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Filmography - New Acquisitions: May 2014 - July 2015: Literature I-S

These are select lists from the DVDs purchased by Media Services in the last year.

Literature - New acquisitions May 2014 - July 2015

Media Services is continually adding DVDs and streaming videos to the library collection. This is a snapshot of some of the titles purchased in the last year under various subject areas.

Older, more complete filmographies for these topics can be found on the filmographies index page. Because it takes time to research and compile full filmographies, they may not contain the most recent titles acquired by the library. The library catalog always has an up to date listing of all Media Services items.

This is a selective list of video holdings in the American University Library. Filmographies are created by doing multiple keyword searches in the ALADIN catalog to capture as many titles on a topic as possible.  All DVDs listed below are located in Media Services on the Lower Level of Bender Library. To search the library’s complete videos holdings (including streaming videos) search the library catalog at:


May 2014 - July 2015 Additions


I drink your blood. 1971. 1 videodisc (89 min.). Gore-drenched drive-in classic. After consuming rabies-infected meat pies, an LSD-addicted hippie cult goes on a vicious murdering rampage! This special edition re-release presenting the original uncensored version, along with numerous extras. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6615.

I soliti ignoti = Big deal on Madonna Street. 1958. 1 videodisc (106 min.). Five men conspire to burglarize a small-time jeweler’s safe. When the time comes to carry out the scheme, the men become hopelessly clumsy and have to eventually give up and go home. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11762.

I was a communist for the F.B.I. 1951  1 videodisc (ca. 83 min.). The FBI infiltrates one of their agents in the US Communist Party. This causes big problems in the normal life of the agent. Nobody knows that he is with the FBI, including his family. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5222.

Dark city. 1951  1 videodisc (98 min.). A stranger’s suicide and a gambler’s murder are both linked to an uncashed cashier’s check won at a crooked card game. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5062.

I will follow. 2011. 1 videodisc (80 min.). "Maye is a success. Hot career. Hot boyfriend. But when her world is turned upside down by tragedy, she must struggle to keep her balance... chronicles a day in the life of a woman at a crossroads, and the twelve people who help her move forward into a brave, new world"--Container. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11965.

I, robot. 2004. 1 videodisc (115 min.). Chicago, 2035. Detective Del Spooner distrusts robots. But why? The Three Laws of Robotics form a perfect circle of logic and protection for humans--all robots are "3 laws safe" from the instant they roll off the assembly line. When U.S. Robotics founder Dr. Alfred Lanning apparently commits suicide, Spooner is assigned to investigate. It appears that Dr. Lanning, the father of robotics, was murdered by a prototype of the latest generation robot, an NS-5 named Sonny. Dr. Susan Calvin, a specialist in robot psychology is assigned to assist Spooner. She cannot believe that a robot could commit a crime, let alone a murder. That would mean the Sonny has violated the Three Laws. If robots can break the laws, there is nothing to stop them from taking over the world, since humans have grown completely dependent upon them. Perhaps ... they already have? HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6408.

Il generale Della Rovere. 1959 2 videodiscs (138 min.). During wartime in Genoa, an opportunist tries to cheat his fellow countrymen, until the Nazis force him to pretend to be a deceased general to get information from fellow inmates. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11443.

Il sorpasso. Criterion collection ; 707. 1962  2 videodiscs (105 min.). A waggish, free-wheeling bachelor and a bookish law student take a madcap trip from Rome to rural Southern Italy. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7606.

Impact. 1949  1 videodisc (111 min.). Millionaire industrialist Walter Williams is marked for murder by his wife and her lover. When the plot ends in a fiery disaster, Williams is thought dead. In reality, he finds himself without a clue of who he is or what happened. As his memory returns, his life becomes a roller coaster ride of suspense and excitement. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7628.

In living color. 2006. 16 videodiscs (ca. 2,740 min.). The show bridged the gap between black and white audiences by at once exploiting stereotypes and then proving how ridiculous they could be, without being politically correct or preachy, and never without the aid of top-notch humor. The writing was spectacular, each of the performers were incredibly talented, and the chemistry between them showed. Included is all five seasons of the comedy show that crossed every line with their crude humor and introduced a new generation of comedy talent. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11511-11515.

Inherent vice. 2014. 1 videodisc (148 min.). Private eye Doc Sportello’s ex-old lady shows up with a story about her current billionaire land developer boyfriend whom she just happens to be in love with, and a plot by his wife and her boyfriend to kidnap that billionaire and throw him in a loony bin. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 12214.

Jane Eyre. 1983. 1 videodisc (311 min.). Charlotte Brontë’s story of an orphan who grows up to become governess of a mansion, and who carries a tormented love for a man named Mr. Rochester. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11842.

