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Filmography - GLBTA Update - 2009-2017 additions (including feature films): Home

New titles available on DVD and streaming video as of January 2018.

GLBTA Update - 2009-2017 additions (including feature films)

Titles available on DVD and streaming video as of January 2018.

Most streaming videos listed are available exclusively to AU students, staff and faculty after an online authentication by AU username and password.

This is a compilation of titles added to the collection between 2009 and 2017. Also see the original GLBTA filmography and the GLBTA feature film filmography.

This is a selective list of video holdings in the American University Library. Filmographies are created by doing multiple keyword searches in the online catalog to capture as many titles on a topic as possible.  All DVDs listed below are located in Media Services on the Lower Level of Bender Library. To search the library’s complete videos holdings on GLBTA topics keyword searches in the library catalog will be necessary:



Agassi = The handmaiden. 1 videodisc (145 min.).  A Korean woman who is hired as handmaiden to a young Japanese lady is secretly plotting with a conman to defraud her of her large inheritance.  Feature film. DVD 13860

Africa's last taboo.  2010, 1 videodisc (49 min.).  Sorious Samura investigates what it is like to be a gay person in Africa and discovers shocking levels of prejudice and hate, driven by governments, religious organizations and communities. He discovers that AIDS is spreading at an alarming rate amongst gay men in Africa who are not being given vital sex education and health care by governments that are opposed to homosexuality. DVD 10619 and Streaming video.;1858284

Another country. 2013, 1 videodisc (90 min.).  An elderly, exiled British spy remembers his days at an English boarding school in the 1930s. In school, he fell in love with a male classmate, explored his homosexuality, and was exposed to Marxist ideas, both contributing to his activities as a spy. Based on the life of former Cambridge spy Guy Burgess. DVD 13167 

Antigay Hate Crimes. 1 streaming video file (45 min.).  Featuring interviews with experts who describe why crimes against gays have reached such a boiling point, this edition of Investigative Reports takes a discerning look at an escalating issue in American society. Streaming video. 

Aravani Girl: India's Gender Conflicts. 1 streaming video file (53 min.).  Sixteen-year-olds Palani and Karthik want to become "ladyboys." They're bullied in school and beaten by their families. Their parents would like to see them grow up as normal boys, but they're falling into the world of the Aravanis dance troupe. Loved as dance performers but hated as homosexuals, they symbolize the inner conflicts of India's gender culture today. "I felt like a girl when I was seven years old," says Karthik. "Now I find there are many like me!" "I don't want to live a bad life," says Palani, who understands the social exclusion he faces, "I worry about my future." Here is a powerful story of the loss of innocence in a culture struggling to come to terms with homosexuality. Streaming video. 

Ask not. 2009, 1 videodisc (73 min.).  "Explores the effects of the US military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy on gay and lesbian soldiers and service members. The film exposes the tangled political battles that led to the discriminatory law and examines the societal shifts that have occurred since its passage in 1993. Current and veteran gay soldiers reveal how DADT affects them during their tours of duty, as they struggle to maintain a double life, uncertain of whom they can trust. The film also explores how gay veterans and youth organizers are turning to forms of personal activism to overturn the policy. From a national speaking tour of conservative universities to protests at military recruitment offices, these public events question how the U.S. military can claim to represent democracy and freedom while denying one segment of the population the right to serve"-- DVD 7995 and Streaming video. 

Assume nothing. 1 streaming video file (80 min.).  Artistic expression of alternatively gendered people's lives reveals a captivating world where gender cannot be defined as simply male or female. This program features New Zealand photographer Rebecca Swan and her images for Assume Nothing, a book that explores the beauty and complexity of gender identity. Four of Swan's subjects speak candidly about their own gender identities and experiences, focusing on their creative expression as artists: Mani, born an intersex child who was raised as a girl by her parents from a very young age; Ema, a Maori woman who identifies strongly with elements of both the female and male genders; Jack, a transgender poet who underwent surgery to transition physically from female to male; and Shigeyuki, an internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist who is a Samoan-Japanese Fa'a fafine, who was born in a man's body but blessed with the spirit of a woman (and a man) Contains explicit language and imagery. Streaming video.

Ayinah ha-yi rubiru.  2012, 1 videodisc (c. 102 min.).  "Rana has chosen a path in order to support her family, while Adineh (Eddie) has fled his home and city to escape his complicated situation as a transsexual man prevented from living as his true self by his family. They find themselves on the same journey and caused to know each other in a better way."--From IMDB listing.  Feature film. DVD 11365

Becoming me: gender within. 1 streaming video file (40 min.).  What ultimately determines a person's gender? Is it chromosomes, hormones, genitals, or an innate sense of self? In this Telly Award-winning program, five transgendered individuals between the ages of 20 and 50 speak openly about what it has meant to them to be transgendered-their first experiences of gender confusion, life after coming out, family responses, and more. Advice for others who may be questioning their own gender is provided, and the process of sexual reassignment surgery is addressed. Contains clinically explicit language. An expanded version of Becoming Me: The Gender Within with graphic operating room footage of male-to-female and female-to-male SRS performed by Dr. Marci Bowers included on DVD only. Streaming video.

Beginners. 2011, 1 videodisc (1 hr., 44 min.).  A young man is rocked by two announcements from his elderly father: that he has terminal cancer, and that he has a young male lover.  Feature film. DVD 2886

Behind the candelabra. 2013, 1 videodisc (118 min.).  Drama recreating the glittering private world of Liberace, the flamboyant, phenomenally successful entertainer whose extravagant costumes, trademark candelabra, and elaborate stage shows made him the most bankable entertainer of his time. Feature film. DVD 6479

Bisexual virgins: Crossing the line. 1 streaming video file (48 min.).  Bisexual Virgins follows two small town young women, Tina and Samantha, who are unsure about their sexual identity but want to explore the possibility that they may be bisexual. 'Bi-curious' might be a more accurate description of their state of mind at the start of this provocative film, which follows them as they confront their fears and inhibitions, and begin to explore Toronto's active bisexual scene. Streaming video.

