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Filmography - Musicals: G - Z

Titles available on DVD as of January 2017

Musicals Filmography

Titles available on DVD as of January 2017.

This is a selective list of video holdings in the American University Library. Filmographies are created by doing multiple keyword searches in the library catalog to capture as many titles on a topic as possible. For complete up-to-date holdings (including VHS tapes) please refer to the library catalog (


Hair. 1999. 1 videodisc (121 min.). Fresh from the farm, Claude Bukowski arrives in New York City for a date with the Army Induction Board, only to walk into a hippie "happening" in Central Park and fall in love with the beautiful Sheila. Befriended by the hippies' pacifist leader, Berger, and urged to crash a formal party in order to declare his love for Sheila, Claude begins an adventure that lands him in jail, Central Park Lake and finally, in the army. But Berger's final effort to save Claude from Vietnam sets in motion a bizarre twist of fate ... with shocking consequences. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3327

Hairspray 1988. 1 videodisc (92 min.). Tracy Turnblad, a teenager with huge hair, a big grin, and all the right moves, becomes the queen of Baltimore’s number one dance revue. Director/writer, John Waters. Performers: Sonny Bono, Ruth Brown, Divine, Debbie Harry, Ricki Lake, Jerry Stiller, Ric Ocasek, Pia Zadora, Collen Fitzpatrick, Michael St. Gerard, Leslie Ann Powers, Clayton Prince, Mink Stole, Shawn Thompson.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2955        

Hairspray. 2007. 2 videodiscs (117 min.). In 1962 Baltimore, all the kids watch the Corny Collins Show. Every day after school Tracy Turnblad, an overweight teenager with all the right moves, and her best friend Penny run home to watch and drool over teenage heartthrob Link Larkin. When one of the "Council Kids" goes on a leave of absence, Tracy auditions to be the replacement, is sent to detention for skipping school, and thereby meets Seaweed--who shows her how to really shake 'em down. Helped by Seaweed, Link, Penny, Motormouth Maybelle, and her parents, Tracy sets out to integrate the show ... without denting her 'do! Performers: John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden, Queen Latifah, Brittany Snow, Zac Efron, Elijah Kelley, Allison Janney, Jerry Stiller, Paul Dooley, [introducing] Nikki Blonsky. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 12286

Hedwig and the Angry Inch. 2001. 1 videodisc (91 min.). Based on the smash hit New York show, this is a high-energy rock musical in the tradition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is the story of Hedwig, an ambitious glam-rocker who comes to America determined to find fame, fortune, and his "other half.". HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 301

Hello, Dolly. 2003. 1 videodisc (148 min.). Musical set in the 1890's about a professional matchmaker who meets her match. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7931

High society. 2008, 1 videodisc (111 min.).  In this musical comedy, a society wedding is being arranged in Newport, Rhode Island. The beautiful Tracy Samantha Lord is to marry George Kittredge. However, Tracy's ex-husband, the songwriter C.K. Dexter-Haven, has never stopped loving her and has hopes of winning her back. A New York scandal sheet reporter and photographer arrive to cover the wedding and complicate the tangled romances. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7580

High Society. 2008. 1 videodisc (111 min.). In this musical comedy, a society wedding is being arranged in Newport, Rhode Island. The beautiful Tracy Samantha Lord is to marry George Kittredge. However, Tracy's ex-husband, the songwriter C.K. Dexter-Haven, has never stopped loving her and has hopes of winning her back. A New York scandal sheet reporter and photographer arrive to cover the wedding and complicate the tangled romances. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7580

Hit the deck. 2008, 1 videodisc (112 min.).  Classic musicals from the dream factory: Classic musicals from the dream factory. Sailor Danny Xavier Smith and two other guys try to save his sister Susan's virtue. She wants to get a role in the show "Hit the Deck". After wrecking the producers hotel suite, they land in the brig. But Danny's father is a Rear Admiral. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 321

