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Filmography - National Cinema, Israel: Home

Films on DVD as of January 2014

National Cinema, Israel

Titles available on DVD as of January 2014.

This is a selective list of video holdings in the American University Library. Filmographies are created by doing multiple keyword searches in the catalog to capture as many titles on a topic as possible. For complete up-to-date holdings (including VHS tapes) please refer to the library catalog at


Adama Meshuga'at = Sweet mud.  2006,  1 videodisc (97 min.).   "On a kibbutz in southern Israel, 12-year-old Dvir (Tomer Steinhof) must endure grueling tests of manhood--but these trials pale in comparison with the troubles brought on by his mother, Miri (Ronit Yudkevitch) whose sanity is quickly fading. As the community ostracizes Miri, young Dvir begins to question the kibbutz's rigid, utopian rules in this episodic coming-of-age tale that won the Dramatic World Cinema Jury Prize at Sundance 2007." --container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6767

Ajami.  2009,  1 videodisc (120 min.).   Shakespearian in its scope and themes; revenge, loyalty, hope and despair, draws us into the lives of two brothers fearing assassination; a young refugee working illegally to cover his mother's medical expenses; a cop obsessed with finding his missing brother. Through this dramatic collision of different worlds, we witness cultural and religious tensions simmering beneath the surface and the tragic consequences of enemies living as neighbors. DVD 7725 

Alezmen alebaqey = The time that remains.  2009,  1 videodisc (109 min.).   A humorous, heartbreaking film that explores life among the Israeli Arab community, shot largely in homes and places in which Elia Suleiman's family once lived. Inspired by his father's diaries, letters his mother sent to family members who had fled the Israeli occupation, and the director's own recollections, the film recounts the saga of the filmmaker's family in subtly hilarious vignettes. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 10203

Asphalt Zahov = Yellow asphalt.  2000,  1 videodisc (82 min.).   At the edge of modern Israel and the ancient Bedouin way of life, three dramatic encounters between two very different societies are brought forth. The tales are of the human condition - of passion and deceit, carelessness and love, courage and selfishness, in which no one culture has a monopoly on virtue or vice. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6468

‘Atash = Thirst. 2001, 1 videodisc (109 min.).  Abu Shukri and his family have settled alone in a valley far from their home town. Tyrannical father Shukri rules the home with an iron fist, forcing his wife and three children to burn fires all day to make charcoal. When he decides to build a pipeline to bring fresh water to their home, it awakens their instinct for freedom, but carries with it tragic consequences for the entire family.  DVD 6707

Beaufort.  2007,  1 videodisc (126 min.).   A young group of Israeli soldiers must try to survive before they are pulled out of Lebanon, and protect a fortress that is sacred to both Israelis and Arabs alike. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6466 

Bikur ha-Tizmoret = The band's visit.  2007,  1 videodisc (87 min.).   The Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra arrives in Israel from Egypt for a cultural event. Once there, they find the expected delegation is not there to meet them. Arrangements to get to their destination of Petah Tiqva have not been taken care of either. They find their own ride and arrive instead at the remote town of Beit Hatikva. Stuck there until the next morning's bus, the band, lead by the repressed Tawfiq Zacharaya, gets help from the worldly lunch owner, Dina, who offers to put them up for the night. As the band settles in the best it can, each of the members attempts to get along with the natives in their own way. What follows is a special night of quiet happenings and confessions as the band makes its own impact on the town and the town on them. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2755

The bubble. 2006, 1 videodisc (ca. 117 min.).  Three young Israelis, two guys, Yali and Noam, and a girl, Lulu, share an apartment in Tel Aviv's hippest neighborhood. Noam meets and falls in love with a Palestinian man and he and his friends conspire to help Ashraf stay on in Tel Aviv illegally. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4523

Campfire.  2005,  1 videodisc (96 min.).   Film Movement series. A 42 year-old widowed mother of two teenage daughters wants to join the founding group of a new settlement in the West bank. This is about their struggles with the acceptance committee and their living as an outcast in the settlement.  DVD 4119

