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Filmography - Spanish Language Cinema: Home

Titles available on DVD as of June 2012

Spanish Language Cinema

Titles available on DVD as of June 2012. 

This is a selective list of video holdings in the American University Library. Filmographies are created by doing multiple keyword searches in the ALADIN catalog to capture as many titles on a topic as possible. For complete up-to-date holdings (including VHS tapes) please refer to the library ALADIN catalog (


20 centímetros. 2005.  1 videodisc (ca. 113 min.). Welcome to the vibrant world of Marieta/Adolfo - a narcoleptic, pre-op transsexual woman who longs to remove her last eight inches.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2456

A day without a Mexican. 2004.  1 videodisc (ca. 95 min.). California awakens one day to discover that one third of its population has vanished. A peculiar pink fog surrounds the state and communication outside its boundaries has completely shut down. As the day progresses, it becomes apparent the sole characteristic linking the missing 14 million is their Hispanic heritage.  DVD 1008

Los abrazos rotos=Broken embraces. 2010.  1 videodisc (127 min.). Harry Caine, a blind writer, reaches this moment in time when he has to heal his wounds from 14 years back. He was then still known by his real name, Mateo Blanco, and directing his last movie.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7100

Abre los ojos Open your eyes. 2001.  1 videodisc (117 min.). "In this steamy, intriguingly complex, psychological thriller the line between reality and fantasy is hopelessly blurred. César tries to make sense of his life after a car crash leaves his once-handsome face grotesquely disfigured. After he is placed into a psychiatric penitentiary for a murder he doesn't remember committing, César's only hope is to delve into the depths of his subconscious mind where the answer to ending his living nightmare lies in his dreams."--Container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7286

Acción mutante Mutant action. 2002.  1 videodisc (91 min.). Dystopic science fiction film set in the year 2012 in a world ruled by bodybuilders, designers and the ultra-chic. Accion Mutante, an underground group of mentally and physically disabled are the sole resistance to the cult of beauty and wealth. Ramon, the leader of the group devises plots to kidnap Patricia, daughter of a wealthy industrialist, but the plot does not work out as planned.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8673

Ahi esta el detalle!  2003.  !Vive Mexico! : cine en 35 mm.  1 videodisc (112 min.). Hilarious situations develop when Cantinflas must impersonate the brother of his girlfriend in order for her to claim an inheritance, complicated when the brother's girlfriend shows up with eight children she claims are his.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1469

Alamar To the sea. 2010.  Film Movement series: Film Movement series.  1 videodisc (73 min.). "Jorge has only a few weeks before his five-year-old son Natan leaves to live with his mother in Rome. Intent on teaching Natan about their Mayan heritage, Jorge takes him to the pristine Chinchorro reef, and eases him into the rhythms of a fisherman's life. As the bond between father and son grows stronger, Natan learns to live in harmony with life above and below the surface of the sea.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8585

Alas de mariposa Butterfly wings. 94.  1 videocassette (105 min.). Carmen becomes pregnant, hoping for a boy to carry on her husband's name.  Guilt and fear however, keep her from breaking the news to Ami, her shy and sensitive six-year-old daughter.  The new baby's birth soon triggers a series of nightmarish events .  VHS 3384

Alatriste. 2007.  1 videodisc (145 min.). "Viggo Mortensen plays the Spanish soldier-turned-mercenary Captain Alatriste, a heroic figure from the country's 17th century imperial wars"--From Internet Movie Database.  DVD 568

Alias, la gringa. 94.  1 videocassette (100 min.). Political drama from Peru follows the adventures and escapades of La Gringa, a likeable criminal capable of escaping from any jail. But when he is caught in a prison riot while in disguise, the situation is beyond his control. Based on the escapades of the real life criminal.  VHS 3383

