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IBUS 301: International Marketing


Gathering information about cultures, especially those different from your own, requires care and discernment. Every culture has practices and nuances that are hard to understand from the outside. Resources that attempt to define a culture may not capture those nuances. 

Your best culture research will require using multiple types of resources and finding the similarities and differences between them. Listed below are the various encyclopedias or reference resources that house a wide variety of cultural information - but they are not the only resources you should use. 

Remember to also consult books, articles, and the open internet. 

General Search Tools

AU Library Search 

Use this search box to browse the print and digital items the library has access to across disciplines. 

Useful Open Internet Resources

Country Profiles with Culture Description

The AtoZ International Business database attempts to pull information about countries all over the world to explain their cultures and customs. You may find these profiles helpful, but note that like all encyclopedic information, there might be holes, reductions, and inaccuracies.