Jimmy P. 2014. 1 videodisc (approximately 117 minutes). Jimmy Picard, a Native American Blackfoot who fought in France during WWII, is admitted to Topeka Military Hospital in Kansas, an institution specializing in mental illness. Although he does not suffer any psychological causes for his painful symptoms, he is diagnosed as schizophrenic. Nevertheless, the hospital management decides to seek the opinion of Georges Devereux, a French anthropologist, psychoanalyst and specialist in Native American culture. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6727.

Johnny Staccato: television’s jazz detective. 1959. 3 videodiscs (ca. 675 min.). "Johnny Staccato, starring legendary actor, writer and director John Cassavetes, first appeared on television in 1959, and although it lasted only 27 episodes, the unique mixture of big-city mystery-adventure and jazz left an indelible impression on a generation of TV viewers. Johnny Staccato (Cassavetes) is an ex-jazz musician/detective who would prefer to play the piano, relax on a beach, or just talk about life. At his home-away from home, Waldo’s Jazz Club in Greenwich Village, Staccato is often joined at the piano by jazz musicians the likes of a young John Williams (Star Wars, Jaws), Shelly Manne, Barney Kessel, Red Norvo and Red Mitchell"--Container. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11859.

Justified. The complete fifth season.2014. 3 videodiscs (607 min.). Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens confronts the Crowes, a deadly, lawless family from Florida intent on settling in Harlan with new criminal enterprises in mind. Meanwhile, Boyd Crowder struggles to free his imprisoned fiancee Ava as he partners with the Dixie Mafia’s Wynn Duffy. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6219.

Justified. The complete fourth season. 2013. 3 videodiscs (approximately 558 min.). In Season 4, Raylan will start to pick at the thread of a cold case over 30 years in the making, unraveling a riddle that echoes all the way back to his boyhood and his criminal father’s bad dealings. Meanwhile Boyd Crowder finds his grip on Harlan loosening due to a Pentecostal preacher with a penchant for theatrics and a knack for manipulation to rival his own. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6218.

Justified. The complete second season. 2012. 3 videodiscs (547 min.). In season two, Raylan tangles with a ruthless Harlan County crime family, Winona finds herself in hot water after she is a victim in a bank robbery, Loretta begins to piece together what the Bennetts did with her father, and much more. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6216.

Justified. The complete third season. 2012. 3 videodiscs (ca. 541 min.). Season three introduces a new main villain, Robert Quarles of Detroit. The parent criminal organization connected to the Frankfort mafia has exiled Quarles to Kentucky. Quarles begins to muscle in on the local criminals, successfully supplanting them until Raylan begins investigating. Simultaneously, Dickie Bennett, the lone survivor of the Bennett clan, seeks the aid of the black residents of Noble’s Holler and their leader Ellstin Limehouse in recovering his inheritance. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6217.

Kill your darlings. 2014. 2 videodiscs (103 min.). A true story of obsession and murder. When Allen Ginsberg is accepted at Columbia, he finds stuffy tradition clashing with the daringly modern ideas and attitudes- embodied by Lucien Carr. Lucien is an object of fascination for shy, unsophisticated Allen, and soon he is drawn into Lucien’s hard-drinking, jazz-clubbing circle of friends, including William Burroughs and David Kammerer, who clearly resents Allen’s position as Lucien’s new sidekick. A true story of friendship, love and murder, Kill York Darlings recounts the pivotal year that changed Allen Ginsberg’s life forever and provided the spark for him to start his creative revolution. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD & BLU 11460.

Knock on any door. 1949  1 videodisc (ca. 99 min.). A crusading lawyer fights to save a juvenile delinquent charged with murder. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6561.

Korolʹ Lir = King Lear. 1971. 1 videodisc (132 min.). Written and directed by Grigori Kozintsev.  A dramatization of William Shakespeare’s play in which tragedy occurs when an old king prematurely divides his kingdom among his daughters in the vain hope that they will care for him in his old age. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7102

Kwanghae, wang i toen namja = Masquerade. 2013. 1 videodisc (131 min.). Amid national chaos and fear for his life, tyrannical King Gwanghae orders his trusted counselor to find a royal body double. He recruits a crude, working-class peasant, Ha-seon, a village performer who bears a startling resemblance to the ruler. When the king falls into a coma from poisoning, he is secreted away to recover and Ha-seon reluctantly assumes the throne, forced to pull off history’s biggest masquerade. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3627.

La estrategia del caracol = The snail’s strategy. 1993. 1 videodisc (107 min.). When the residents of an old house face eviction, a former theatrical stage manager devises an ingenious, if complicated, way for them all to leave without giving everything up. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5060.

