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An introduction to Mendeley, the bibliographic citation program with a social media component.

Subject Guide

Citing References

Exporting references from Mendeley allows users to build bibliographies, enhance research papers, and transfer data to other citation management programs. This page contains key resources for exporting Mendeley citations.

Using Cite

Mendeley has an optional add-on, Cite, which can be used to generate in-text citations and reference lists in MS Word. Note that you need to be connected to the internet to use this add-on, as Cite will be pulling information from your web library.

Once installed, Cite can be accessed via the "References" tab on the Ribbon in MS Word. To use Cite, place your cursor where you want to insert a citation in your document. Click on Cite and select the reference(s) you want to insert and select "Insert citation". If you wish to edit a citation, click on the item and the edit panel in Cite will appear. You can make changes to the citation as necessary, but know that the changes will only apply to the particular document.

You can change the citation style by clicking on the "Citation Settings" link in the Cite panel. Cite is preloaded with several common citation styles, and you can add others by clicking the "Search for another style" link.

If you wish to insert a bibliography, place you cursor where you want the bibliography to appear in your document. Click on the Cite icon and click the "..." option. Click on the "Insert Bibliography" option. Your bibliography will automatically reorder and restructure itself every time you add an additional citation.

Please consult the official Mendeley Cite help guide for more information.