Allá en el rancho grande Over at the big ranch. 2007.  Classic Mexican cinema: Classic Mexican cinema.  1 videodisc (100 min.). Orphaned siblings José Francisco and his sister Eulalia came to Rancho Grande to be watched over by their godmother Ángela. So did the unfortunate Cruz, their late mother's godchild, when she was orphaned as well. They grow up together with Felipe, the patron's son, who becomes José Francisco's best friend. Now Felipe has become the Patron, and has made José Francisco the manager. José Francisco is secretly in love with Cruz, but when Ángela notices that Felipe likes Cruz as well, a series of misunderstandings put their friendship to the test. This signature film marks the beginning of a new and distinctly Mexican genre, the comedia ranchera, which continues to be exploited in Mexican cinema. The classical hacienda (ranch) setting and its folkloric, romanticized nostalgia struck a chord with the Mexican middle class in the 1930s, doing much to establish mariachi as a national musical form.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7066

Alsino y el condor Alsino and the condor . 86.  1 videocassette (89 min.). Film depicts the clash between Central American governments and Sandinista rebels as seen through the eyes of Alsino, a young boy caught up in the conflicts who dreams of flying above the madness of the world around him.  VHS 6216

Amada. 2006.  The Cuban masterworks collection.  1 videodisc (105 min.). Cuenta la historia de una bella mujer atrapada en sâi misma, en constante pugna con sus sentidos y sentimientos, a la vez que nos brinda pinceladas del entorno political y social de La Habana de 1914. Drama about politics and an illicit affair in the lives of an aristocratic Cuban family in Havana during the early part of the 20th century as a young housewife falls in love with her leftwing journalist cousin.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4335

American me. 2002.  1 videodisc (126 min.). Inspired by a true story, this is the story of a vicious Latino prison gang leader, doomed by his past to a life of harsh, unforgiving violence after his release from jail. He grows up in East Los Angeles, joins a street gang and is in prison while he is still of an age to be in high school. By the time he is back on the streets again, he is a skillful, educated criminal.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9764

El amor brujo. 2007.  Eclipse: Eclipse: Eclipse (Criterion Collection (Firm)): Eclipse series.  1 videodisc (103 min.). The most straightforward narrative in the "Flamenco Trilogy" is also its most forthrightly theatrical, a modern take on composer Manuel de Falla's gypsy ballet, dressed up in pink sunsets and hellishly red fires.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9823

Los Andes no creen en Dios The Andes do not believe in God. 2007.  1 videodisc (105 min.). End of the 20's. Alfonso, a young writer brought up in France, arrives to an adventurous mining town (Uyuni) in the midst of the Bolivian high plateau. Here he meets the beautiful Claudina, a sensual, strong willed chola, la"Misqui simi".   Uyuni radiates a strange magnetism, it is charged with a collective euphoria produced by the bewitching mineral. The lives of the five principal characters enter a whirl of passion, ambition and  frustration.  DVD 7145

El ángel exterminador The exterminating angel. 2009.  The criterion collection: Criterion collection (DVD videodiscs).  2 videodiscs (93 min.). After a lavish dinner party in a stately mansion, the guests believe themselves unable to leave the premises. As the days pass, the elaborate facades of their social positions collapse and they are forced to live like animals. Finally discovering they are actually free to leave, they go to church to give thanks, where they are again trapped.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5448

L'arbre de Guernica The Guernica tree. 2005.  1 videodisc (100 min.). During the time of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), a woman is nearly raped by the nephew of the local nobleman but is rescued by the man's son who is a rebellious artist.  Fighting for the Republican cause, both of them are arrested by the Franco faction. The boy is tortured and disfigured by his captors, but his love for the woman restores him.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4278

Atame! Tie me up, tie me down. 90.  1 videodisc (100 min.). A comedy in which an orphaned mental patient kidnaps a porn star in an irrationally inspired bid for love.  DVD 9614