Hollywood Canteen. 2008. 1 videodisc (124 min.). A corporal wins a date with Joan Leslie in this salute to the World War II landmark, the Hollywood canteen. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5183

Hum tum Fanaa. 2004, 1 videodisc (310 min.).  Top 10 Best Bollywood Films 2001-2009. Hum Tum: Karan is a cartoonist at one of Indias's leading newspapers with a daily column called Hum Tum. He calls it that because that's how he sees the world divided: No countries, no religions, just two divisions-- boys and girls. When Karan first meets Rhea they disagree on everything, furthering his beliefs, so to put everything right he innocently gives her a kiss. Six months later the duo meet once again and Rhea hasn't forgotten the kiss. Forward ten years since their first encounter, Rhea and Karan become friends despite their differences, but this time destiny has bigger plans for the pair. Fanaa: Choices-- to choose between right or wrong is simple, but what defines one's life is the decision between the greater of two goods or the lesser of two evils. This is the advice that Zooni Ali Beg receives from her father, just as she is about to venture out into the world on her own for the very first time. Little does she know that these very words will shape her life. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 10268

Idlewild. 2006. 1 videodisc (121 min.). Set in the Prohibition-era American South, a speakeasy performer and club manager Rooster must contend, not only with gangsters who have their eyes on the club, but also his piano player and partner Percival. Percival must choose between his love for Angel or his obligations to his father. DVD 4915

Into the woods. 1 videodisc (approximately 125 minutes).  Disney DVD: Disney DVD. A modern twist on several of the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests. This humorous and heartfelt musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel, all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11989

Irving Berlin's This is the Army. 2008. 1 videodisc (125 min.). Screen adaptation of the stage play that raised nearly. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5181

Irving Berlin's White Christmas. 2009. 2 videodiscs (120 min.). The classic musical about two guys that become a popular song and dance team and play at a resort for charity. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7870

It's always fair weather. 2006, 1 videodisc (102 min.).  Classic musicals from the dream factory: Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals from the dream factory: Classic musicals collection. Three World War II buddies vow to reunite for old time's sake in 10 years. When they do they find their friendship has fizzled, until a day of tangling with romance, the fight game, the ad biz and a new medium called TV restores their bond. Highlights include a romp that uses trash-can lids as dancing shoes, Cyd Charisse routine with broken nosed boxers, and Kelly's tap dance on roller skates. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 314 

Jekyll & Hyde the Musical. 2001. 1 videodisc (134 min.). A musical adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale about the battle between good and evil. After being turned down to allow an instituted person to become part of his experimentations, Dr. Jekyll decides to use himself instead and finds that the evil in him cannot be controlled. DVD 7328

The King and I. 1999. 1 videodisc (133 min.). Anna Leonowens is an English school teacher who comes to teach the children of the King Mongut of Siam in the middle 1860s. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 923

Kismet. 2008, 1 videodisc (113 min.).  Classic musicals from the dream factory: Classic musicals from the dream factory. Follows one fateful, fabulous day as a beggar-poet and his daughter cross paths with a wicked wazir, a wily temptress, a handsome prince, and a magical curse. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 323 

Kiss me Kate. 2003, 1 videodisc (ca. 140 min.).  Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals collection. Two squabbling, 20th-century ex-marrieds are cast as squabbling Renaissance romantics in a musical version of The taming of the shrew. On stage they fight it out and backstage they continue to clash. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 10493, MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 223

Kiss me, Kate. 2003, 1 videodisc (147 min.).  The first Broadway revival in nearly 50 years of the musical comedy masterpiece by composer Cole Porter and book writers Sam and Bella Spewack. Recounts the backstage and on-stage antics of two feuding romances during an out-of-town tryout for a musical adaptation of William Shakespeare's The taming of the shrew. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 187