La peau douce = The soft skin. 1964. 1 videodisc (117 min.). A celebrated literary scholar, seemingly happily married, embarks on an affair with a gorgeous stewardess, who is captivated by his charm and reputation. As their romance gets serious, the film grows anxious, leading to a wallop of a conclusion. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 12020.

La Vénus à la fourrure = Venus in Fur. 2013. 1 videodisc (95 min.). In a Parisian theatre after a day of auditioning actresses for the play he is preparing to direct, Thomas is distraught that none has what it takes to play the lead female character. He is getting ready to leave when Vanda appears: an unbridled and brazen whirlwind of energy. Vanda embodies everything Thomas hates. She is crude, idiotic, and will stop at nothing to get the part. But when Thomas finds himself backed into a corner and lets her try her luck, he is amazed to see Vanda transformed. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3354

Lancelot Link : secret chimp. 1970. 3 videodiscs (499 min.). Set includes seventeen episodes, music and videos from Evolution Revolution, and other bonus features. Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp; ruled the Saturday morning airwaves as an offbeat simian spy alternative to The Man From U.N.C.L.E, James Bond and Maxwell Smart. Originally airing on ABC from 1970, to 1972 and with a nod to the hit show Get Smart, this adventure/comedy film series featured a cast of chimpanzees seemingly interacting with human voices. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11917.

Last holiday. Essential art house. 1950  1 videodisc (89 min.). Told by his doctor he has no more than a few months to live, drab British workingman George Bird decides to spend his savings on lodging at a seaside resort. Once there, however, he finds his identity caught between upstairs and downstairs, the guest and the "help." HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11442.

Laurel & Hardy. 2005. 1 videodisc (ca. 152 min.). Three digitally remastered classics from Hal Roach Studios. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11708.

Laurence anyways. 2013. 1 videodisc (161 min.). In the ’90s, Laurence tells his girlfriend Fred that he wants to become a woman. In spite of the odds, they confront the prejudices of their friends, ignore the counsel of their families, and brave the phobias of the society they offend. For ten years, they try to live through this transition, and embark on an epic journey which, unbeknownst to them, may cost Fred and Laurence their love. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4030.

Le Mari de la coiffeuse = The Hairdresser’s husband. 1990.  1 videodisc (ca. 82 min.). Ever since he was a boy, Antoine has wanted to be the hairdresser’s husband, and when he marries a beautiful coiffeuse, the salon becomes their idyllic paradise. But how long can a perfect love last? HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11564.

Les chevaux de Dieu = Horses of God. 2012. 1 videodisc (115 min.). A fictional account of the lives of the men responsible for the suicide bombings in Casablanca in 2003. Ten year-old Yachine and his thirteen-year-old brother Hamid live in the slums. Hamid works hard to support his family, but eventually gets in with the wrong crowd and goes to prison. After years in jail, Hamid returns home an Islamic fundamentalist. He persuades Yachine and his pals to join him. Their spiritual leader trains them and one day he tells them they have been chosen to become martyrs. On May 16th 2003, they commit the deadliest act of terrorism in Morocco’s history. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11698.

Les maudits = The damned. Classics of French cinema. 1947. 1 videodisc (105 min.). In 1945, during the last days of the war, a submarine flees Oslo for South America with a group of Nazis and sympathizers onboard. A young French doctor is also taken aboard to care for a wounded passenger. Soon intrigues develop, hatreds spring up, and then mutiny erupts on the submarine. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 12027.

Let’s make love. The diamond collection. 1961. 1 videodisc (119 min.). Comedy about a wealthy bachelor who learns that he is to be parodied in an upcoming off-Broadway review. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11926.

Level 5. 1997. 1 videodisc (106 min.). A woman (Laura), a computer, an invisible interlocutor: such is the setup on which the show is built. She ’inherits’ a task: to finish writing a video game centered on the Battle of Okinawa - a tragedy practically unknown in the West, but whose development played a decisive role in the way World War II ended, as well as in postwar times and even the present. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11726

Life itself. 2014. 1 videodisc (120 min.). The legacy of Roger Ebert’s life, recounts the inspiring and entertaining life of the world-renowned film critic and social commentator, from his Pulitzer Prize-winning film criticism at the Chicago Sun-Times to becoming one of the most influential cultural voices in America. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11903.

Like someone in love. The Criterion collection  708. 2012. 1 DVD (109 min.). Over a period of two days, a young prostitute and a widower develop an unexpected connection. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11684.

Listen up Philip. 2014. 1 videodisc (approximately 109 min.). Anger rages in Philip as he awaits the publication of his second novel. He feels pushed out of his adopted home city by the constant crowds and noise, a deteriorating relationship with his photographer girlfriend Ashley, and his own indifference to promoting the novel. When Philip’s idol Ike Zimmerman offers his isolated summer home as a refuge, he finally gets the peace and quiet to focus on his favorite subject: himself. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11983.