L'Auberge espagnole.  2003.  1 videodisc (122 min.). Xavier is a straight-laced French college senior who moves to Barcelona as part of a student exchange program, much to the dismay of his beautiful girlfriend. But sharing cramped quarters with students from all over Europe quickly leads to multi-cultural chaos as Xavier gets an eye-opening lesson on how to live, love, laugh and party.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1311

El aura=The aura. 2007.  1 videodisc (138 min.). "Espinoza is a taxidermist marked with strange qualities--a photographic memory and random fits of epilepsy.  To escape his lonely everyday life, he spends his time lost in fantasy about the perfect heist.  When a fatal hunting accident presents a golden opportunity, he takes the chance to put his plot into action. But living in a world of real violence might bring a lethal dose of reality to Espinoza--and the beautiful young woman he's brought into his plan.  Now he must decide if criminal perfection is worth the ultimate price."--Container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8109

Las Aventuras de Juan Quin Quin=The adventures of Juan Quin Quin. 2006.  Cuban masterworks collection.  1 videodisc (104 min.). Juan Quin Quin, a poor but shrewd farmer, lives on his wits in pre-revolutionary Cuba as a circus performer, bull-fighter, coffee planter, even playing the part of Christ in a traveling theatre company.  Then he joins the Revolution.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4332

Ay, Carmela! 2005.  Cine español .  1 videodisc (100 min.). Aragón, Spain, 1938. Carmela and her two companions quit their posts as entertainers for the Republican troops in search of a better fortune. By mistake, they cross over to the Nationalist zone, get arrested and are given the chance to perform for their freedom.  DVD 3172

Azúcar amarga=Bitter sugar. p2001.  International cinema.  1 videodisc (102 min.). A love story set against the political and economic tensions of contemporary Havana. Gustavo, an idealistic young Communist, falls in love with Yolanda who is disillusioned and longs to flee to Miami. Gustavo slowly awakens to the devastation around him. His brother injects himself with AIDS virus in civil protest; his father realizes that he will earn more as a barroom pianist in a tourist hotel than as a doctor.  DVD 6347

El baño del papa=The pope's toilet. 2008.  1 videodisc (100 min.). This film is set in 1988 in Melo, a small Uruguayan town, as the inhabitants are awaiting the visit of the Pope. As speculation builds over how many people will travel to Melo for the visit, the poorest residents plot ways of fleecing money out of them. Petty smuggler Beto, convinced he has the best scheme, blows his family's savings on building a toilet people have to pay to use.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4092

El Barón del terror=The Brainiac. 2000.  1 videodisc (76 min.). A Mexican sorcerer, burned at the stake in 1661, returns after 300 years to take revenge on the descendents of his executioners.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3650

Batalla en el cielo=Battle in heaven. 2006.  1 videodisc (95 min.). A working-class man named Marcos and his wife kidnap a baby for ransom money, but it goes tragically wrong when the infant dies. In another world is Ana, the daughter of the general for whom he drives, who does sexual acts to any man for pleasure. Marcos confesses his guilt to her in his troubled search for relief, and then finds himself on his knees amid the multitude of believers moving slowly toward the Basilica in honor of the Lady of Guadalupe.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3818

Les biches=Bad girls. 2003.  1 videodisc (95 min.). "Socialite Frederique encounters young student Why on the streets of Paris, seduces her and whisks her off to spend winter with the chic crowd in St. Tropez. When architect Paul meets Why, he too charms her and comes between the two lovers. Frederique thewn seduces Paul out of jealousy, but finds herself feeling real love. Paul and Frederique invite Why to live together with them, resulting in a ménage-à-trois beset by jealousy, madness, and ultimately, murder."--Container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9103

La bien pagada=Well paid woman. 98.  Popular Mexican cinema.  1 videocassette (90 min.). A beautiful young woman weds a wealthy older man, but after several years, takes up with a former boyfriend. Will true love win out in the end? The story about a woman who is unfaithful to her husband. Later she finds herself in a situation were she is humiliated to the point  of having to sell her body for pleasure. Her ex-husband buys her favors, treating her like a prostitute. An example of the Cabaretera genre of Mexican film.  VHS 6748

