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Filmography - GLBTA Feature Films: L - Z

Titles available on DVD and streaming video as of June 2013

Filmography - GLBTA Feature Films

Titles available on DVD and streaming video as of June 2013.

Most streaming videos listed are available exclusively to AU students, staff and faculty after an online authentications by AUID#.

This is a selective list of video holdings in the American University Library. Filmographies are created by doing multiple keyword searches in the ALADIN catalog to capture as many titles on a topic as possible.  All DVDs listed below are located in Media Services on the Lower Level of Bender Library. To search the library’s complete videos holdings on biology topics (including VHS tapes) keyword searches in the library catalog will be necessary:

The L word. Seasons one – six [Television series] 2004 - 2009. 30 videodiscs A group of lesbian and bisexual women experience life in Los Angeles. DVD 3351 - DVD 3373

Laberinto de pasiones = Labyrinth of passion. 1990. 1 videodisc (98 min.). "A camp melodrama/comedy about Sexilia (a nymphomaniac), Sadec (a gay Islamic terrorist), Riza Niro (the son of the emperor of Tiran), and Queti (the daughter of a dry-cleaner). When Riza Niro discovers that Sadec and his colleagues are after him, he disguises himself as a punk rocker, and falls in love with the stunning Sexilia, his first straight relationship. Meanwhile Queti, Sexilia's "biggest fan", helps Sexilia come to terms with her new life-style." -taken from DVD 9622

The Laramie project. 2002. 1 videodisc (96 min.). In October 1998, 21 year-old Matthew Shepard was found savagely beaten, tied to a fence and left to die in Laramie, Wyoming. This film is a dramatization of a town forced to confront itself in the reflective glare of the national spotlight, responding with love, anger, sympathy, support, and defiance. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2341

La ley del Deseo = Law of desire. 2007. 1 videodisc (102 min.). Explores the relationships of a gay movie director, who has a transsexual brother, and two lovers, one of whom murders the other and takes the director's sister (brother) hostage in order to see the director one more time. DVD 2442

Like it is. 1998. Best of gay Britain: LGBT studies in video. 1 online resource (93 min.). Two young homosexuals meet and fall for each other despite their different backgrounds. Streaming video;1821835

Lilies. 1996. 1 videodisc (ca. 96 min.). "In 1952, a Catholic bishop makes an exceptional visit to a prison to hear a dying inmate's confession. Once inside the chapel, the bishop is taken hostage by Simon, a childhood friend. With the aid of his fellow inmates, Simon's version of the events that took place forty years earlier are reenacted. The action moves seamlessly through time between the crude prison and the actual events of 1912. The drama culminates on the tragic night when both men's fates were decided."--Slipcase for container. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 10849

Liquid sky. 2000. 1 videodisc (114 min.). "Invisible aliens in a tiny flying saucer come to Earth looking for heroin. They land on top of a New York apartment inhabited by a drug dealer and her female, androgynous, bisexual nymphomaniac lover, a fashion model. The aliens soon find the human pheromones created in the brain during orgasm preferable to heroin, and the model's casual sex partners begin to disappear. This increasingly bizarre scenario is observed by a lonely woman in the building across the street, a German scientist who is following the aliens, and an equally androgynous, drug-addicted male model."-- com. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6547

The living end. 2008. 1 videodisc (85 min.). Focuses on the relationship between a pair of young, HIV-positive gay outcasts. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4231

Longtime companion. 2001. Avant-garde cinema. 1 videodisc (100 min.). Drama concerning the AIDS crisis which focuses on a small group of friends from the time they first read about AIDS in the New York Times through the 1980's as they face the impact of the disease on themselves and their friends. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5601

Love! Valour! Compassion! 2004. 1 videodisc (120 min.). Follows eight gay men, longtime friends, who spend summer holiday weekends together at a beach house. Based on the play by Terrence McNally. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2311

Macho dancer. 2001. 1 videodisc (136 min.). Abandoned by his American lover, a handsome teenager from the mountains journeys to Manila in an effort to support his family. With a popular call boy as his mentor, Paul enters the glittering world of the "macho dancer"--A world of male strippers, prostitution, drugs, sexual slavery, police corruption and murder. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8178