Little Voice. 1998. 1 videodisc (97 min.). Painfully shy "little voice" can only express herself by singing in the voices of others, but once her mother’s sleazy boyfriend (Caine) overhears her incredible voice he’ll do anything to drag the recluse into the spotlight and make her a star. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6603

Loan shark : Arson, Inc.. Forgotten noir ; vol. 2. 1952 1 videodisc (140 minutes, 2 seconds). Loan shark (80 minutes): A tough ex-con is hired by a factory owner and a union leader to help smash a loan-sharking mob preying on their employees. Arson, Inc. (61 minutes): A Bureau of Fire Investigation agent goes under cover to confront a ruthless arson ring that has left a trail of bodies, burned out buildings with various and sundry carnage! HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5215.

Looking. The complete first season. 2015. 2 videodiscs (240 min.). The series revolves around three thirty-something friends living in San Francisco, who explore the exciting, sometimes overwhelming, options available to a new generation of gay men. Patrick is a 29-year-old video game designer, aspiring artist Agustn̕, 31, questions the idea of monogamy, and the group’s oldest member, longtime waiter Dom, 39, is facing middle age with dreams still unfulfilled. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11860.

Love is strange. 2014. 1 videodisc (approximately 95 minutes). After nearly four decades together, Ben and George finally tie the knot in an idyllic wedding ceremony in lower Manhattan. But when George loses his job, the couple must sell their apartment and temporarily live apart until they can find an affordable new home. George moves in with two cops who live down stairs while Ben lands in Brooklyn with his nephew, his wife, and their teenage son. While struggling with the pain of separation, they are challenged by the tensions and capricious family dynamics of their new living arrangements. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11689.

Lumumba. 2000. 1 streaming video file (115 min.). Dramatizes the life of Congolese revolutionary, Patrice Lumumba, who lead his country to independence from Belgium in 1960. He served, for less than a year, as the first elected prime minister until he was brutally assassinated. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 488 and Streaming video.

MacGyver. The complete first season. 1986. 6 videodiscs (1045 min.). MacGyver is a secret agent whose wits are his deadliest weapon. Always prepared for adventure, he carries everyday items like a Swiss Army Knife and duct tape to improvise his way out of peril. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11827.

Magic in the moonlight. 2014. 1 videodisc (approximately 97 min.). Set in the 1920s, Stanley, an Englishman posing as an Asian magician, attempts to debunk fake spiritualists. He then travels to the south of France to unmask a supposed medium named Sophie as a good-looking fake, but he ends up falling for her real-world charms instead. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11984.

Maidentrip. 2013. 1 videodisc (81 min.). Fourteen-year-old Laura Dekker sets out, camera in hand, on a two-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to be the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. In the wake of a year-long battle with Dutch authorities that sparked a global storm of media scrutiny, Laura now finds herself far from land, family and unwanted attention, exploring the world in search of freedom, adventure, and distant dreams of her early youth at sea. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11850.

Men in black ; Men in black II. 2002. 1 videodisc (186 min.). Two agents who keep an eye on aliens in New York City must try to save the world after the aliens threaten to blow it up. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11323.

Michael. 2012. 1 videodisc (96 min.). A seemingly meek insurance agent has a secret: he’s holding 10-year-old Wolfgang captive in a locked room in his basement. Chronicling a five-month period, the film creates a tense portrait of how the most mundane lives can mask the ugliest truth. With rich cinematic detail and unnerving insight, it’s a masterfully executed study of a monster. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7866.

Mr. Jealousy. 1999. 1 videodisc (100 min.). A jealous man (Stoltz) tries to find out his girlfriend’s past by posing as a patient in the therapy group sessions attended by one of her ex-lovers (Eigeman). HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3635.

Mr. Selfridge : the showman behind the retail empire. 2013. 3 videodiscs (480 min.). Emmy Award-winning actor Jeremy Piven stars as American entrepreneur and colorful retail magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge. Pioneering and reckless, with an almost manic energy, Harry Selfridge created a theater of retail for early 1900s Londoners where any topic or trend that was new, exciting, entertaining-or sometimes just eccentric-was showcased. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 14099.

Ms. 45. Drafthouse films no. 16. 1981  1 videodisc (80 min.). In Manhattan, a mute seamstress Thana, is a timid woman who works in the fashion industry and spends most of her time at home. One night, she is raped in an alley near her, and before she arrives at her house, she is raped a second time by another criminal. But this time, she reacts and kills her assaulter. Now a disturbed Thana loses her sanity and uses the rapist’s pistol to begin killing men on the streets of New York. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11429.