La Traviata. 1999. 1 videodisc (105 min.). In Paris in the 1840's a consumptive courtesan falls in love with a young man from a family of suffocating respectability. It seems not to occur to him that it is she who is paying their bills. His father appears, and says that the scandal is ruining his sister's chance of an advantageous marriage. The lovers part, he in a spirit of rancor, she in sacrifice. Later, he humiliates her in public. At her deathbed, however, they are reconciled. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2327

Lagaan: Once upon a time in India. 2001, 1 videodisc (225 min.).  Set in Queen Victoria's India, this is a story about a battle without bloodshed fought by a group of unlikely hereos. Will a game of cricket stop three years of lagaan (tax) for the Indian people? HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 312

The last five years.  1 videodisc (94 min.).  Jamie Wellerstein is an up and coming Jewish novelist who falls in love with Cathy Hiatt, a Shiksa Goddess and struggling actress. Their story is told almost entirely through songs using an intercutting time line device; all of Cathy's songs begin at the end of their marriage and move backwards in time to the beginning of their love affair while Jamie's songs start at the beginning of their affair and move forward to the end of their marriage. They meet in the center at their wedding. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 165

Les miserables. 2013, 1 videodisc (158 min.).  In early 19th century France the paroled prisoner Jean Valjean seeks redemption, regains his social standing, and rises to the rank of mayor. He encounters a beautiful but desperately ill woman named Fantine and cares for her daughter, Cosette, after her death. All the while he is obsessively pursued by the policeman Javert, who vows to make him pay for the crimes of his past.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 254

The Little Colonel. 2005. 1 videodisc (81 min.). An old-fashioned Southern colonel has disowned his daughter for marrying a Yankee and resists all entreaties for a reconciliation until he succumbs to the charms of his little granddaughter. Previews of other Shirley Temple films precede feature. DVD 1893

The Littlest Rebel. 2005. 1 videodisc (74 min.). Only a plea to President Lincoln can help when the father of a plantation girl is arrested and charged with espionage against the Yankees. DVD 1894

Love me or leave me.  2005, 1 videodisc (122 min.).  The Doris Day collection: Doris Day collection. Jazz age singing sensation Ruth Etting had it all, but it took more than talent to make it big. Her rise to fame at the hands of her Chicago gangster boyfriend turned her life off stage into a world of fear and abuse. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6664

The Love Parade. 2007. 1 videodisc (109 min.). The queen of mythical Sylvania marries a courtier, who finds his new life unsatisfying. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4321

Lubitsch Musicals. 2007. 4 videodiscs (365 min.). Love parade: In mythical Sylvania, Queen Louise's cabinet are worried that she will become an old maid, and are delighted when she marries the rougish Count Renard. Unfortunately, he finds his position as Queen's Consort unsatisfying and without purpose, and the marriage soon runs into difficulties. The Love parade introduced the screen operetta genre.Monte Carlo: A wealthy count passes himself off as a hairdresser in order to meet an impoverished countess.One hour with you: Chevalier and MacDonald are a devoted husband and wife who test the sanctity of their marriage in Lubitsch's remake of his own silent 1924 film The marriage circle.The smiling lieutenant: Chevalier has the task of choosing between his wild musician sweetheart and a prissy princess when the latter mistakes a wink and a smile as intended for her. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4321 - 4324 See individual records for further details.

Mamma mia! 2008, 1 videodisc (108 min.).  20-year-old Sophie is preparing to marry at her mother's hotel on a Greek island. She has a carefree life, a loving fiancee, and great friends. She is only missing one thing: a father. By reading her mother's diary she discovers that she has three possible fathers. Sophie secretly invites all three men to the wedding in a desperate bid to discover which of them is her father. But not all goes according to plan. Now, old loves are re-kindled, new loves are formed, and Sophie risks everything to discover the true identity of her father.   HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 10875

Mary Poppins. 2009. 2 videodiscs (139 min.). Mary Poppins is a kind of Super-nanny who, with her magical umbrella, flies into the lives of a proper, upper crust Edwardian English banker and his two children. She proceeds to put things right with the aid of her rather extraordinary magical powers and, in the process, teaches the family just how much fun life can be. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7850