The children of USSR. 2007, 1 videodisc (96 min.).  Israeli sport comes to life in the tale of an inspirational underdog soccer team. A mixed bag of Israeli immigrants, Russians, and one Ethiopian must pull together to win a $10,000 prize. But these small-town heroes face more than a ruthless opposing team. They have to find a way around thugs, mean-spirited council members, violent criminals, and a broken leg, and still get to school and practice on time. Will they hit their goal or hit the wall?  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4502

Le cerf-volant = Tayyara min warrak.  2003,  1 videodisc (88 min.).   Set in the Druze area of the Golan Heights known as the Valley of Laments and Tears, the story is a combination coming of age struggle for freedom and amplified "Romeo and Juliet."  The scenario matching 15-year old Lamia (Flavia Bechara) with 17-year old Israeli soldier Youssef (Maher Bsaibes) fits well with Sabbag's tale of lovers living in limbo on the Israeli-Lebanese border. Both are Druze, separated by arbitrary physical boundaries and long-standing religious and cultural traditions.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9297

Dilwale dulhania le jayenge.  1995,  1 videodiscs (179 min.).   Rahul and Simran fall in love while travelling in Europe on an inter-rail holiday. Simran's father, settled in London for twenty-two years, is determined that his daughter should marry a family friend, back in their homeland of rural Punjab. All his plans undergo serious revision once the family travels to India and Rahul also shows up. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3693 

Divine intervention : A chronicle of love and pain = Yadon ilaheyya.  2002,  1 videodisc  (90 min.).   During the Middle East conflict: Santa Claus is chased by school children; Israeli police seek out tourists; a Palestinian collaborator's home is bombed daily; a female ninja appears from the sky; and lovers are separated by a checkpoint.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 750

Einayim Petukhoth = Eyes wide open.  2010,  1 videodisc (90 min.).   Aaron, a butcher and devout family man in Jerusalem's ultraorthodox Jewish community, has his quiet life interrupted when Erzi, a handsome, young Yeshiva student, happens on his shop. Intrigued by the young man, Aaron offers Erzi a job and becomes his friend and mentor. The two grow closer, and soon other feelings surface. As their forbidden desire grows, Aaron begins to neglect his business and his family. But guilt, torment, and pressure from the community lead him to make a radical decision. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7738

Eskimo limon = Lemon popsicle. 2005, 1 videodisc (95 min.).  Three high school boys growing up in Tel Aviv deal with issues of friendship, abortion and unrequited love.  On order.

Etz Limon = Lemon tree.  2009,  1 videodisc (106 min.).   A drama based on the true story of a Palestinian widow who must defend her lemon tree field when a new Israeli Defense Minister moves next to her and threatens to have her lemon grove torn down. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6469

Foreign letters.  2012,  1 videodisc (99 min.).   Film movement series: Film Movement series. Ellie, a 12-year-old immigrant girl from Israel, is lonely and homesick. Life brightens when she meets Thuy, a Vietnamese refugee her age. Trust slowly builds as the two teach each other about life in America. As Ellie and Thuy become inseparable, they eventually hurt and betray each other. Ellie must give up her most prized possession, in order to save their friendship. A summer rain: An 11-year-old immigrant girl from Israel misses her best friend. A Vietnamese refugee next door shares in her experience.  This acclaimed short film was the basis for "Foreign letters". HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9424

Giv'a 24 eina ona = Hill 24 doesn't answer.  2007,  1 videodisc (101 min.).   Jewish heritage video collection: Israeli cinema. Four young Zionists are assigned to defend strategic Hill 24 outside Jerusalem in order to maintain access to the besieged city during Israel's War of Independence.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7287

ha-Hayim 'al pi Agfa = Life according to Agfa. 1992, 1 videodisc (99 min.).  Israeli classic cinema. A drama with a comic edge about the colliding, intertwining lives of customers at a small Tel Aviv coffee-house.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4535

ha-Hesder = Time of favor.  2000,  1 videodisc (101 min.).   A taut thriller about the tense relationship between the orthodox nationalists and the Israeli military in the West Bank. Both a politico-psychological drama and a love story between a passionate woman and two best friends.  Raises questions of faith to one's religion, duty to one's nation, and love for oneself.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4053