Mystery Science Theater 3000. 2009. 4 videodiscs (ca. 7 hr..). Makes fun of bad science fiction B movies from the comfort of a spaceship floating above earth. Joel Hodgson and Mike Nelson, along with their mechanical companions, wisecracking Crow and well-read chick magnet Tom Servo, make suffering through Hollywood’s worst films a breeze. Adding their own dialogue, barrage of witty remarks and an occasional colorful skit. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11749-11752.

Neil Simon’s Murder by death. 1976  1 videodisc (94 min.). An invitation to dinner and a murder is sent to five world famous detectives by Lionel Twain, an eccentric millionaire living in an isolated, gloomy estate in northern California. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11400.

Nobody lives forever. Film noir archive collection. 1946  1 videodisc (100 min.). "Jean Negulesco continues his classic run of forties film noirs with this tale of a con artist who falls for the mark he is trying to fleece. The great John Garfield commands the screen as grifter Nick Blake, who returns to New York after the war, only to find heartache and betrayal. Heading west, Nick hooks up with fellow con men Pop (Walter Brennan) and Doc (George Coulouris), who need a Romeo to sweep recently widowed Gladys Halvorsen (Geraldine Fitzgerald) off her feet and out of her sizable inheritance. But it’s Nick who starts falling, and now that he wants out of the scam, will that fall turn into a dive? Or will Gladys pay the price for Nick’s change of heart? Garfield is his usual astonishing self, but it’s Fitzgerald who proves a revelation, as she stabs at the heart of noir’s darkness by perfectly impersonating pure innocence. Faye Emerson plays the fatale, as Nick’s sultry ex."--Container. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9128.

Nocturne. 1946  1 videodisc (87 min.). Mystery surrounds the death of a womanizing composer named Vincent. Tough homicide detective Joe Warne believes Vincent’s death was no suicide -- he believes he was murdered, and has 10 beautiful suspects in the crime! Warne finds himself in deep trouble investigating the strangest, most dangerous case he’s ever worked on! If he’s not careful, he’s going to end up like Vincent! HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11392.

Nymphomaniac. Volume 1 and Volume 2. 2014. 2 videodiscs (117 min., 124 min.). Volume 1: Joe, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac is found beaten in the gutters. As a kind soul tries to nourish her back to health, Joe reveals her troubled past encounters, through erotic flashbacks of her youth that led her down this road to low self-esteem and self-worth. Volume 2: The story picks up with Joe’s adulthood, where her journey of self-discovery leads to darker complications, near destruction, reconciling her decisions to move on. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11474.

Odd man out. 1947. 2 videodiscs (116 min.). Taking place largely over the course of one tense night, Carol Reed’s psychological noir, set in an unnamed Belfast, stars James Mason as Johnny McQueen, a revolutionary ex-con leading a robbery that goes horribly wrong. Injured and hunted by the police, he seeks refuge throughout the city, while the woman he loves (Kathleen Ryan) searches for him among the shadows. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 12231.

Of mice and men. 1939  1 videodisc (106 min.). Tells the story about the strange relationship of two migrant workers who are able to realize their dreams of an easy life until one of them succumbs to his weakness for soft, helpless creatures and strangles the farmer’s wife. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5195.

Mona Lisa. 1986  1 videodisc (104 min.). An ex-convict, thug and a high-class call girl make for an unlikely and dangerous couple in Academy Award-winner Neil Jordan’s tale of frustrated love on the cruel streets of London’s underworld. Features trailer. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2802.

Okt’appang wangseja = Rooftop prince. 2012. 5 videodiscs (ca. 1200 min.). "When Crown Prince Lee Gak is transported 300 years into the future to present day Seoul along with his three retainers, they believe that it is their duty to solve the murder case of the Crown Princess in order to return to Joseon."—DramaWiki HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11453.

Ole Olsen & Chic Johnson collection. Classic TV series. 2012. 1 videodisc (1 hr., 57 min.). Contains a 1951 episode of the television program All Star Revue, hosted by Olsen & Johson, and a 1956 episode of the Milton Berle Show celebrating Olsen & Johnson’s 25th anniversary in show business with a special tribute to their play Helzapoppin. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11837.

Olive Kitteridge. 2015. 2 videodiscs (approximately 240 minutes). The four-part drama that tells the story of a seemingly placid New England town that is actually wrought with illicit affairs, crime and tragedy, all told through the lens of Olive, whose wicked wit and harsh demeanor mask a warm but troubled heart and staunch moral center. The story spans 25 years and focuses on Olive’s relationships with her husband, Henry, the good-hearted and kindly town pharmacist; their son, Christopher, who resents his mother’s approach to parenting; and other members of their community. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11836.