La mala educaciâon = Bad education. 2005. 1 videodisc (105 min.). Traces the effects of sexual abuse and religious schooling on the lives of two lifelong friends. DVD 2448

Mart Crowley's The boys in the band. 2008. CBS DVD. 1 videodisc (119 min.). A witty, perceptive and devastating look at the personal agendas and suppressed revelations swirling among a group of gay men in Manhattan. Harold is celebrating a birthday, and his friend Michael has drafted some friends to help commemorate the event. As the evening progresses, the alcohol flows, the knives come out, and Michael's demand that the group participate in a devious telephone game unleashes dormant and unspoken emotions. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5014

Midnight in the garden of good & evil. 2010. Clint Eastwood collection: Clint Eastwood collection. 1 videodisc (155 min.). Affable Jim Williams is hosting one of the most important parties of the Savannah Christmas season. John Kelso is a magazine reporter who finds himself amid the beautiful architecture and odd doings to write a feature on the party. His curiosity is piqued when he meets Jim's violent, young and sexy lover, Billy. Later that night, Billy is dead, and Kelso stays on to cover the murder trial. Between being Jim's buddy, cuddling up to a torch singer, meeting every eccentric in Savannah, participating in midnight graveyard rituals and helping solve the mysteries surrounding Billy's murder, Kelso has his hands full. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 10438

Mikael = Michael. 2004. Gay-themed films of the German silent era. 1 videodisc (86 min.). A great, aging artist succumbs to despair when the young model and pupil he adores leaves him for a woman. Although the story is discreetly played at a father/adopted son level on the surface, the homosexual subtext is quite clear in this early Dreyer film made in Germany. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2451

Milk. 2009. 1 videodisc (129 min.). His life changed history. His courage changed lives. Harvey Milk is a middle-aged New Yorker who, after moving to San Francisco, became a Gay Rights activist and city politician. On his third attempt, he was elected to San Francisco's Board of Supervisors in 1977. His election makes him the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in the United States. The following year, both he and the city's mayor, George Moscone, were shot to death by former city supervisor, Dan White, who blamed his former colleagues for denying White's attempt to rescind his resignation from the board. Based on the inspiring true story of Harvey Milk. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5460

Mona Lisa smile. 2003. 1 videodisc (119 min.). Set in 1953, Katherine Watson is a free-spirited graduate of UCLA who accepts a teaching post at Wellesley College, a women-only school where the students are torn between the repressive mores of the time and their longing for intellectual freedom. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 921

Morte a Venezia = Death in Venice. 2004. 1 videodisc (130 min.). Film tells the story of a man obsessed by ideal beauty. Gustav Aschenbach (Bogarde) is a distinguished man, a world-famous composer and conductor who embodies all the civilized virtues of the European culture he represents. Yet on a solitary rest holiday in Venice, he spies a beautiful young boy - and abandons himself to a secret passion that carries him to his doom as the city is gripped by a cholera epidemic. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4955

Mysterious skin. 2005. 1 videodisc (ca. 99 min.). At age 8, Neil and Brian played on the same baseball team in their small Kansas hometown. Now 10 years later, Neil is a hustler and Brian a nervous introvert who believes he has been abducted by aliens. As their lives intersect, they discover a shared past shrouded in mystery. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2496

No se lo digas a nadie = Don't tell anyone . 2000. 1 videodisc (114 min.). Based on the alleged autobiography of gay Peruvian talk show host Jaime Bayly, this is the story of Joaquin, a troubled youth from a well-to-do family in Peru, who must overcome the domineering influences of his macho, racist father and obsessively religious mother to discover his true sexual nature. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 782

O fantasma = The Phantom. 2003. 1 videodisc (90 min.). Brooding, lonely Sergio works by day as a trash collector, but by night he stalks the streets in search of random, anonymous sexual encounters. Sergio soon becomes obsessed with a leather-clad stranger and retreats further and further into his sexual fantasy life. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3885

Oberst Redl = Colonel Redl. 2001. 1 videodisc (142 min.). "In the early part of the 20th Century, Alfred Redl ruthlessly rises from his peasant background to become a high-ranking member of the Imperial Austrian military. But when Redl is sent to spy on the Russian Empire, his espionage is compromised by his secret double life as a homosexual. As the world perches on the brink of was, Redl finds himself trapped in a web of deception where honor, grandeur and greed can only be betrayed by one final shocking act of fate" -- Container. German with optional English subtitles. DVD 908

