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Undergraduate Research: Awards, Events, and Resources

This guide provides information about AU support for undergraduate research, including events, competitions and prizes, and research methodologies.

SIS Undergraduate Research Symposium

SIS Undergraduate Research Symposium
April 16
9:00 am to 2:00 pm
SIS Abramson Family Founders Room

Student-organized research symposium for students of all levels to present their research in panel format (approximately 3-4 students per panel, together with a faculty or graduate student moderator and a faculty or graduate student discussant).  A poster presentation option is also offered.  The conference presentations are open to the public. 

Spring SIS 206 Poster Session

Spring SIS 206 Poster Session
Friday, April 23
2:45 - 5 pm

Selected students from each section of SISU-206 (Introduction to International Relations Research) present their research projects in a poster session held in the SIS Atrium.