Omar. 2014. 1 videodisc (98 minutes). Omar is accustomed to dodging surveillance bullets to cross the separation wall to visit his secret love Nadia. But occupied Palestine knows neither simple love nor clear-cut war. When Omar is captured after a deadly act of resistance, he falls into a cat-and-mouse game with the military police. Suspicion and betrayal jeopardize his longtime trust with his childhood friends, but it’s soon evident that everything he does is for his love of Nadia. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2803.

On the job. 2013. 1 videodisc (116 min.). "When a prominent drug dealer is murdered, Sergeant Acosta (Joey Marquez) and Federal agent Francis (Piolo Pascual) lead the investigation, but the trail goes immediately cold. What they discover is a conspiracy of massive scale: the killers (Joel Torre and Gerald Anderson) are inmates, temporarily released from jail as assassins before returning to incarceration. Prison. The last place a cop would look. A perfect cover-up"--Container. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11839.

Osōshiki = The funeral. 1986. 1 videodisc (124 min.). An old man’s unexpected death creates hilarious havoc with his family. The traditional three-day undertaking becomes a sly comedy of manners as the younger generation struggles with the complex rituals of the Buddhist ceremony. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11838.

Out of the blue. 2007. 1 videodisc (155 min.). This award-winning documentary reveals, through exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel, that some UFOs could be of extraterrestrial origin. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11320.

Party girl. Warner archive collection. 1958  1 videodisc (99 min.). A mob lawyer has a professional crisis of conscience after he begins a romantic relationship with a naive showgirl. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3640.

Phantom lady. 1944  1 videodisc (87 min.). An unhappily married man spends the evening on a no-names basis with a woman he picks up at a bar. He later returns home, only to find the police in possession and his wife strangled. Every effort to establish his alibi fails; oddly, no one seems to remember seeing the phantom lady. In prison, the man gives up hope, but his secretary (secretly in love with him) doggedly follows evanescent clues through shadowy nocturnal streets. Will she be able to clear her employer in time? HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7615.

Planet of the Vampires. 1965. 1 videodisc (88 min.). A band of space travelers has just intercepted a distress call from a distant world. Is it a desperate cry for help or something far more sinister? After landing on the shadowy planet, the crew begins to turn on each other, influenced by a horde of disembodied aliens. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11924

Portland exposé : They were so young. Forgotten noir ; vol. 1. 1957  1 videodisc (149 minutes, 45 seconds). Portland exposé (72 min.): " ... the story concentrates on an honest tavern owner named George Madison (Edward Binns) who is involuntarily sucked into the city’s rotten-to-the-core political machine. When Madison refuses to allow his establishment to serve as the gathering place for hoods and delinquents, the powers-that-be threaten to harm his family. Only after his daughter is attacked by a syndicate flunkey does Madison decide to fight back. At great personal risk, he manages to tape-record damning evidence against Portland’s ’untouchable’ criminal kingpin (Russ Conway)"--ClassicFlix website. They were so young (78 min.): "Innocent young Johanna Metz is hired for a modelling job in South America. Upon her arrival, she finds herself broke, stranded and at the beck and call of a criminal gang. Escaping from the crooks, Johanna is rescued by Scott Brady, an engineer in the employ of tycoon Raymond Burr. Unfortunately, Burr turns out to be the leader of the gang from whom Johanna has escaped"--ClassicFlix website. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5214.

Portrait of Jason. Milestone Cinematheque. Project Shirley ; volume 2. 1967. 1 videodisc (ca. 108 min.). This portrait of Jason Holliday, a black gay prostitute who dreams of a career as a nightclub performer, is drawn from twelve consecutive hours of filming in a New York City apartment.                As he reminisces about his life, Holliday discusses his homosexuality and the gay subcultures in San Francisco and New York. He jokes with the off-screen filmmaker and crew and maintains a sense of humor even as he recalls hustling, heroin addiction, and jail time. Holliday also performs for the camera, impersonating female entertainers and movie personalities such as Mae West, Butterfly McQueen, and Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the wind. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11677.

Prime Suspect: The Complete Collection. Originally broadcast 1991 – 2006. 9 videodiscs (ca. 1500 min.). Tenacious, driven, and deeply flawed, Detective Jane Tennison rises through the ranks of Britain’s Metropolitan Police, solving horrific crimes while battling office sexism and her own demons. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 12031 – 12037

Private hell 36. 1954  1 videodisc (NTSC, 81 min.). Two police detectives and a nightclub singer plot to keep a box of stolen money with tragic results. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6414.

