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An introduction to Mendeley, the bibliographic citation program with a social media component.

Exporting References

Exporting references from Mendeley allows users to build bibliographies, enhance research papers, and transfer data to other citation management programs.

This page contains key resources for exporting Mendeley citations.

Exporting References

How to install a plugin to your word program

  • Open your Mendeley program on your computer.
  • Under Tools, Installation options will automatically display according to which word programs you have installed on your computer. (in the example above, MS Word is installed on the computer)
  • This will install the Mendeley Cite-o-Matic, as shown below (in Word).



How to insert Mendeley citations into a research paper in Word

  • Open a new or existing document in Word and locate a section where you want to add an in-text citation from your Mendeley Library.
  • Go to the "Reference" section of the Word menu/ribbon and look at the "Cite-o-Matic" section. You should see a set of icons representing the Mendeley Toolbar.
  • Select the icon to "Insert Citation." This will launch a formatting box as shown above.
  • Search for your citation in the pop-up screen. You may search by typing all or part of an item's title, author, or publication date. You can also select the "Go To Mendeley" button to select the citation within the Mendeley program.
  • Once you have added an item, you can edit it by adding/deleting information within the citation. Word will prompt you to save the changes or revert to the "standard" format - typically (Author Year). These changes can be undone by clicking within the parenthetical and clicking the Undo button in the Cite-o-Matic.
  • Continue adding citations for all references within your paper.
  • To change citation style, click on the "Style" drop-down menu and select a new style. Click on Get More Styles to install a reference not previously installed in Word.
  • At the end of the document (or chapter), click on "Insert Bibliography" to add your bibliography including all references previously inserted.

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