Oedipus Rex. 2003. Pier Paolo Pasolini collection: Pier Paolo Pasolini collection. 1 videodisc (110 min.). Oedipus Rex: "A dark and riveting retelling of the classic Greek tragedy, 'Oedipus Rex'. Unknown to himself, Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother. When the truth is discovered, he puts out his eyes and Oedipus wanders the streets until he is found by his daughter, Antigone, a common blind beggar"--Container. Pier Paolo Pasolini: This Italian biographical documentary commemorates the 20th anniversary of the iconoclastic author, poet and filmmaker's murder. The film begins with an exploration of Pasolini's literature and chronicles his growing interest and eventual switch to filmmaking. Along the way it examines his political and religious beliefs, paying special attention to his obsession with death, his relationship with his mother, and his homosexuality. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9152

Parting glances. 1985. LGBT studies in video: Modern day classics. 1 online resource (90 min.). A homosexual love story set in Manhattan. As Michael's friend Nick is dying of AIDS, his current lover is about to leave for Africa. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3452 and Streaming video;1821836

Le placard = The closet. 2001. 1 videodisc (85 min.). François Pignon, a very bland sort of man who works as an accountant in a condom factory, is about to be fired. His new neighbour comes up with an idea to prevent such a thing from happening: he creates photos and then spreads the rumor that François is gay so that the factory management might be afraid they'll be sued for sexual discrimination. Of course, nothing happens as it should, but the changes in François Pignon's life-- and other people's too - is drastic! HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4054

Plata quemada = Burnt money. 2002. 1 videodisc (125 min.). When two gay thugs Angel (Eduardo Noriega) and El Nene (Leonardo Sharaglia) join a plan to hold up an armored truck with a group of seasoned gangsters, their love and loyalty to each other is tested. Angel is wounded by police gunfire during the robbery, forcing El Nene to kill them all in a fit of rage. Things become complicated when they escape to Uruguay and the police threaten to torture the driver's moll if she doesn't tell them where they are. With their pictures plastered on the cover of every paper, drowning in drugs and alcohol, the gang begins to bicker. Against his boss's wishes El Nene leaves the apartment and roams the streets where he meets a prostitute named Giselle (Leticia Bredice) in whom he begins to trust. HOME USE COLLECTION 599

Presque rien = Come undone. 2001. 1 videodisc (98 min.). Come Undone tells the story of two young French boys who begin a passionate relationship that boils over and threatens to destroy both their lives. Mathieu is a quiet 18-year-old boy spending the holidays with his depressed mother. He gets involved with the more experienced Cdric. Their relationship sets off an emotional firestorm in Mathieu as he moves towards adulthood and independence. HOME USE COLLECTION 884

Queer as folk. season one – three [Television series] 2001 - 2004. 6 videodiscs (1320 min.). Revolves around a group of gay friends (men & women) living out their day-to-day lives in blue-collar Pittsburgh, PA. This is the first TV drama that treats gay people simply as real people. HOME USE COLLECTION 3331-3336

Querelle. 2001. 1 videodisc (109 min.). Fassbinder's final film; a stylized, delirious interpretation of Genet's story of a proud and tough loaner, the sailor Querelle who becomes involved in drug-smuggling, sexual adventures and murder. Originally shot in English; also released in a German-dubbed print as "Querelle--ein pakt mit dem Teufel". HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3560

Rent. Filmed live on Broadway. 2009. 1 videodisc (152 min.). A year in the life of a group of friends who love, fight, and laugh together as they face important social issues such as AIDS, homosexuality, drug abuse, and homelessness. HOME USE COLLECTION 5526

The road to love. 2004. 1 videodisc (70 min.). This romantic drama follows a young and apparently straight French-Algerian student, Karim, on a sociological quest to find gay Muslims. Through his investigations, the likable and handsome Karim meets a number of gay Arabs, from self-focused Youssef to sexually aggressive Mustapha. But it is handsome flight attendant Farid who leaves a lasting impression. While the friendship between Karim and Farid slowly intensifies, Karim is forced to confront the fact that his investigation will not only reveal the fascinating history and culture of gay Muslims, but also his own homosexuality. HOME USE COLLECTION 9990

