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ECON480 Resource Guide

for just about everything. The trick is to discover what existing data are the best match to the ideal data you need to test the prediction of your model. This guide provides just a sampling of links to data warehouses.

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Owned and operated by the Economics History Association, EH.Net provides an on-line location for researchers in economic history to make their data series available to other professionals and interested scholars. Several data series have been given to EH.Net and are available as downloadable files, while many other titles may be accessed through our Database Directory.

Database Directory

Australia - Union Bank of Australia Personnel Records: 19th century

Bulgaria - Bank and Monetary History; Economic Growth, and the Economy of the Public Issues

Canada - Estimates of Money Stock: 1871-1967

Canada - Province of Quebec Public Finance: 1867-1969

Canadian Pacific Railway Employees: 1900-1945

East Central European Land Ownership: 1880-1939

English Exchange Rates and Stock Prices: 1698-1823

French Slave and Long Distance Trading Profits During the 18th Century

Germany - Saxony Economic History: 1815-1974

Historical Prices and Wages, European and Non-European Countries, pre-1914

Irish Historical Statistics: 1821-1911

Italy - Florentine Domains and the City of Verona: 1427

Latin America: Foreign Investment into Latin America During the Twentieth Century

Liverpool Trade and Shipping: 1744-1786

Macroeconomics Data: 1790 to 1935

Manchester, England, Cotton Factory Workers: 1818 -1819    

NBER Macro history Dataset

Netherlands - National Accounts: 1800-1913

Ottoman Economic/Social History: 1600-1900

Rural History Data

Scottish Foreign Investment: 1860-1914

Spanish and Portuguese in America, 1500-1820  

U.S. Bank Market Structure, 1896-1955

U.S. Banking Legislation Votes: 1824-1836

U.S. Censuses of Manufacturing: Samples from 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880

U.S. Consumer Bundle 

U.S. Federal Revenues by State and Source: 1833-37

U.S. Historical County Boundary Files: 1850-1970

U.S. Households Savings and Disserving: 1918-1919

U.S. Income Tax - Estate Tax Records: 1916 to Present

U.S. Index of Industrial Production: 1790-1915 (extendable thru 2003)

U.S. Merger Movement Financial Information 1879-1904

U.S. New York Plank Road Companies: 1847-1865

U.S. Weeks Report of Wages in Manufacturing Firms up to 1880

U.S. Worker and Firm Data: 1874-1920

U.S. Workers Compensation Datasets: 1900-1930