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Filmography - African Feature Films

Titles available on DVD and streaming video as of June 2018

African Feature Films - Algeria

Titles available on DVD and streaming video as of June 2018.

Most streaming videos listed are available exclusively to AU students, staff and faculty after an online authentications by AUID#.

This is a selective list of video holdings in the American University Library. Filmographies are created by doing multiple keyword searches in the catalog to capture as many titles on a topic as possible. For complete up-to-date holdings (including VHS tapes) please refer to the library catalog (



Barakat! = Enough! 2006, 1 videodisc (94 min.). The story of two women. Emel is a Westerner whose husband, a journalist, is missing - perhaps kidnapped or even killed. Khadija is an older woman who has lived through the country's decades-long struggle. Together they search for Emel's husband. ALGERIA.  DVD 1975

The desert ark. 1997, 1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 90 min.).  Romeo and Juliet in the Algerian desert. Amin and Myriam are secretly in love. Their families are rivals and when their relationship is discovered, conflict is inevitable. In the quiet atmosphere of the palm groves, the two communities have long nurtured the seeds of discord and hatred. The persecution is the first signal of inevitable evil. ALGERIA. Streaming video. 

Inch'Allah dimanche.  2001, 1 videodisc (98 min.).  Film about the "family reunion," the French government's euphemism for a 1974 law allowing Algerian wives to rejoin their husbands working in France. Strong-willed Zouina parts tearfully from her mother in the port of Algiers; once in France, she and her three small children are at the mercy of her mother-in-law and confused by the strange customs of their local grocer and garden-obsessed neighbor. The radio is her only window on life and on the women of this new country. ALGERIA.  DVD 6642

Indigènes = Days of glory. 2006, 1 videodisc (120 min.).  The tale of a 1943 WWII French Algerian Unit facing discrimination by its European counterparts due to prejudice and ignorance. The French armed forces are preparing to land troops in Europe to win back their homeland from the Axis Powers, but they cannot accomplish their task without recruiting men from their African colonies. The Africans themselves start their long journey full of hope and anticipation, but as they get closer to their goal, they realize that their enemy is not necessarily the Germans. ALGERIA.  DVD 2907

La bataille d'Alger = The battle of Algiers. 1966, 3 videodiscs (125 min.). Focuses on the harrowing events of 1957, a key year in Algeria's struggle for independence from France. Recreates the tumultuous Algerian uprising against the occupying French in the 1950s. As violence escalates on both sides, the French torture prisoners for information and the Algerians resort to terrorism in their quest for independence. Children shoot soldiers at point-blank range, women plant bombs in cafés. The French win the battle, but ultimately lose the war as the Algerian people demonstrate that they will no longer be suppressed. ALGERIA. DVD 950 and Streaming video.

Le petit soldat = Little soldier. 1963, 1 videodisc (88 min.).  "Set during the Algerian War, [the film] follow Bruno Forestier, a disillusioned young deserter who becomes involved in the French nationalist movement. He is ordered to kill an Algerian sympathizer, and although he does not hold deep political beliefs, commits the murder and undergoes torture when captured. At the same time, he meets and falls in love with a woman who he does not know is fighting for the other side."--Container. Algeria.  DVD 6189.

Little Senegal. 2000, 1 videodisc (93 min.). An elderly man from Senegal travels to New York City, in hopes of locating African Americans related to his ancestors (many of whom were kidnapped and sold as slaves). ALGERIA / FRANCE / GERMANY.  DVD 9145.

The other world. 1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 90 min.).  Yasmine and Rachid, two young Parisians children of Algerian immigrants, are in love and live a quiet life in France. One day, Rachid disappears and Yasmine learns that he is in Algeria. She decides to follow him, in that country that she does not know, that is filled with violence. As she travels looking for Rachid, she falls deeper into the horror of a country where nothing seems normal, another world, where death is ever present. ALGERIA. Streaming video.

Rachida. 2002, 1 videodisc (100 min.).  Global lens collection. Rachida lives and teaches in an old neighborhood in Algeria. Like most Algerians, she thinks she is far removed from the bloody conflict the country is in, until one day she is attacked by a terrorist group. The terrorists ask her to plant a bomb in her school. After refusing, they shoot her in cold blood. Miraculously, she lives and seeks refuge in a neighboring village. ALGERIA / FRANCE.  DVD 795.