Przypadek = Blind chance. The Films of Krzysztof Kieślowski. 1987. 1 videodisc (ca. 114 min.). Facing an unclear future, Witek, an earnest young Polish medical student, chooses to put his education on hold. What happens next spawns into three successive scenarios depending on whether Witek catches or misses his train--giving him three different futures. Whether as an idealistic Communist Party member, an ambivalent dissident or a devoted healer and husband, the young Pole’s destiny is shaped by a troubled present poised to engulf him. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11995.

Quién mató a la llamita blanca? = Who killed the white llama? 2006. 1 videodisc (111 min.). "In the snowy mountains of Bolivia, in the highest city in the world, an infamous Indian crime duo known as "Los Tortolitos" agrees to transport 50 kilograms of cocaine to the Brazilian Amazon for a shadowy figure named "El Negro." The couple’s journey takes them through deserts, valleys, and cities and into the heart of Bolivia, a world rich in color, music, and joy on the one hand and poverty, corruption, and racial marginalization on the other... Bellott charges into his story with all the unhinged exuberance of a first-time filmmaker, employing a small arsenal of clever camera tricks and effects to keep the energy up, while following a huge cast of characters as their paths cross one by one. Equal parts road movie, crime drama, and social critique."--Austin Chronicle. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11923

Quo vadis. 1951  2 videodiscs (174 min.). Returning to Rome after 3 years in the field, General Marcus Vinicius meets and falls in love with the devout Christian, Lygia. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with the warrior. Though Lygia grew up Roman, and as the adopted daughter of a retired general, Lygia is technically a hostage of Rome. Marcus gets Emperor Nero to give her to him for services rendered. Lygia is not happy about this situation, but she falls in love with Marcus anyway. Meanwhile, Nero’s atrocities get more outrageous. When he burns Rome and blames the Christians, Marcus goes off to save Lygia and her family. Nero captures them and all other Christians. He decides to make a sport of it by throwing them to the lions. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11439.

Reaching for the moon. 2014. 1 videodisc (114 min.). Based on the true love story of Elizabeth Bishop and Lota de Macedo Soares.This English-language 1950s period piece recounts the years of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Elizabeth Bishop when she left America to live and write in Rio de Janiero, where she would fall in love with well-off architect Lota de Macedo Soares. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11435.

Red garters. WB archive collection. 1954. 1 videodisc (90 min.). Vivacious Rosemary Clooney heads up a gaggle of high-kicking, red-gartered girls at the Red Dog Saloon in this amusingly tuneful spoof of the Western film. Rosie plays Calaveras Kate, a saloon owner who has her eye on the town’s big shot. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11900.

Red River. 1948  4 videodiscs (127 min.). "An embittered, tyrannical Texas rancher[’s] tensions with his independent-minded adopted son ... reach epic proportions during a cattle drive to Missouri"--Container. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD & BLU 1718.

Relatos salvajes = Wild tales. 2014. 1 videodisc (125 min.). Vulnerable in the face of a reality that shifts and suddenly turns unpredictable, the characters cross the thin line that divides civilization and barbarism. A lover’s betrayal, a return to the repressed past and the violence woven into everyday encounters drive the characters to madness as they cede to the undeniable pleasure of losing control. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 12261.

Ride the pink horse. 1947. 1 videodisc (101 min.). A striking crime drama based on a novel by Dorothy B. Hughes. A tough-talking former GI who comes to a small New Mexico town to shake down a gangster who killed his best friend; things quickly turn nasty. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11996.

Riot in cell block 11. 1954. 1 videodisc (80 min.). A sensational and high-octane but economically constructed drama set in a maximum-security penitentiary. Shot on location at Folsom State Prison, with real inmates and guards as extras. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 78.

Robot stories. 2004. 1 videodisc (ca. 85 min.). "My robot baby": A busy couple is challenged to nurture a mechanical infant before they can have the real thing. "The robot fixer": A mother is transformed while trying to connect with her comotose son. "Robot love": Android iPerson Archie questions whether romance can flower between synthetic hearts. "Clay": A sculptor in the lonely twilight of his life must weigh the ethical and spiritual risks of digital immortality. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6405.

Roseanne. The complete ninth season. 2013. 3 videodiscs (552 min.). The Conners are a working-class family in Illinois struggling with life’s essential problems: marriage, children, money and in-laws. In this final season, the Conners win the lottery, Roseanne battles terrorists, Dan ponders the meaning of life, Jackie meets her prince, DJ finds love and Darlene gives birth. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 14279.

Ruthless. 1948  1 videodisc (105 min.). Multi-millionaire Horace Woodruff Vendig shows himself to the world as an ambitious philanthropist, but that’s far from the case. Even as a young man he starts to exhibit an obsessive and selfish urge to make more and more money, loving and leaving women at will to further this end. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2807.