Ha-Kalah ha-Surit = The Syrian bride.  2004,  1 videodisc (97 min.).   Mona's wedding day may be the saddest day of her life. Once she crosses the border between Israel and Syria to get married, she will never be allowed back to her family in the Golan Heights. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2634

ha-Kayits shel Aviyah = Aviya's summer.  1988,  1 videodisc (91 min.).   Presents Gila Almagor's autobiographical film about a Holocaust survivor who immigrates with her daughter to the newly founded Israeli state. Aviya is a spunky 10 old year girl who, like her mother, is a survivor in the face of persecution.  DVD 9686

Ha-Mashgihim = God's neighbors. 2012, 1 videodisc (98 min.).  "Leading a brigade of Orthodox watchdogs, Avi (an award-winning performance by Roy Assaf) and his testosterone-fueled cronies take it upon themselves to patrol the streets of coastal Bat Yam. Although under the tutelage of a charismatic rabbi (Gili Shushan), their behavior -- berating immodestly clothed women, harassing store owners who do not observe Shabbat, and bloodying Arabs that stray onto their turf -- is less than pious. Order is upended with the arrival of attractive and independent-minded Miri (Rotem Ziesman-Cohen), stirring a romance while triggering a crisis of faith for the conflicted Avi."-- (Dec. 4, 2013).  DVD 6704

Ha-Sodot = The secrets.  2006,  1 videodisc (127 min.).   While studying at a women's religious seminary in Safed, Naomi and her new friend explore the complexities of a religious lifestyle in a vibrant environment of youth, rebellion, and desire as they befriend a beautiful, mysterious older woman. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6500

Hatuna meuheret = Mariage tardif = Late marriage. 2003, 1 videodisc (100 min.).  Unmarried at 31, Zaza has become an embarrassment to his family. With one potential bride after another trotted out in front of him, he somehow manages to never tie the knot. Curious, his family investigates and discovers his secret relationship to a divorcée. Upset, the entire family decide to intervene.  DVD 4530

Haverim shel Yanah = Yana's friends.  1999,  1 videodisc (90 min.).   Yana and her husband have just left Russia for Israel when the Gulf War starts. Yana's husband flees, but she stays behind, and when she's forced to share a room with her attractive neighbor, things quickly heat up.    HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8617

He`arat shulayim = Footnote.  2011,  1 videodisc (ca. 106 min.).   Eliezer and Uriel Shkolnik are father and son as well as rival professors in Talmudic Studies. When both men learn that Eliezer will be lauded for his work, their complicated relationship reaches a new peak. Special features: Behind the scenes of Joseph Cedar's film : Footnote; An evening with Joseph Cedar; Theatrical trailer, Footnote soundtrack.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4826

Hisṭoryah shel ha-kolnoaʻ ha-yisreʾeli [videorecording] = A history of Israeli cinema.  2009,  2 videodiscs (208 min.).   Raphaël Nadjari's extraordinary two-part documentary weaves together clips from more than 70 years of Israeli film with commentary from filmmakers, scholars and critics - including Amos Gitai, Joseph Cedar, Avi Mograbi, Yehuda Ne'eman, Menachem Golan, Moshe Ivgy, Ronit Elkabetz and Zeev Revach. Crafted for both insiders and outsiders, the film traces the evolution of the country's cinema alongside political and social history: part one spans the years 1933 to 1978, covering the overlap between the Zionist struggle to form a state and the propagandistic qualities of revolutionary cinema; part two, the shift to reality-based filmmaking in the late 70s, and the transition from the political films of the 80s to the more personal cinema of today. The most comprehensive and compelling record of the subject ever attempted, Nadjari's film reveals a cinematic national identity that is inextricably linked to the ever-changing emotional reality of the country.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4665