Meet me in St. Louis. 2004, 2 videodiscs (113 min.).  The entire Smith family is crushed to learn that father has accepted a transfer to New York City.  Leaving friends and most of all missing the upcoming St. Louis World's Fair is painful. The ending makes an unforgettable, heartwarming movie.  Songs in this musical include "The Trolley Song", "Boy Next Door", "Have Yourself a Merry Christmas".  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 906, MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 266

Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland collection. Bonus discMickey Rooney and Judy Garland collection. 2007. 1 videodisc (157 min.). HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7875

Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland collection. 2007. 5 videodiscs (433 min.). Babes in arms: When vaudeville-famous parents meet financial trouble, their son gathers up his stage friends and puts on a show to raise money. All appears well until a hurricane hits before opening night.Strike up the band: Jimmy, a bandleader, and Mary, a singer, are talented high school students trying to climb the ladder of success. As a team, they sing and dance their way to the top, but not without difficulty.Babes on Broadway: Two struggling hopefuls work to reach fame on Broadway, singing and dancing through a variety of musical numbers, staged and directed by Busby Berkeley.Girl crazy: Danny is a boy from a wealthy family who won't take his studies seriously. Sent to an all-male college out West, he meets the dean's granddaughter who is worried the college will fail. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7871 - 7875 See individual records for further details.

Moulin Rouge. 2002. 1 videodisc (128 min.). Christian (McGregor), an idealistic and impoverished young writer who, newly arrived in Montmartre, is haphazardly inducted into a circle of young bohemians led by Toulouse-Lautrec. A comedy of mistaken identities ensues, quickly enmeshing the young poet in a love triangle involving the unobtainable and consumptive Satine (Kidman), queen courtesan of the Moulin Rouge, and the foppish Duke of Roxbury, his villainous rival for her affections. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 297

My Fair Lady. 1998. 1 videodisc (173 min.). Professor Higgins, a linguist, has to win the bet that any common Cockney girl, once tought to speak poperly, can pass as a duchess in London society. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2083

Nancy goes to Rio Two weeks with love. 2008, 2 videodiscs (99, 92 min.).  Classic musicals double feature: Classic musicals double feature. Nancy goes to Rio: A colorful Rio is the setting for a comic tale of personal and professional mixups as aspiring actress Nancy and her Broadway-veteran mother seek the same stage role. Adding to the Brazilian flair is Carmen Miranda in zany-hatted glory. Two weeks with love: on vacation in the Catskills, two women find love. Powell hopes to catch the eye of suave Ricardo Montalban by wearing a corset; meanwhile, Debbie Reynolds reels in affable Carleton Carpenter for a legendary Aba Daba Honeymoon showstopper. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 324 

Newsies. 2002. 1 videodisc (121 min.). July, 1899: When Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst raise the distribution price one-tenth of a cent per paper, ten cents per hundred, the newsboys, poor enough already, are outraged. Inspired by the strike put on by the trolley workers, Jack "Cowboy" Kelly organizes a newsboys' strike. With David Jacobs as the brains of the new union, and Jack as the voice, the weak and oppressed found the strength to band together and challenge the powerful. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2575

Nine. 2010, 1 videodisc (119 min.).  Arrogant, self-centered movie director Guido Contini finds himself struggling to find meaning, purpose, and a script for his latest film endeavor. Ten days away from the start of principal filming of his latest movie--ambitiously titled "Italia"--He has no idea for the movie at all. Escaping all the pressure at a seaside resort, he thinks about the women who have shaped his life: Mamma, judgmental but affectionate; Luisa, cherished yet under appreciated wife; Claudia, actress/muse of the picture; Carla, his flashy, passionate mistress; longtime costumer Lilli; bubbly American journalist Stephanie, and Saraghina, the salacious, witchy temptress of his childhood memories. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6732

