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MGMT 201: Global Corporate Citizenship

Global Corporate Citizenship Resource Guide

Industry Classification Directories

Business / Industry Identification

  • NAICS - North American Industry Classification System - From the Census Dept.
  • Standard Industrial Classification Codes - User can search the 1987 version SIC manual by keyword, to access descriptive information for a specified 4-digit SIC, or examine the manual structure.

Industry Research Databases

How to Find Industry White Papers

Within the context of business research, industry white paper are well-researched reports about an issue within given industry. They are often written by a company within that industry in an effort to showcase knowledge and expertise or promote the use of a product or in an effort to address the issue. Marketers within the tech industry frequently create white papers to taut certain solutions and/or products. Alternatively, they could be produced by a trade/professional association in order to advocate for a specific position regarding an industry issue. Note that white papers outside of business research tend to recommend certain policy positions, but this isn't always, or even often, the case for industry white papers. 

There isn't one, go-to database for finding white papers but there are a few different ways you can find them: 

  • Look for trade association publications within your industry 
    • Find the main trade association website and look for the "Publications" or "Research" tab. Some associations will require a paid membership to access these but not all do. For example, the National Restaurant Association has a white paper on local bans of natural gas 
  • Search a scholarly database, such as ABI/Inform, for the term "white paper" AND  "[your industry]"; eg "white paper" AND (automotive OR "auto industry")  
    • You can find links to scholarly databases in the next tab in this class research guide 
    • ABI/Informs includes publications from the OECD--the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which publishes policy white papers. You can also access these directly by searching for OECD in the AU Library's list of databases 
  • Search BizReport for "white papers". BizReport is an online business newswire
  • Do a Google search for something like "generative AI" [or whatever your industry is] "white paper" Including "" will limit your results to only those from .edu websites

**Thanks to the Business Research Guide from San Jose State University for help with formatting the white papers Google search!