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Creating a Stand-alone Bibliography

If you would like to create a stand-alone bibliography from your EndNote library:

  • from within EndNote, select the citation style 
  • highlight the references you would like to include
  • select Edit>Copy Formatted 
  • paste into a Word document 

For a slightly different method, please see this short video

Adding a Reference to the Bibliography without Citing It In the Text

1) In a blank area at the end of your paper, insert the un-cited citations

2) In Word, click on Edit and Manage Citations 

3) For the un-cited citations, highlight them one at a time and change tab in lower box to Edit Citation

4) From the Formatting drop-down menu, select Show Only in Bibliography  

The End of EndNote Desktop

**As a result of AU's current financial situation and after careful consideration of usage, we are canceling our subscription to EndNote Desktop and it will no longer be valid as of May 14, 2021. After that date, no use of the software as provided by American University is permitted.** For more information, see The End of EndNote Desktop

The library support team is ready to assist faculty members and students in learning about other citations management programs, such as EndNote Basic, Mendeley, or Zotero. These are often considered to be easier to use than EndNote Desktop, and they have the capabilities that most EndNote Desktop users require. In addition, by using a free program, students will be able to access their citations after they graduate.

EndNote with Word, Pages, or Google Docs

EndNote is designed to be used with MS Word and this is the most straight forward option. EndNote can be used with Pages by downloading the Pages EndNote Plug-in found here. EndNote can be made to work with Google Docs using a drag and drop or copy and paste method but the citations will be unformatted and the document will need to be downloaded in rich text format (RTF) and formatted using EndNote. Here is a video on how to do that.

Writing your Paper in Word

When you download EndNote to a computer, it automatically installs an EndNote toolbar in Word. This program is called Cite While you Write (CWYW). The location of this toolbar can vary, usually depending on the version of Word you are using.

For PCs, it is usually a separate tab near the top of Word:

For Macs, it is usually located under Tools, EndNote

From this toolbar, you can search your EndNote library by author, title, or keyword to find citations, insert the selected citations in-text (which will also automatically create endnotes or a bibliography, depending on the style), change styles, and edit the in-text citations.

Please note that the information that appears in the in-text citations and at the end of your document is dictated by your selected style.

If you have installed EndNote and CANNOT SEE your toolbar, please see EndNote's FAQs on this topic.


Using Endnote with Microsoft Word