La boca del lobo=The lion's den. 90.  1 videodisc (120 min.). The Peruvian's anti-terrorist army takes control of a small village of terrorist militia called "Sendero Luminoso" (Shining Path), during the country's civil war in 1980's.  DVD 9439

Bodas de sangre=Blood wedding. 2007.  Eclipse: Eclipse. Series 6, Carlos Saura's flamenco trilogy: Eclipse (Criterion Collection (Firm)): Eclipse series.  1 videodisc (71 min.). Flamenco dance adaptation of Garcâia-Lorca's play about a bride who elopes with her lover on her wedding day, presented as though in studio rehearsal. The drama is preceded by a slice-of-life sequence depicting the company's arrival, backstage preparations, and warm-up.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9821

Bolivar soy yo=Bolivar I am. 2003.  1 videodisc (112 min.). The actor, Santiago Miranda, frantically abandons the production set of the popular soap opera The Lovers of the Liberator because he doesn't agree with the script considering it a misunderstanding of history and instead flees toward delusion.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1811

Bolivia. 2005.  1 videodisc (71 min.). A man finds work as an illegal alien in Argentina in order to support his family in Bolivia. The film paints a portrait of struggle among the poor in the modern economy of Argentina, with a focus on the mistreatment of dispossessed workers.  DVD 7963

El bonaerense. 2003.  1 videodisc (99 min.). Zapa (Jorge Román) is a 32-year-old locksmith in a small village who's sent by his boss to assist in a robbery by cracking a safe. The next day the boss has left town, leaving Zapa to take the blame. He gets arrested, but an uncle who used to be the police chief gets him out of jail and arranges for him to move to Buenos Aires and join the city's police force, the notorious Bonaerense. In his new life as a cop, he finds himself drawn into a world of corruption and brutality.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 989

Brincando el charco=Portrait of a Puerto Rican. 94.  1 videodisc (55 min.). Brincando el charco contemplates the notion of "identity" through the experiences of a Puerto Rican woman living in New York. In a mix of fiction, archival footage, processed interviews and soap opera drama, this film tells the story of Claudia Marin, a middle-class, light-skinned Puerto Rican, lesbian, photographer/videographer who is attempting to construct a sense of community in the U.S.  DVD 6831

Le boucher=The butcher. 2003.  1 videodisc (87 min.). In a provincial French town, a sophisticated schoolmistress avoids attachments but strikes up a congenial friendship with the charmingly passionate local butcher, a veteran of Indochina. As a serial killer spreads terror throughout the countryside, the effort of these two people to come back from their emotional islands to some kind of mutual understanding and reality builds from oblique tenderness and humor to shattering tragedy.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4778

Buena Vista social club. 99.  1 videodisc (105 min.). In 1996, music legend Ry Cooder went to Cuba to search for buried treasure. He found gold. Looking for lost songs and forgotten singers, Cooder discovered an exotic land of passion, sensuality and music.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 265

Cabeza de Vaca. 93.  1 videocassette (ca. 110 min.). Account of the Spanish explorer's capture, escape, and journey from Texas to Mexico City (1527-1537).  Includes tales of El Dorado.  VHS 5058

Cama adentro=Live-in maid. 2007.  1 videodisc (87 min.). When Buenos Aires is plunged into an economic meltdown, Bebe faces a crisis and is unable to pay her longtime maid, Dora. The two realize that in order to survive, they must put aside their class resentments.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9287

Camila. 85.  1 videocassette (105 min.). Recounts the true story of a young Catholic socialite from Buenos Aires, Camila O'Gorman, who falls in love and runs away with a young Jesuit priest, Ladislao Gutierrez, in 1847. The two find temporary happiness in a small provincial village, where they live peacefully as man and wife. Eventually they are recognized, however, and condemned to death without a trial.  VHS 1024

