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Filmography - New Acquisitions: May 2014 - July 2015: Government

These are select lists from the DVDs purchased by Media Services in the last year.

Government - New acquisitions May 2014 - July 2015

Media Services is continually adding DVDs and streaming videos to the library collection. This is a snapshot of some of the titles purchased in the last year under various subject areas.

Older, more complete filmographies for these topics can be found on the filmographies index page. Because it takes time to research and compile full filmographies, they may not contain the most recent titles acquired by the library. The library catalog always has an up to date listing of all Media Services items.

This is a selective list of video holdings in the American University Library. Filmographies are created by doing multiple keyword searches in the ALADIN catalog to capture as many titles on a topic as possible.  All DVDs listed below are located in Media Services on the Lower Level of Bender Library. To search the library’s complete videos holdings (including streaming videos) search the library catalog at:


May 2014 - July 2015 Additions


Citizen Koch. 2013. 1 videodisc (86 min.). In this searing expose on the state of democracy in America and the fracturing of the Republican Party, directors Carl Deal and Tia Lessin follow the money behind the rise of the Tea Party. Alternately terrifying and funny, documentary is an essential and powerful portrait of our political times. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11534.

House of cards. The complete first season. 2013. 4 videodiscs (ca. 674 min.). Season one of the Netflix original series House of Cards. Frank Underwood is a cunning career politician. Zoe Barnes is an ambitious young journalist. Together they forge a partnership that trades powerful secrets for political access, and so much more. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 14349.

Moneyocracy : the rise of the united corporations of America. 2012. 1 videodisc (53 min., 48 sec.). "Focuses on the rise of Super PACs and their affiliated secret organizations -- the 501(c)(4)s -- and documents how these organizations influenced the political debate and American voters during the 2012 presidential campaign and beyond through political advertising"--Container. DVD 2805.

Pay 2 play : Democracy’s high stakes. 2014. 1 videodisc (89 min.). If our political system is like a game of Monopoly, how can outsiders have a voice when only money speaks? John Ennis documents comical corruption, follows political newcomers, and uncovers intrigue in this colorful journey that connects the dots of Big Money in our ever-challenging election process. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11630.

Torture made in USA. 2010. 1 videodisc (approximately 87 min.). Looks at the George W. Bush Administration’s implementation of torture as a means of improving national security and prosecuting the War on Terror, and raises the question as to whether or not charges of war crimes could be issued by an international court. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6422.

United States of secrets. 2014. 1 videodisc (180 min.). Frontline investigates the secret history of the unprecedented surveillance program that began in the wake of September 11th and continues today. As big technology companies encouraged users to share more and more information about their lives, they created a trove of data that could be useful not simply to advertisers, but also to the government. The revelations of NSA contractor Edward Snowden would push Silicon Valley into the center of a debate over privacy and government surveillance. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 11517.

Veep. The complete first season. 2012. 2 videodiscs (268 min.). Former Senator Selina Meyer was a charismatic leader and a rising star in her party with her eye on the White House, then she became Vice President. VEEP follows the whirlwind day-to day existence of Vice President Meyer as she puts out political fires, juggles a busy public schedule and demanding private life, and defends the President’s interests, even as she tries to improve her dysfunctional relationship with the Chief Executive. HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5977.