Safe. 1995. 2 videodiscs (119 min.). Carol White is an L.A. housewife in the late 1980s who comes down with a debilitating illness. After the doctors she sees can give her no clear diagnosis, she comes to believe that she has frighteningly extreme environmental allergies. A prescient commentary on self-help culture, as a metaphor for the AIDS crisis, as a drama about class and social estrangement, and as a horror film about what cannot be seen. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 691.

Saving Mr. Banks. Disney DVD. 2014. 1 videodisc (approximately 125 min.). When P.L. Travers travels from London to Hollywood in 1961 to finally discuss Walt Disney’s desire to bring her beloved character Mary Poppins to the motion picture screen (a quest he began in the 1940s as a promise to his two daughters), Disney meets a prim, uncompromising sexagenarian not only suspect of the impresario’s concept for the film, but a woman struggling with her own past. During her stay in California, Travers’ reflects back on her difficult childhood in 1906 Australia. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11398.

Scanners. 1981 2 videodiscs (103 min.). After a man with extraordinary, and frighteningly destructive, telepathic abilities is nabbed by agents from a mysterious rogue corporation, he discovers he is far from the only possessor of such strange powers, and that some of the other "scanners" have their minds set on world domination, while others are trying to stop them. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 10759.

SCTV. Volume 2. 1982. 5 videodiscs (ca. 680 min.). Volume 2 picks up where the first volume left off, presenting nine more 90-minute shows from SCTV’s memorable fourth season. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 14297.

SCTV. Volume 3. 1982. 5 videodiscs (12 hr.). HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 14298.

SCTV. Volume 4. 1983. 6 videodiscs (ca. 14 hr.). Presents twelve episodes from SCTV’s fifth season which aired between November 1982 to March 1983. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 14299.

Shadow man : Shoot to kill. Forgotten noir ; vol.3. 1953  1 videodisc (147 minutes, 33 seconds). Shadow man (84 minutes): Cesar Romero plays Luigi, a casino owner whose former girlfriend is murdered. Not surprisingly, suspicion falls upon Luigi. Also not surprisingly, he decides to circumvent the law by bringing in the killer himself. One of the incidental pleasures of Shadow Man is the presence of the delectable Kay Kendall, on the threshold of her screen fame. Shoot to kill (63 minutes): A gangster is framed by a crooked DA so the gangster’s wife secures a job as the DA’s assistant, the better to find the proof of the DA’s dishonesty. She gets help from a reporter who falls in love with her. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5216.

Shakespeare uncovered. Series 2 : the stories behind the bard’s greatest plays.2014. 2 videodiscs (360 min.). Six episodes combine history, biography, iconic performances, new analysis and the personal passion of its celebrated hosts, to tell the story behind the stories of Shakespeare₂s greatest plays. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11857.

Shock. Fox film noir 1946.  1 videodisc (ca. 70 min.). A young woman goes into a coma after witnessing her neighbor being killed. When she finally comes to, she realizes that the psychiatrist treating her is actually the killer. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6411.

Show people. WB Home Entertainment Group archive collection. 1928. 1 videodisc (79 min.). Peggy Pepper, a Georgia girl who wants to be a dramatic actress, goes to Hollywood and at first can find work only as a patsy for Billy Boone in slapstick comedies. Billy, however, soon helps Peggy to become both a serious actress and a star. Fame and wealth go to Peggy’s head; she becomes vain and snubs Billy in favor of André, her romantic leading man. Peggy eventually comes down to earth, however, and acknowledges her love for the patient Billy. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6624.

Silicon Valley. The complete first season. 2015.                2 videodiscs (240 min.). In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. A comedy partially inspired by Mike Judge’s own experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the late 1980s. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 14295.

Siu lam juk kau = Shaolin soccer. 2001. 1 videodisc (ca. 112 min.). A Shaolin Kung Fu expert unites with a washed up soccer star to build the ultimate team, combining sportsmanship with martial arts. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11476.

Stranger on the third floor. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group archive collection. 1940/2010. 1 videodisc (63 min.). A reporter provides eyewitness testimony that helps sentence a small-time loser to the electric chair for murder. When the reporter himself is fingered in a second murder, he realizes both crimes are the work of a furtive stranger - but will anyone believe him? HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6404.

Super fly. 1972.  1 videodisc (95 min.). Priest is a cocaine dealer who is just smart enough to know that there’s no real future in dealing coke, and makes a proposal to his partner Eddie that would leave them with a million dollar profit each. But Scatter, the dealer who set Priest up in the cocaine trade, is both unwilling and unable to sell them that much product. As Priest looks for a new source for his big score, one of his underlings, Fat Freddie, is picked up by the police. Freddie tells the cops about Priest’s underground empire. Priest is confronted by corrupt cops who want to become his partner. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11545.