Canoa. 2002.  Latin cinema collection.  1 videodisc (115 min.). Based on actual events that occurred on Sept. 14, 1968, in the mountainous town of San Miguel de Canoa, Mexico. A group of employees from the Puebla University, out on a hiking excursion, were mistaken for radical communist agitators by a domineering local priest. A mob of townspeople are incited to riot, resulting in the brutal murders of several of the young men.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8020

Caribe. 2006.  1 videodisc (92 min.). With unspoiled tropical beaches, a seductive lover, and a passion like none he has ever before experienced, Vicente is being torn apart. An American oil company threatens to destroy him unless he betrays the country, and people he loves.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9089

Carlos Saura's flamenco trilogy. 2007.  Eclipse. Series 6, Carlos Saura's flamenco trilogy: Eclipse (Criterion Collection (Firm)): Eclipse series.  3 videodiscs (275 min.). "One of Spanish cinema's great auteurs, Carlos Saura brought international audiences closer to the art of his country's dance than any other filmmaker, before or since. In his "Flamenco Trilogy" -- Blood Wedding, Carmen, and El amor brujo -- Saura merged his passion for music with his ongoing exploration of Spanish national identity. All starring and choreographed by legendary dancer Antonio Gades, the films feature thrilling physicality and electrifying cinematography and editing."--Container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9821-9823

Carlos. 2011.  Criterion collection: Criterion collection (DVD videodiscs).  1 videodisc (84 min.). An epic, intensely detailed account of the life of the infamous international terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez - also known as Carlos the Jackal. One of the twentieth century's most wanted fugitives, Carlos was committed to violent left-wing activism throughout the seventies and eighties, orchestrating bombings, kidnappings, and hijackings in Europe and the Middle East.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9031

Carmen. 2007.  Eclipse: Eclipse: Eclipse (Criterion Collection (Firm)): Eclipse series.  1 videodisc (101 min.). Carlos Saura's biggest interntaional box-office success was this self-reflexive meditation on Prosper Merimee's Carmen story.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9822

Cartas del parquet=Letters from the park. 88.  The Gabriel García Márquez Collection.  1 videocassette (85 min.). Echoes Cyrano De Bergerac. A local poet helps two shy young lovers write passionate letters to each other. The poet's good deed soon turns into a triangle.  VHS 2957

Casa de los babys. 2004.  1 videodisc (96 min.). Six women -- dreamy Eileen, abrasive Nan, athletic Skipper, brusque Leslie, vivacious Jennifer and patient Gayle -- are staying at a hotel in South America. Focus on the turbulent emotions these American women face surrounding the adoption of foreign babies. The six women are fed up with the long delays of the adoption system in the United States and have the common desire to adopt a child. Includes a Latina mother who is certain that her baby will enjoy a better life with adoptive American parents, but still struggling with the anguish of her sacrifice.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6901

Cautiva=Captive. 2007.  1 videodisc (109 min.). "Cristina Quadri's life is thrown into turmoil when she is suddenly escorted from her strict Catholic school and told that she is really Sofía Lombardi, the daughter of activists who disappeared in the '70s. Questioning everything she once thought true, Cristina embarks on a journey to find her true identity. Meeting others like herself, the young girl soon discovers the real-life horrors of Argentina's relatively recent past and the nightmare that claimed tens of thousands of lives during the country's 'Dirty War'" -- Container.  DVD 8773

Cazadores de utopias=Hunters of utopias. 2006.  Cine testimonial y político: Cine testimonial y político .  1 videodisc (145 min.). On the Organización Montoneros, a Peronist guerrilla movement in 1970s Argentina, and their struggle against the country's military dictatorship. Contains extensive interviews.  DVD 9485