Oh! What a Lovely War. 2006. 1 videodisc (144 min.). Follows the Smith family as they go off to fight World War I, and revolves around the songs and words of the soldiers. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4149

Oklahoma! 2005. 2 videodiscs (145 min.). A young prairie woman is courted by a good-natured cowboy and a menacing hired hand. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6340

On the town. 2000, 1 videodisc (98 min.).  New York, New York, it's a wonderful town -- especially when sailors Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Jules Munshin have a 24-hour shore leave to see the sights. Those sights include Ann Miller, Betty Garrett, and Vera-Ellen. "On the town" changed the landscape of movie musicals, opening filmmakers' eyes to what could be done on location. Brilliant location is blended with studio production numbers to produce an ebullient, up-and-at-'em perfection. No one can be down after going "On the town". HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 276, MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 247

Once. 2007. 1 videodisc (86 min.). A Guy lives in Dublin. He is a guitarist/singer-songwriter who makes a living by fixing vacuum cleaners in his Dad's Hoover repair shop by day. By night, he sings and plays for money on the Dublin streets. A Girl from Czechoslovakia loves to play the piano when she gets a chance. During the day she does odd jobs. At night she takes care of her mom and her daughter. Guy meets Girl, and they get to know each other. Girl helps Guy put together a demo disc so he can take it to London in hope of landing a music contract. At the same time, the Guy and the Girl work through their past loves, and reveal their budding love for one another, through their songs. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3745

One Hour with You. 2007. 1 videodisc (78 min.). A seemingly blissful couple's marriage hits the skids when the wife's flirtatious school chum comes on to her husband a bit too strong. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9832

Oscar Hammerstein's Carmen Jones. 2001. 1 videodisc (105 min.). Joe, a military policeman about to make officer, is infatuated with the flirtatious and sexy Carmen Jones. Their ill-fated romance comes to a grisly end by the conclusion of the drama but not before their liaison has wreaked havoc with their lives and all who cross their paths. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1728

Pal Joey. 1999. 1 videodisc (109 min.). Relates the story of a nightclub entertainer who is also a heel. He romances a wealthy socialite to get her to finance his own nightclub, then falls for a chorine he hires for the club. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1707

Pink Floyd the wall. 1999. 1 videodisc (95 min.). A burned out rock performer sits in his motel room watching war movies, and slowly losing touch with reality. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6553

The pirate. 2007, 1 videodisc (101 min.).  A Caribbean beauty, who is engaged to a local rich man, has a mad crush on the legendary pirate, Macoco. A traveling singer falls in love with the beauty and to impress her, he poses as the pirate. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8784, MUISC LIBRARY DVD 305

The Princess and the Frog. 2010. 1 videodisc (98 min.). New Orleans. Arrogant, carefree Prince Naveen and hardworking waitress Tiana cross paths. Prince Naveen is transformed into a frog by a conniving voodoo magician. Tiana follows suit when she decides to kiss the amphibian royalty. With the help of a trumpet-playing alligator, a Cajun firefly, and an old blind lady who lives in a boat in a tree, Naveen and Tiana must race to break the spell and fulfill their dreams. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7718

The Producers. 1968. 1 videodisc (90 min.). A legendary producer and his mild-mannered accountant face catastrophe when their play unexpectedly becomes a success. Director/writer, Mel Brooks Performers: Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, Dick Shawn, Estelle Winwood, Christopher Hewett, Kenneth Mars, Lee Meredith, Renee Taylor, Andreas Voutsinas, William Hickey, David Patch, Barney Martin, Madlyn Cates, Shimen Rushkin, Frank Campanella, Josip Elic, John Zoller, Anne Ives, Amelie Barleon, Elsie Kirk, Nell Harrison, Mary Love, Michael Davis.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5169