The Rocky horror picture show. 2000. 2 videodiscs (100 min.). A mixture of fantastical rock opera and horror movie spoof. A couple of ordinary kids have car trouble one dark and rainy night and knock on the door of a looming gothic mansion. They are stunned to learn that they have stumbled into an ongoing convention of kinky characters, hosted by Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad scientist from the planet Transsexual. HOME USE COLLECTION 279

Les roseaux sauvage = Wild reeds. 1997. 1 videodisc (110 min.). A poignant coming-of-age story set in southwest France in 1962. Sensitive young François is uncertain of his sexuality as he finds himself more attracted to his classmate Serge than to his platonic girlfriend Maïté. An older boy, Henri, is drawn into the circle, further complicating relationships. Through their passage into adulthood, the four experience a series of sexual and political conflicts as they explore the mysteries of the human heart. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3583

Save me. 2007. LGBT studies in video. 1 online resource (96 min.). Mark is a young gay man who is addicted to sex and drugs. When he hits bottom, his concerned brother checks him into a Christian retreat in the New Mexico desert. Gayle and Ted are the compassionate husband and wife team who run the retreat. They have made it their mission to cure young men of their 'gay affliction' through spiritual guidance. Mark bonds with fellow resident Scott and as their friendship evolves, they are forced to confront their true selves. Streaming video;1821834

Shortbus. 2007. 1 videodisc [102 min.]. An exploration into the lives of several characters living in New York as they navigate the comic and tragic intersections between love and sex. Male and female, straight and gay, they find one another - and eventually themselves - when they all converge at a weekly underground salon called "Shortbus," a mad collision of art, music, politics, and polysexual carnality. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2568

A single man. 2010. 1 videodisc (100 min.). After the death of his longtime partner, a British college professor struggles to find meaning in his life. As he dwells in the past, he begins to contemplate suicide. A series of events and encounters will lead him to question if there really is a meaning to his life after all. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7250

Sud pralad = Tropical malady. 2005. 1 videodisc (118 min.). Tropical malady chronicles the mystical love affair between a young soldier and the country boy he seduces. Local legends claimed the boy was turned into a mythic beast. The soldier journeys alone into the jungle in search of him. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3848

Taxi zum klo. 2010. 1 videodisc (98 min.). Ripploh's semi-autobiographical snapshot of the life of a gay schoolteacher captures an unyielding vision of gay culture in 1981 West Berlin. Through his gritty portrayal of a dual lifestyle, one that combines daily lesson plans and nightly hookups in public bathrooms, Ripploh laid bare the dark secrets of the closeted lifestyle and contributed to the birth of a new genre. A pivotal piece of cinematic history that shows how much the modern gay mainstream has evolved. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8805

Things you can tell just by looking at her. 2001. 1 videodisc (106 min.). An anthology of 5 loosely connected and interwoven stories showing how women deal with the variety of problems that each faces in her life. A doctor looking after her invalid mother who realizes that her own life is passing her by. A wealthy bank manager dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, a workaholic boyfriend, and a street woman who dispenses advice that hits too close to the truth. A single mother debating starting a relationship with the dwarf who moves in across the street. A fortune teller struggling with her grief and depression as she cares for her lesbian lover who is dying from cancer. A woman police detective confronted with her own lonliness as she watches her blind sister date, and investigates the suicide of an old school friend. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3663

Tipping the velvet. 2004. 1 videodisc (178 min.). Set in the 1890's, the story of a lesbian love affair between a music hall male impersonator and a young woman smitten by the music hall life. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2924

Transamerica. 2006. 1 videodisc (104 min.). Bree Osborne, a pre-operative transsexual, learns she fathered a child back when she was Stanley Osborne. The wheels of fortune take Bree and her teenaged son on a cross-country trip that will change both their lives. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2064