Hu halakh ba- sadot = He walked through the fields.  1967,  1 videodisc (93 min.).   In 1946, a young man returns home from college to his kibbutz to find that his father has joined the British army and his mother is with another man. He meets a young Holocaust refugee and falls in love with her, but he is called to duty as the political turmoil in Israel, on the verge of statehood, reaches a boiling point. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1958

Hufshat kayits = My father my lord. 2007, 1 videodisc (72 min.).  A woman is caught in the middle of the struggle between her husband, a respected rabbi, and her son, who is questioning his religion. A holiday meant to help the family reconnect is brought to a dramatic and tragic climax.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4537

Kalat ha-yam = Jaffa = `Urus al-bahar. 2009, 1 videodisc (105 min.).  Film Movement series. Jaffa: "In the heart of the Israeli city of Jaffa, Reuven's Garage is a family-run business. The garage workers consist of Reuven's beautiful daughter Mali, his aggressive and distant son Meir, as well as the young Palestinian man, Toufik. No one suspects that Mali and Toufik have been in love for years, and that Mali is pregnant with Toufik's child. As the two lovers secretly make their wedding arrangements, tension steadily builds between Toufik and Meir, who openly voices his disdain and prejudices about Arabs. As these relationships continue to intensify, emotions begin to boil, resulting in an astonishing conclusion." Lost Paradise: "A couple has an intimate encounter in a one star hotel. But a moment later, their idyll is shattered by intervening politics."       HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4532

Kadosh.  1999,  1 videodisc (117 min.).   "Set in the Mea Sherim quarter of Jerusalem, an encalve of the utlra Orthodox, Kadosh explores a hermetic world almost never seen on the screen. Here for ten years the pious Rivka has devoted herself to her husband Meir, but their marriage remains childless. Presumed barren, she is rejected in her community, which prizes children above all else. The story that follows relates the harrowing fate of Rivka, and also her beloved sister Malka -- in love witha young man who has fled the community to lead a secular life"--Container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4239

Karov la-bayit = Close to home.  2007,  1 videodisc (99 min.).   Two female soldiers, one rebellious and one controlled, find friendship with one another while patrolling the streets of Jerusalem.   HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4062 

Kazablan.  1973, 1 videodisc (ca. 123 min.).  A musical film set in Jaffa in the 1960s. Kazablan is a Morrocan-born Israeli army veteran who has become the leader of Jaffa's most feared street gang. He is in love with Rachel, the daughter of Polish parents who forbid her to associate with him. Yanosh, the owner of the shoe store, is also in love with Rachel. When the residents pool their money in an attempt to save their neighborhood from being bulldozed by the city, the money is stolen, and Yanosh frames Kazablan for the crime.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6702

Kedma.  2002,  1 videodisc (100 min.).   A group of European Jewish refugees arrive in Palestine in the critical year of 1948. Carried on deck of the freighter, Kedma, they come ashore to find not the Promised Land, but a war torn desert in the bloody throes of transformation into the state of Israel. Rescued from a British Army ambush at beachside by Palmach Jewish guerrillas, the refugees are remade into soldiers expected to offer their lives to defend a nation that does not yet exist in a land they have never known.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4055

Kelarah ha-kedoshah = Saint Clara. 1996, 1 videodisc (84 min.).  A Russian immigrant teenager's clairvoyant powers create mayhem among the students at Golda Meir Junior High School. When the entire seventh grade class gets perfect scores on a math exam, the faculty is thrown into a crisis.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4513

Kikar Ha-Halomot = Desperado square. 2001, 1 videodisc (ca. 93 min.).  In a dusty village outside Tel Aviv, the only cinema in town is inexplicably locked and boarded up; with it the single ray of light in the villagers' bleak world is extinquished. 25 years later, Nissim Mandabon has a dream in which his father, the late theater owner, orders him to reopen it. And so begins Nissim's feverish drive to see his father's words fulfilled. As the movie theater is resurrected, the community comes to life, unearthing suppressed passions, old feuds, and the mystery of why the cinema had ever closed.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4536