The Producers. 2005. 1 videodisc (ca. 135 min.). Max Bialystock was once the king of Broadway, but now he only seems to be able produce flops. Things turn around for Max when he’s visited by the neurotic accountant Leo Bloom, who proposes a scheme tailor-made for producers who can only make flops: raise far more money than you need, then make sure the show is despised. No one will be interested in it, so you can pocket the surplus. With this in mind, they decide to produce a musical called ’Springtime for Hitler’ written by escaped Nazi Franz Liebken. Then they get the insanely flamboyant Roger De Bris to direct and hire the loopy Swedish bombsheel Ulla as the lead actress. Based on the 1968 screenplay by Mel Brooks and the 2001 stage play book by Mel Brooks & the 2001 stage play music by Thomas Meehan & the 2001 stage play lyrics by Mel Brooks. Performers:    Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, Will Ferrell, Gary Beach, Roger Bart, Jon Lovitz.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 12285

Rang de basanti. 2006. 1 videodisc (171 min.). This is the story about the youth of India today. A young London based film-maker comes upon the diaries of her grandfather, who served in the British police force in India during the freedom struggle. She plans to shoot a film based on the diaries and casts a group of friends to play the roles of the revolutionaries described in the diaries. The friends cannot identify with the characters and would rather enjoy today's life than get involved in a project the seems like stuff of textbooks. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3140

Roberta. 2011, 1 videodisc (106 min.).  Astaire and Rogers: Turner Classic Movies greatest classic films collection: Astaire & Rogers collection: Greatest classic films collection. Fun's in fashion when Fred and Ginger enter the world of Paris fashions. Marvelous Jerome Kern music graces standards like "Smoke gets in your eyes" and "I won't dance.". MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 286

Rock 'n' roll high school. 2001. 1 videodisc (94 min.). In the tradition of Sixties beach party and teen-movie nonsense, Rock 'n' Roll High School is the story of Vince Lombardi High, whose fun-loving students at are sorely oppressed by their new authoritarian principal. There is also making out, hall monitors, exploding white mice, a shy, bookish lovesick girl who only wants to be noticed by the studly BMOC, and a spirited bad girl carrying a torch for the pizza-gobbling singer of a rock band. In the end, the school goes up in innocent, pre-Columbine flames, while goofy, good-natured, infectious silliness is accompanied by the revved-up Ramones at their red-hot, rubber-burning foot-to-the-floor best. Too bad that there isn't drive-in nearby to screen it. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6546

The Rocky Horror picture show. 1975. 2 videodiscs (100 min.). A mixture of fantastical rock opera and horror movie spoof. A couple of ordinary kids have car trouble one dark and rainy night and knock on the door of a looming gothic mansion. They are stunned to learn that they have stumbled into an ongoing convention of kinky characters, hosted by Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad scientist from the planet Transsexual. Performers: Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O’Brien, Jonathan Adams, Meatloaf, Little Nell, Charles Gray, Patricia Quinn, Peter Hinwood. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 279

Royal wedding The belle of New York. 2007, 2 videodiscs (174 min.).  Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals collection. In Royal wedding, Tom and Ellen are a pair of siblings whose London stage engagement overlaps Princess Elizabeth's royal wedding. If love can make anyone dance on the ceiling and walls, Tom's the one. In Belle of New York, A free-spirited playboy attempts to prove his worth to a delectable Bowery mission worker through dazzling song and dance routines in this lavish turn-of-the-century musical.  MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 309

Sangam. ©2010, 1 videodisc (187 min.).  Gold series. "An emotion-filled story of a husband and wife whose life is intertwined with the strands of love and hurt. Raj marries Radha, the love of his life. But a letter from an unknown admirer written to his wife lights the fire of jealousy in his mind and drives him to hurt himself and Radha...Only a supreme sacrifice by a close friend makes Raj realize what had happened." -- Container. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11136

Silk stockings. 2003, 1 videodisc (117 min.).  Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals collection. A stern lady communist comes to Paris to retrieve three wayward comrades and a Russian composer, but instead warms up to capitalist attractions. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 311 

