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An introduction to Mendeley, the bibliographic citation program with a social media component.

NOTE - Mendeley Desktop

Beginning September 1, Mendeley Desktop will no longer be available for download as Mendeley switches to Mendeley Reference Manager, a cloud-based citation software support system.

Existing users with Mendeley Desktop WILL be able to continue using the application, but should consider gaining familiarity with the Reference Manager as Desktop will not be supported moving forward.

Welcome to the Mendeley Subject Guide

Mendeley is a free downloadable research tool that helps users gather, organize, and analyze sources for purposes of information sharing & citation management.

    This guide provides information about:

    • Getting Started with Mendeley;
    • Adding citations to Mendeley;
    • Exporting citations from Mendeley to Word & other programs;
    • Getting help with troubleshooting in Mendeley; &
    • Useful links for advanced Mendeley use.

    Quick Links: Frequently Used Resources