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How to use to PDFs to create EndNote References

Note: Not all PDFs have the metadata needed for this to work. EndNote can extract the reference information using its Digital Object Identifier (DOI). If the DOI is not present the PDF will be imported, but you will need to do extensive editing of the reference information.

  1. If using Windows, click on File, Import, then click on File... or Folder... depending on whether you wish to import a single PDF or a folder of PDFs. Select the individual file or folder, set Import Option to PDF, and click on Import.

  1. If using a Macintosh, click on File, Import, select the file or folder you wish to import, set Import Option to "PDF File or Folder", and click on Import.

The references for these PDFs appear in your library, and each has its PDF attached. Note that if a PDF was not created in a format that allows EndNote to distinguish between the different elements of the citation (eg if it was a scan, or an older pdf) then the reference created will have mostly empty fields that you will need to fill in using data from the attached file.