Uccellacci e uccellini = The hawks and the sparrows. 2003. 1 videodisc (88 min.). Uccellacci e uccellini: Paolini uses a comic crow, which philosophizes amusingly and pointedly about the passing scene as a counter point to the performers, representing humanity, as they progress down the road of life, caught between the Church and Marxism. Pier Paolo Pasolini: This Italian biographical documentary commemorates the 20th anniversary of the iconoclastic author, poet and filmmaker's murder. The film begins with an exploration of Pasolini's literature and chronicles his growing interest and eventual switch to filmmaking. Along the way it examines his political and religious beliefs, paying special attention to his obsession with death, his relationship with his mother, and his homosexuality. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9082

Un chant d'amour = Song of love. 2007. 2 videodiscs (123 min.). Male prisoners and a prison guard expressing self love and love for each other. Male homosexual expression is shown together with masturbation, sadism, and fantasy. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6540

Victim. 2010. Basil Dearden's London underground: Eclipse (Criterion Collection (Firm)): Eclipse series. 1 videodisc (100 min.). Melville Farr, a closeted, married barrister who bravely takes on a blackmailer targeting a group of vulnerable gay London men from various walks of life. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9893

La virgen de los sicarios = Our lady of the assassins. 2002. Widescreen DVD collection. 1 videodisc (100 min.). An older writer, Fernando, returns to his hometown, Medellin, Colombia. There he falls in love with 16-year-old assassin, Alexis. After Alexis is killed, Fernando hunts for his killer in the Medellin slums and falls in love with Wilmar, a boy who resembles Alexis. DVD 342

Walk on water. 2005. 1 videodisc (103 min.). While on assignment in Berlin, a homophobic Israeli intelligence agent is ordered to assassinate a Nazi war criminal. However, he has a crisis of conscience after he befriends the target's gay grandson. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8689

The watermelon woman. 1997. LGBT studies in video. 1 online resource (84 min.). Cheryl, a young black woman in a video store, is making a documentary about an obscure black actress from the 1930's. When she discovers that the actress (known as "the Watermelon Woman") had a white lesbian lover, Cheryl just happens to fall in love with a very cute white woman herself! Streaming video;1821839

Were the world mine. 2009. 1 videodisc (95 min.). When Timothy (Cohen) is cast as Puck in A midsummer's night's dream, the young gay man stumbles upon a secret love-potion recipe hidden in the script. He creates comic chaos as he turns much of his narrow-minded town gay, starting with the rugby jock of his dreams. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6684

Whip it. 2010. 1 videodisc (120 min.). Bliss Calendar is a small-town teenager with a big dream: to find her own path in the world. Tired of following in her family's footsteps of compliance and conformity, Bliss discovers a way to put her life on the fast track, literally. She lands a spot on a rough-and-tumble roller derby team and becomes 'Babe Ruthless', the hottest thing on eight wheels. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7937

XXY. 2008. Film Movement series . 1 videodisc (90 min.). The pick-up artist: Olli only wants to have noncommittal sex, but that becomes difficult when he meets the 6-year-old daughter of his one-night stand. XXY: The dramatic story of a 15-year-old intersex adolescent born with what the doctors call 'ambiguous genitalia,' whose parents moved from Buenos Aires to an isolated cabin outside of Piriápolis, Uruguay, to protect their child from prejudice. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4085

Yossi & Jagger. 2004. 1 videodisc (71 min.). A sociological study of two men in the Israeli army who are lovers. The others in the unit react to their situation, suspecting, but not always understanding. One will leave the military soon, a few months away, as a snowy and desolate outpost is guarded from attack. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 988

You'll get over it growing up is hard. 2004. 1 videodisc (86 min.). In this coming-of-age drama, popular 16-year-old high school student Vincent (Julien Baumgartner) excels on the swim team and dates a pretty girl named Noemie (Julia Maraval). His family, his teachers, and his coach all love and admire him, but in one respect, he's misleading them all. This becomes all too apparent when Benjamin (Jeremie Elkaim) moves to town, and seeing through Vincent's facades, pursues him. Vincent's classmates see the two of them together, rumors abound, and somebody completes the "outing" process by spray painting "Vincent is a fag" on one of the schoolyard walls. The swim team ostracizes Vincent, his closest friends are angry about the deceptions, and his parents don't know what to say. Perhaps it's too much for a 16-year-old kid to sort out by himself. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1015