Kippur.  2000,  1 videodisc (123 min.).   Film takes place in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War in which Egypt and Syria launched attacks in Sinai and the Golan Heights. We are led on a day that begins with quiet city streets, but ends with death, destruction and devastation of both body and mind.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9038

Levanon = Lebanon.  2010,  1 videodisc (91 min.).   A hard-hitting film about the Lebanon war. Based on a true story about a crew within a tank.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8004

Lo bat 17 = No longer seventeen. 2005, 1 videodisc (96 min.).  "A kibbutz is in crisis and heavily in debt. The older 'unproductive' founders are being ousted to make room for younger, more productive new members. The falling apart of the system mirrors the drama that surfaces when several inhabitants are no longer able to hide their secrets. When lies and affairs of the heart come to light it causes two families to face the past and what can never be undone. Against the background of a disintegrating society, the film resurrects the protagonists of the film 'Noa at 17,' at the time of a new, perhaps terminal, crisis of the Kibbutz. A touching drama about the fears of aging and life's choices"--Http://  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4524

Massa'ot James Be'eretz Hakodesh = James' journey to Jerusalem. 2003, 1 videodisc (87 min.).  "Follows the adventures of James, a devout Christian making a pilgrimage from his African village to the Holy Land. He becomes part of the migrant labor workforce in Tel Aviv and pursues his religious quest-- until he gets a little taste of fortune by turning the tables on his employers."--Container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4511

Miral: Is this the face of a terrorist?  2010,  1 videodisc (106 min.).   After she rescues dozens of children who survived a massacre in Jerusalem in 1948, Palestinian Hind Husseini establishes an orphanage that helps thousands of other children left homeless by violence. But the success of her peace-through-education institution is tested when pupil Miral gets a taste of radical politics in the region's refugee camps. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5043

Nadyah = Nadia.  1987,  1 videodisc (90 min.).   The story of a sixteen year old Arab girl from an Arab Village within Israel.  Her family is involved in village life; her father is a farmer with progressive ideas.  In order to have a better chance of being accepted to medical school, and with her parents' encouragement, Nadia decides to enroll in a Jewish high school.  This is a most extraordinary step, particularly considering local norms.  At the Jewish boarding school, she is confronted by the apprehension, resistance and prejudice of both her Arab friends and her new Jewish classmates.  DVD 8731

Nisuim fikiveem = Fictitious marriage.  1992,  1 videodisc (90 min.).    Israeli cinema. An Israeli man in the midst of a mid-life crisis leaves his family in Jerusalem, travels secretly to Tel Aviv, enters a fictitious marriage, and is mistaken for an Arab laborer.  DVD 8730

Noa at seventeen = No`ah bat 17. 1982, 1 videodisc (86 min.).  Projects the tension of Israeli society in the 1950s unfolding against the background of ideological changes of the era. Noa, the daughter of a family caught up in this process, is an individualist who challenges the collective ethos of her comrades.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4534

Noodle.  2010,  1 videodisc (97 min.).   "Miri is a flight attendant for Israel's El Al airlines. After arriving home from a flight, Miri is confronted by her Chinese cleaning lady, who pleads with her in broken English to look after her six year-old son for one hour. But as the hours roll by with no sign of the boy's mother, Miri becomes increasingly concerned. As the days go by, Miri's fustration at being saddled with Noodle gives way to a fiercely maternal love, but she realises she must help the child to locate his mother, no matter how dangerous the exercise"--Container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8610