Singin' in the rain. 2002. 2 videodiscs (103 min.). "Silent movies are giving way to talking pictures, and a hoofer-turned-matinee idol is caught in that bumpy transition, as well as his buddy, prospective ladylove and shrewish co-star"--Container. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 674

The Smiling Lieutenant. 2007. 1 videodisc (89 min.). A Viennese lieutenant is enamored of a freethinking all-girl-orchestra-leading cutie. But complications ensue when the sexually repressed princess of Flausenthurm sets her sights on him. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4323

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 2009. 1 videodisc (84 min.). The beautiful and kindhearted princess Snow White charms every creature in the kingdom except one, the Queen, her jealous stepmother. When the Magic Mirror proclaims Snow White as the fairest one of all, she must flee into the forest. There, she befriends the lovable seven dwarfs, Doc, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy and Dopey. The Queen finds Snow White and tricks her with an enchanted apple. Only the magic of true love's kiss can save her. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6329

Song o' my heart. 2008. 1 videodisc (90 min.). A film made as a showcase for the voice of Irish tenor, John McCormack. A fictional Irish singer leaves behind success in New York to return to Ireland to care for the children of his recently deceased childhood sweetheart. AU: LIB Media Services HOME USE COLLECTION 5328

Strike up the Band, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland collection. 2007. 1 videodisc (120 min.). Jimmy and Mary are two talented high school students ready and eager to climb the ladder of success. He's a band leader and she's his lovelorn singer. Together they sing and dance their way to the top, with a few bumps along the way. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7872

Summer stock. 2006, 1 videodisc (ca. 109 min.).  Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals from the dream factory: Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals from the dream factory. Romance blooms during the summer in New England when Jane Falbury's sister shows up with a theatrical troupe and convinces her to let them stage a musical in the barn. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 318 

Sunday in the park with George. 1986. 1 videodisc (146 min.). A musical interpretation of the George Seurat's painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte". HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 913

Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. 2008. 1 videodisc (116 min.). Reinventing himself as Sweeney Todd, a man unjustly sent to prison returns to exact revenge on those who ruined his life, especially the evil Judge Turpin who sent the man to prison. Not only does he seek revenge for the cruel punishment he suffered in prison, but also for what happened to his wife and daughter. When he returns to his home town, he reopens his barber shop, where Mr. Todd becomes the Demon of Fleet Street. Mrs. Lovett is Sweeney's amorous accomplice who creates diabolical meat pies out of the remains of Mr. Todd's victims. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4111

Swing time. 2010, 1 videodisc (104 min.).  Turner classic movies. A performer and gambler travels to New York City to raise the $25,000 he needs to marry his fiancâee, only to become entangled with a beautiful aspiring dancer. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 261 

Take me out to the ball game. 2008, 1 videodisc (93 min.).  Frank Sinatra collection: Frank Sinatra collection (Turner Entertainment Co.). Singing, dancing baseball players Dennis Ryan and Eddie O'Brien find their friendship tested when both fall for the new, female owner of their team. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 294 

That midnight kiss; The toast of New Orleans. 2007, 2 videodiscs (195 min.).  Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals collection.  That midnight kiss: Inspiring opera singer Prudence Budell would like to have a tenor who looks the part of the tenor role. When Johnny Donnetti, a singing truck driver is discovered, she gets her wish. A happy ending is not far away when romance blossoms between Prudence and Johnny. The toast of New Orleans: Snooty opera singer, Suzette Micheline, meets rough-and-tumble fisherman, Pepe Duvalle, in the Louisiana bayous and this fisherman can sing. Her agent lures him away to New Orleans to teach him to sing opera, but comes to regret this rash decision when the singers fall in love.  MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 308

That Night in Rio. 2007. 1 videodisc (91 min.). "Don Ameche and Alice Faye pair up as husband and wife, Baron and Baroness Duarte, and head to South America in this musical classic. In order to avoid some financial problems, the Baron switches places with impersonator Larry Martin "Direto da Broadway" (also Ameche). When Martin's affections for the Baroness are too kind and romantic, both the Baroness and Martin's girlfriend Carmen realize their men are up to something."--Container. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7960

