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EndNote Basic

An introduction to EndNote Online, where you can build bibliographies and share citations with others.

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Adding References


Adding citation data to EndNote Basic can be done either manually or automatically. Users can also add notes and files to each citation.

This page offers resources for adding material to your EndNote Basic account.

How to Add References Using EndNote Basic

EndNote Basic is designed to store, manage, and cite bibliographic references, such as books and articles. In EndNote, these are called "references."

 Basics of Adding References Manually 

1.  To add a reference manually, first choose the "Collect" tab at the top of the EndNote Basic page after sign-in. Then click on the "New Reference" link as shown below. Select the sort of reference you would like to add (book, journal, etc.) and type in the information.


 Basics of Adding References Automatically

1.  To add a reference automatically, first choose the "Collect" tab at the top of the EndNote Basic page after sign-in. Then click on the "Online Search" link as shown below and select the catalog or database you would like to search.

2. Once you have have found the reference you want to use, add it to your library.


Basics of Adding References Automatically from Databases

1. This process will look and work slightly differently with each database. In general, after you find a database article you would like to add to your reference library, select "export" or "save". For example, in ProQuest databases, you would save the article(s) you want to add to your reference library, export/save to RIS, navigate to EndNote Basic and import the reference from there. In EBSCO databases, select "export", then "Direct Export to EndNote Web"


Adding PDFs to a Reference

To add a PDF to a reference, select the paperclip icon at the bottom of the reference to which you want to attach a PDF: 

Then select, "Attach Files" and upload the PDF.