Pa am hayiti = The Matchmaker. 2010?,  1 videodisc (113 min.).   Sixteen-year-old Arik is at loose ends one summer when he gets a job offer from a mysterious old friend of his father's named Yankele Bride. Bride, a Holocaust survivor, makes his living as a matchmaker, uniting luckless souls. He hires Arik to scout potential clients throughout the bustling port city. Arik is intrigued by Brides's line of work. The diverse characters he meets on the job open his eyes to a world of wonder, pain and longing, offering him glimpses into unspeakable darkness and the depths of human love. There is Clara, a beautiful, fragile woman whom Bride loves from afar; Sylvia, a survivor of Josef Mengele's Nazi experiments who yearns for a husband; and Meir, a librarian, whose search for love leads him to commit an extraordinary act of malice. Even Arik falls in love for the first time, a development that brings surprising consequences.  DVD 8650

Private.  2004,  1 videodisc (90 min.).   Ironweed premiere release. Private: Mohammad, his wife Samia, and their five children live in a large, isolated house located midway between a Palestinian village and an Israeli settlement. Viewed as a strategic lookout point, the house is forcefully overtaken by Israeli soldiers, who confine Mohammad and his family to a few downstairs rooms in daytime and a single room at night. Against Samia's wishes, Mohammad decides to keep the family together in the house until the soldiers move on, creating division among his family and a precarious relationship with the soldiers. Seeds: With grace and maturity, teenagers from opposite sides of war-torn countries gather together at the Seeds of Peace International Camp for three life-changing weeks. They get to know each other, listen to each other, and learn to respect each other in an attempt to build the one thing they all strive for: a future. West Bank Story: It's like West Side Story, except with hummus. Lots of hummus. Ari Sandel's musical comedy looks at the lighter side of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll see it again and agian, and you'll be jonesing for chicken kebabs by the time the credits roll.  DVD 9301

Roveh huliyot = The wooden gun. 1979, 1 videodisc (ca. 88 min.).  At the tender age of 10, Yoni Schreiber is a boy beyond his years; his mother is a Holocaust survivor, his father a veteran of Israel's War of Independence. After being assaulted by a youth gang, Yoni and his friends plot their revenge, a battle of honor, to fall on Independence Day. But only in their moment of truth does it become clear that this is no kid's game. Set in the tense atmoshere of 1950's Israel, this incisive film about rival groups of adolescents raises hard questions about heroism, nationalism, and friendship.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4516

Sadot yerukim = Green fields. 1937, 1 videocassette (92 min.).  An extended family travels by bus through Israel to attend a young man's graduation from Army training. The film explores the sharp contrast between expatriates' views of Israel and the violent reality. The different perceptions of Israel held by those who live in Israel and those who live abroad also affect personal relationships.  DVD 4525

Sallah.  1964,  1 videodisc (110 min.).   A satirical comedy showing the problems an immigrant family from North Africa encounters in adjusting to life in Israel. Sallah arrives with his large family and with great expectations. Instead, he lands in a ramshackle transit camp that arouses his disgust. He decides to take on the bureaucracy in this own inimitable fashion, with hilarious results.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5827

The Schwartz dynasty = Shoshelet Schwartz. 2006, 1 videodisc (ca. 99 min.).  A Russian immigrant and an Israeli woman join forces against power struggles, bigotry, and religious differences in order to bury their loved ones in the local cemetery.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4533

Sh’chur: Shehur sirtah shel Hanah Azulai-Hasifri. 1994, 1 videodisc (98 min.).  A Westernized teenager struggles to come to terms with the white magic practiced by members of her family.  DVD 6708

Shene Kuni Lemel = Two Kuni Lemels. 1966, 1 videodisc (121 min.).  "A matchmaker without suitable suitors, look-alikes who don't match, and daughters who deceive are the unlikely heroes of this madcap comedy about lovers and other strangers."--Container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4503

Sijill ikhtifa = Chronicle of a Disappearance.  1996,  1 videodisc (88 min.).   Provides a personal meditation on what it means to be Palestinian. Examines the effect of the political impasse in the Middle East on the identity of the Palestinian people.  The film is in two parts-- the first "Nazareth, personal diary" is a faux-documentary showing daily life in Nazareth, the second half,  "Jerusalem, political diary", follows Suleiman as a filmmaker looking for inspiration in Jerusalem after a 12 year absence.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6465

