msnlive, gchat)
Blog: Media Services News
Twitter: aulibmedia
Facebook: AULibMedia

AU Sound Effects Collections

The following collections are located in the Media Services in the Main Library.

Collection Title    Call Number
BBC Sound Effects   (Now Available ONLINE!)*    CDROM 12
Canary Collection        CDROM 13
Hollywood Edge Cartoon Trax    CDROM 11
Hollywood Edge Master Edition    CDROM 69
Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition          CDROM 10
Hollywood Edge Sonic Energy       CDROM 70
Hollywood Edge Sound Design Vol. 1       CDROM 71
Hollywood Edge Sound Design Vol. 2             CDROM 72
Hollywood Edge Title Fx Vol. 1 CDROM 73
Hollywood Edge Title Fx Vol. 2 CDROM 74

 * BBC Sound Effects files may be used for personal, education or research purposes as detailed in the license here.

Greg Smith Sound Effects Collection

A collection of 1450 sound effects tracks recorded by producer Greg Smith during his 20 year career in the film and television industry. Available online.