Celda 211=Cell 211. 2011.  The KimStim collection: KimStim collection.  1 videodisc (111 min.). On his first day on the job, prison officer Juan Olivier is knocked unconscious in a freak accident and his co-workers carry him to an empty cell. When he awakens, Juan discovers that he has been abandoned in the middle of a riot in a high-security cellblock, home to the prison's most dangerous criminals. If they discover he's a guard, he's dead meat. To survive, Juan must pose as a prisoner and conspire with the riot's vicious leader, Malamadre.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9282

El chacal de Nahueltoro=The jackal of Nahueltoro. 2006.  Terra Entertainment spotlight on Chilean masterworks.  1 videodisc (95 min.). The portrait of Jose del Carmen Valenzuela Torres, one of Chile's most infamous murderers. While out walking, he meets a mother and four children. A night of debauchery leads to one of the most savage pointless killing sprees in Chilean history.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2930

Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie=The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie. 2000.  The Classic collection: The Criterion collection: Classic collection (Chicago, Ill.): Criterion collection (DVD videodiscs).  2 videodiscs (101, 98 min.). "An upper-class sextet sits down to dinner but never eats, their attempts continually thwarted by a vaudevillian mixture of events both actual and imagined."--Container.  DVD 214

Che. 2009.  Criterion Collection: Criterion collection (DVD videodiscs).  3 videodiscs (271 min.). A portrait of  the man who overthrew a dictatorship and became a revolutionary before his life was ended. Includes both Che Part One: The Argentine and Part Two: Guerrilla and bonus features.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7061-7063

Chile, obstinate memory. 2009.  1 videodisc (57 min.). The director Patricio Guzman returns to Chile to show his original documentary, Battle of Chile, a film banned from the country until that point.  DVD 6794

La cienaga=The swamp. 2005.  1 videodisc (100 min.). Mecha is a middle-aged woman with several bored teenagers, a husband who dyes his hair, and the tedious problem of sullen servants - nothing a few drinks can't cure. To avoid the hot and humid weather, they spend their summers at a country estate. Mecha's cousin, Tali, lives in a nearby city, has a crew of small, noisy children she is trying to deal with. Before long, the restlessness of domesticity strains both families' nerves, exposing secrets and threatening to erupt into violence.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1301

Circe. 2004?  1 videocassette (90 min.) . "This Argentine classic, an adaptation of a short story by Julio Cortâazar by venerated director Manuel Antin, is a dark and foreboding vision of love and death, realized using revolutionary cinematic techniques. The plot centers on Delia, a woman haunted by many demons, and of three men doomed to love her ... Antin narrates their story using the experimental techniques of the French New Wave, with elaborate use of light and shadow and placement of mirrors to capture the claustrophobia of Delia's mind. Using multiple cuts, he simultaneously reveals the past and the present. Through his technical genius and sense of psychology, Antin brings the viewer into the twisted and disorienting space of a tangled relationship haunted by the past."--Container.  VHS 7879

La ciudad=The city. 2005.  1 videodisc (88 min.). Tells four stories about recent immigrants to New York City: a group of day-laborers scavenging for bricks; two teenagers from the same hometown who meet  and fall in love; a homeless father who tries to enroll his daughter in school; and a garment worker who seeks justice in the sweatshops.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5911

La ciudad y los perros. 2002.  1 videodisc (135 min.). Four angry cadets, who have formed an inner circle in an attempt to beat the system and ward off the boredom and stifling confinement in a Peruvian military academy, set off a chain of events that starts with a theft and leads to murder and suicide.  DVD 2479

Classic caballeros collection. 2008.  1 videodisc (113 min.). Embark on thrilling adventures to South America and Mexico. Join Goofy, Donald Duck and Walt Disney himself as they experience all the music, beauty and excitement Latin America has to offer. Travel to fun and exciting places and capture the gangs' adventures along the way. It's Donald's turn to take a fantastic journey with his friends Joe Carioca and Panchito. Contains lighthearted dance and lively music.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5153