Sipur gadol = A matter of size. 2009, 1 videodisc (90 min.).  Four overweight friends from the Israeli city of Ramla, fed up with dieting and the dieting club they belong to, discover the world of Sumo, where large people are honored and appreciated.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4515

Sof Ha'Olam Smola = Turn left at the end of the world.  2007,  1 videodisc (108 min.).   A tiny Israeli village in the Negev Desert is home to people from both Morocco and India. They have poverty in common and little else. Two families will be brought together by the unlikely friendship of daughters. There is the sultry Moroccan, Nicole, and the thoughtful Indian, Sara. The women's youth and lust for freedom overcome cultural prejudices. For this community and these two friends, the road to harmony is full of twists and turns .  DVD 6529

Sunshine.  2001,  1 videodisc (180 min.).  A compelling epic about generations of a Hungarian Jewish family caught up in the upheavals and false hopes of a war-swept 20th century.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8687

Tel-Aviv-Yafo = Tel-Aviv-Jaffa.  2009,  2 videodiscs (88 min.).   "Produced in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv, the two-part film Tel-Aviv-Jaffa explores the rich and complex history of Tel-Aviv and Jaffa. Israeli TV celebrity Modi Bar-On hosts this fast-paced and lively film which intercuts a treasure trove of archival film and photos with those of contemporary Tel-Aviv"--Container.  DVD 8078

They were ten: The pioneers, an ideology in the making = Hem hayu ʻaśarah. 1961.  1 videodisc (105 min.) This film, made entirely by Israelis, sensitively recreates the establishment of a 19th century settlement in Palestine by ten Russian Jews. These early pioneers, idealists unschooled in agriculture, not only undertook the task of building the land, but also had to contend with both Arab resentment and the Turkish military.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4506

To die in Jerusalem.  2007,  1 videodisc (75 min.).   "Recounts the heart-wrenching story of two teenage girls: 17-year-old Israeli student Rachel Levy and her killer, 18-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber Ayat al-Akhras, who died together at a Jerusalem market in 2002.  The horrific incident ignited international outrage and set in motion one mother's journey to meet the mother of her daughter's killer.  More than four years later, they finally meet in an emotionally charged encounter that underscore the deep roots of the Israel-Palestinian conflict" -- Container.  DVD 4865

Urs al-jalil = Wedding in Galilée.  1987,  1 videodisc (112 min.).   The elder of a Palestinian village under Israeli military rule, wants permission to hold a traditional wedding for his son that will go past the imposed curfew. The Army commander agrees on the condition that he and his officers be invited as guests of honor at the cermony.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4059

Ushpizin.  2004,  1 videodisc (ca. 92 min.).   A heartwarming and light hearted look at the daily lives of ultra-Orthodox Jews learning, livinig and loving in modern-day Israel. The story of a family facing hardships who must rely on their faith for miracles to happen during the holiday season . HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2038

Va, vis et deviens = Live and become.  2008,  1 videodisc (140 min.).   A young boy who isn't an orphan is transported away from his home during Operation Moses at a Sudanese refugee camp, in order to honor his mother's wishes of finding a better and safer life. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6699 

Veer-Zaara.  2004,  1 videodisc (185 min.).   Saamiya Siddiqui, a Pakistani lawyer, struggles to unravel the truth about Veer Pratap Singh and win him justice. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 10269

Walk on water.  2004,  1 videodisc (103 min.).   While on assignment in Berlin, a homophobic Israeli intelligence agent is ordered to assassinate a Nazi war criminal. However, he has a crisis of conscience after he befriends the target's gay grandson.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8689

Yossi & Jagger.  2004,  1 videodisc (71 min.).   A sociological study of two men in the Israeli army who are lovers. The others in the unit react to their situation, suspecting, but not always understanding. One will leave the military soon, a few months away, as a snowy and desolate outpost is guarded from attack.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 988