Three little words. 2006, 1 videodisc (ca. 102 min.).  Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals from the dream factory: Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals from the dream factory. Bert Kalmar always wanted to be a magician, but all it takes is a disastrous opening night to make his dream go poof! So, Kalmar moves on and finds songwriting magic with collaborator Harry Ruby.  MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 317

Till the clouds roll by. 2006, 1 videodisc (ca. 130 min.).  Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals from the dream factory: Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals from the dream factory. A musical based on the life of American Broadway pioneer Jerome Kern, featuring renditions of the famous songs from his musical plays by contemporary stage artists, including a condensed production of his most famous: Showboat. MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 315 

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. 2008. 2 videodiscs (76 min.). Jack Skellington is the King of Halloween. He becomes bored with the same routine every year. He decides to take a walk in the woods. There, he discovered a door leading to Christmastown and decides to spread Christmas joy to the world. When he is back in Halloweentown he shows his friends what Christmas is like, and he suggests doing Christmas this year instead. But things do not go as planned when Oogie Boogie, an evil gambling boogey man, plots to play a game with Santa Claus' life and creates a nightmare for all the good little boys and girls everywhere. Although Sally attempts to stop him, Jack embarks into the sky on a coffin-like sled pulled by skeletal reindeer. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4711

Tommy the Movie. 1999. 1 videodisc (111 min.). A classic rock opera about a boy who is traumatized by the death of his father. He is "cured" several years later, only to be hailed as a "Messiah.". HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7465

Top Hat. 2005. 1 videodisc (100 min.). Rogers and Astaire are caught up in a mistaken identity plot, in which Rogers assumes that Astaire is already married, and is alternatively charmed and repelled by his advances. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1436

Umrao Jaan. 99, 1 videodisc (121 min.).  Costume spectacular/musical of the life of a courtesan, musician and dancer of mid 19th-century Lucknow, who achieves great renown and remains independent of the three men she gets involved with over time. Based on first major Urdu novel. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 322

Victor Victoria. 2002. 1 videodisc (133 min.). A poverty-stricken singer in Depression-era Paris becomes convinced that the only way she can earn a living on the nightclub circuit is to masquerade as a man who impersonates women. Then she meets the man of her dreams. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6740

The Wizard of Oz. 1997. 1 videodisc (102 min.). Whisked away by a swirling tornado, 12-year-old Dorothy, her dog Toto - and even her Kansas farmhouse - sail over the rainbow and into the land of Oz that is filled with playful Munchkins, enchanted forests and endless surprises. Dorothy and her new found friends, The Tin Woodman, The Cowardly Lion and The Scarecrow, must go in search of the kingdom's mysterious wizard to find the secret that will allow her to go home again. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 666

Words and music. 2007, 1 videodisc (121 min.).  Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals collection. The story of the brilliant but glitchy Lorenz Hart who is disappointed in love by singer Peggy McNeil. He never gets over it and falls apart. Richard Rogers and his wife Dorothy look on in dismay.  MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 306

Xanadu. 2009, 1 videodisc (96 min.).  Danny, an aging musician who wants to open a nightclub, and Sonny, a young artist, are both searching for inspiration. Kira, a beautiful mythical muse, is brought to earth in order to help both men fulfill their dreams. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6744

Yankee Doodle Dandy. 2003. 2 videodiscs (126 min.). A rousing musical depicting the life of George M. Cohan--playwright, entertainer, and composer. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4797

Ziegfeld follies. 2006, 1 videodisc (ca. 117 min.).  Classic musicals from the dream factory: Classic musicals collection: Classic musicals from the dream factory: Classic musicals collection. A dead showman looks down upon the Earth and dreams of his perfect show. A who's who of credited and uncredited Hollywood talents. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4527, MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 314-318