The color of freedom. 2008.  1 videodisc (118 min.). James Gregory is a racist South African guard whose certainties of life are shaken to the core. During a twenty year span, James spent his time as Nelson Mandela's prison warden. Shows the daily application of a major historic abonimation, known as Apartheid, as seen through the eyes of the average White South African. These are 'ordinary' people who are neither heroes nor villains, but obtuse conformists. The violence of the system on its white citizens was considerably more hidden than on its black ones, but it was violence all the same. White's were obligated to remain as ignorant as possible or be persecuted by the status quo.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9098

Como agua para chocolate=Like water for chocolate. 2000.  1 videodisc (105 min.). Tita and Pedro are in love, but cannot marry because of a family tradition. To be near Tita, Pedro marries her sister and Tita, as the family cook, expresses her passion through preparing delectable dishes.  DVD 1164

El compadre Mendoza=My friend Mendoza. 2006.  Classic Mexican cinema: Revolution trilogy.  1 videodisc (82 min.). Mendoza, a landowner, tries to maintain friendships with both the leader of the government forces and the general of the Zapatista rebels during the Mexican Revolution. This film is part of a trilogy along with El prisionero trese (1933) and Vámonos con Pancho Villa (1935).  DVD 7552

Confesion a Laura=Confession to Laura. 94.  1 videodisc (85 min.). Set during a violent civil war in Columbia which occurred after the assassination of liberal leader Jorge Elieser Gaitain in 1948. Three people are trapped in Laura's house during a riot, setting the scene for an unforgettable night.  DVD 9548

Contracorriente=Undertow. 2011.  1 videodisc (100 min.). Miguel, a respected Peruvian fisherman, is expecting his first child with his beautiful wife, Mariela. However, their peaceful existence is threatened by Miguel's love for Santiago, a visiting artist whose presence is viewed as a threat by the villagers. When a fatal accident befalls the community, Miguel is faced with hiding his true feelings or coming to terms with who he is and risk losing everything, including those he loves.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8696

The harvest=La cosecha. 2011.  1 videodisc (80 min.). "Every year there are more than 400,000 American children who are torn away from their friends, schools, and homes to pick the food we all eat. Zulema, Perla, and Victor labor as migrant farm workers, sacrificing their own childhoods to help their families survive. Follow these three as they journey from the scorching heat of Texas' onion fields to the winter snows of the Michigan apple orchards and back south to the humidity of Florida's tomato fields to follow the harvest."--Container.  DVD 9492

Cría cuervos. 2007.  The Criterion collection: Criterion collection (DVD videodiscs).  2 videodiscs (109 min.). Eight-year-old Ana lives in Madrid with her two sisters. They are mourning the death of their mother, whom Ana conjures as a ghost. The film evokes both the complex feelings of childhood and the struggles of a nation emerging from the shadows of fascism.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8588

Crónica de una muerte anunciada=Chronicle of a death foretold. 20.  1 videodisc (107 min.). After marrying against her will, Angela Vicario's angry new husband returns her to her mother once he discovers she is not a virgin. Beaten by her mother, Angela is forced to name the man who deflowered her, prompting her brothers to undertake a murderous mission of revenge.  DVD 9955

Crónicas=Chronicles. 2005.  1 videodisc (98 min.). The anchor of a popular news show flies to a small town in Ecuador to cover a story about a serial child killer. He saves a man after the town tries to lynch him. The man offers information about the case in exchange for a story about his innocence.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2950

Cronos. 2003.  1 videodisc (92 min.). An aging antique dealer, Jesus Gris, happens upon an elegant mechanized scarab. When opened, it painfully stabs whomever is holding it, but the wound brings youthful vigor and a vampire's need for blood. The device is relentlessly pursued by a dying tycoon, Dieter de la Guardia, whose nephew Angel, reluctant to see his uncle live a moment longer, must still do the old man's bidding. Meanwhile, Gris's desires endanger his own granddaughter, Aurora.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 856

Cuarteto de la Habana=Havana quartet. 99.  1 videodisc (104 min.). Walter, a musician from Madrid, has many problems. After finding a videotape, he learns that something will change his whole life and put his Madrid trouble on hold.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3653

Cuba feliz. 2004.  1 videodisc (93 min.). Follows Miguel del Morales, a 76 year-old troubadour known as El Gallo (The Rooster), as he wanders the countryside of Cuba. He meets people of all persuasions who, like del Morales, share the passion of music that is central to the life and dreams of the Cuban people.  DVD 9247

Obras maestras del cine cubano=The Cuban masterworks collection. 2006.  5 videodiscs (529 min.). Amada:  Set in Havana in 1914, as World War I begins.  Amada, a young conservative bourgeois woman unhappily married to an ambitious politician, and tied to obsolete values, falls passionately in love with her cousin Marcial, a young nonconformist who tries unsuccessfully to shake her out of her traditionalism with tragic results. Aventuras de Juan Quin Quin (The adventures of Juan Quin Quin): A peasant farmer becomes a soldier in the Cuban revolution in this offbeat adventure comedy. His healthy cynicism towards the police, wealthy landlords, and the government serves him well after he joins up with a female guerilla. He rises to become a lieutenant as he waits for the signal for the rebellion to begin. Cecilia: In 1830 Cuba, the son of a rich colonial family falls in love with a proud, beautiful but poor mulatto girl.  His father, however, wants him to marry a woman from his own social class. Dolce sillas (The twelve chairs): A rich woman decides, before dying, to hide the family jewels under a chair lining. An ex-proprietor and his ex-driver find this out and undertake a desperate search for the treasure, which gives rise to amusing situations and incredible adventures. Five restored classic films from Cuba. Un hombre de éxito (A successful man): Cuba's history before the Revolution is chronicled through the story of two brothers, one a revolutionary man of action, the other an unscrupulous politician trying to steer a treacherous middle path between opposing political ideas.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4331-4335

Danzón. 2007.  1 videodisc (120 min.). A surprising love story about a woman who finally discovers the passion that has been missing from her life.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5797

El destino no tiene favorites=Destiny has no favorites. 2005.  1 videodisc [87 min.]. Ana is a bored, wealthy housewife who is not pleased when her husband rents out their garden to a soap opera production while he is out of town. She follows the goings on and soon becomes just as involved as her two maids. When she is accidentally taken for an actress, she winds up cast in a plum role. As the set gradually becomes dominated by gossip, intrigue and blackmail, the boundary between the real world and the make-believe begins to blur. Soon Ana finds herself entangled in a real-life soap opera which she needs to resolve before her husband comes home.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2570

Diarios de motocicleta=The motorcycle diaries. 2005.  Focus Features spotlight series.  1 videodisc (127 min.). An inspirational adventure, based on the true story of Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Granado, whose thrilling and dangerous road trip across Latin America becomes a life-changing journey of self-discovery.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1299

Dias de Santiago=Days of Santiago. 2005.  1 videodisc (ca. 83 min.). Santiago returns home from the Peruvian army ill-prepared to cope with the realities of life. Haunted by his violent military past, he is conflicted by his desire for education and his temptation to join his comrades in a life of crime.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2495

Disparen a matar=Shoot to kill. 94.  1 videocassette (90 min.). An innocent man is murdered during a police round-up while his mother watches. Refusing to accept the official version of the story, she launches a campaign for justice.  VHS 3342

Las doce sillas=The twelve chairs. 2006.  The Cuban masterworks collection.  1 videodisc (90 min.). A rich woman decides, before dying, to hide the family jewels under a chair lining. An ex-proprietor and his ex-driver find this out and undertake a desperate search for the treasure, which gives rise to amusing situations and incredible adventures.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4331

Doña Bárbara. 2004.  1 videodisc (105 min.). Doña Bárbara, feared for her witchcraft, becomes involved in a land dispute with Santos Luzardo, a city lawyer who has come to take charge of his family's property. Both she and her daughter then fall in love with him.  DVD 3997