Black womyn: Conversations with lesbians of African descent. 2011, 1 videodisc (90 min.).  A documentary film focusing on the lives and views of lesbians of African descent from various backgrounds. Interviews were conducted with close to 50 out black lesbians including Cheryl Clarke, Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Staceyann Chin, Michelle Parkerson, KIN (IQ & NOR), and Fiona Zedde. DVD 9115

Blue is the warmest color. 1 videodisc (179 minutes). The colorful, electrifying romance that took the Cannes Film Festival by storm courageously dives into a young woman's experiences of first love and sexual awakening. Blue is the Warmest Color stars the remarkable newcomer Adèle Exarchopoulos as a high schooler who, much to her own surprise, plunges into a thrilling relationship with a female twentysomething art student, played by Léa Seydoux. Directed by Adbellatif Kechiche, this finely detailed, intimate epic sensitively renders the erotic abandon of youth. It has captivated international audiences and been widely embraced as a defining love story for the new century. Feature film. DVD 11180

La bocca del lupo = The wolf's mouth. 2010, 1 videodisc (76 min.).  A touching tale of an enduring love found in the most improbable of places, Pietro Marcello's award-winning docufiction hybrid charts the life and relationship of Enzo and Mary, a couple living in the slums of the Italian city of Genoa. The unlikely romance begins in prison, where Enzo, a macho hardman serving a long stretch for shooting a police officer, meets Mary Monaco, a transsexual inmate serving time for prostitution, who works in the laundry repairing clothes. Falling for each other very quickly, Mary promises to wait for Enzo once she gets out of prison. When she is released, Mary finds a home for them to share, but in the meantime, she becomes addicted to heroin. DVD 10524

Bones of contention.  1 streaming video file (75 min.).  Lining the roads of Spain, masked by miles and miles of pine trees, are unmarked graves in which over a hundred twenty thousand victims of the Franco regime are buried. Among them is Spain's most famous poet, Federico García Lorca, who has become the symbol for both the historical memory and LGBT movements. The film explores the examined history of LGBT oppression during Spain's fascist regime, and places it within the larger human rights struggle to find some justice for Franco's victims. But how does a country excavate a past that is actively suppressed? Streaming video.

Born this way: Gay and lesbian in Cameroon. 1 videodisc (55 min.).  "There are more arrests for homosexuality in Cameroon than any other country in the world. With intimate access to the lives of four young gay Cameroonians, Born This Way steps outside the genre of activist filmmaking and offers a vivid and poetic portrait of day-to-day life in modern Africa. Lyrical imagery, devastating homophobia, the influence of western culture and a hidden-camera courtroom drama mysteriously coalesce into a story of what is possible in the global fight for equality."-- Unedited summary from the film's website. DVD 12318 

Breaking through. 1 online resource (84 minutes).  A documentary on confronting the demons that stand in the way of living life fully, told by those who ran openly LGBT campaigns - and won. Openly LGBT elected officials tell their stories of self-doubt and triumph. Streaming video.;3253545 

Bridegroom. 1 videodisc (82 min.).  Shane Bitney Crone's plans to marry Tom Bridegroom in California after the same-sex marriage law is passed takes a tragic turn when his partner of six years is killed and his family refuses him from attending the funeral. DVD 11100 

Bullied. 2010, 1 videodisc (48 min.).  This film tells the story of Jamie Nabozny, a gay student who endured relentless bullying in both middle and high school despite seeking help from school administrators. Jamie fought back, not with his fists but in a courtroom. His historic federal case established that gay and lesbian students have a constitutional right to be free from harassment and bullying. Why is a film on anti-gay bullying necessary? Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) are still subject to physical and verbal harassment or isolation, educators are wary of raising issues relating to sexual orientation or gender identity because the subject is seen as politically or religiously charged. Until school personnel understand that, unless all students feel safe, the school is not providing the best environment in which to learn, they risk sending the message that some bullying is acceptable. DVD 12351 

Call me Kuchu. 2013, 1 videodisc (86 min.).  In Uganda, a new bill threatens to make homosexuality punishable by death. David Kato, Uganda's first openly gay man, and retired Anglican Bishop Christopher Senyonjo work against the clock to defeat state-sanctioned homophobia. But one year into filming and just three weeks after a landmark legal victory, David is brutally murdered. This depicts the last year in the life of a courageous man whose wisdom, achievements and memory has inspired a new generation of human rights advocates. DVD 9019 

Call me Malcolm. 2010, 1 videodisc (90 min.).  Documents Malcolm's final year of seminary after transgender surgery. He is unemployed, uncertain about his future as a minister, unrecognized as 'Malcolm' by his parents, and without a love in his life. He leaves the safe environment of seminary and sets out on a road trip where viewers will see one man's struggle with faith, love, and gender identity. Includes a study guide. DVD 9335 

Campaign of hate: Russia and gay propaganda. 1 online resource (79 minutes).  Lucas returns to his native country with co-director Scott Stern to shine a light on the truth of LGBT men and women in Russia and their ever-increasing prosecution. DVD 11411 and Streaming video.;3253547

Carol. 1 videodisc (118 minutes).  Two women from very different backgrounds find themselves in an unexpected love affair in 1950s New York. As conventional norms of the time challenge their undeniable attraction, an honest story emerges to reveal the resilience of the heart in the face of change. A young woman in her twenties, Therese is a clerk working in a Manhattan department store and dreaming of a more fulfilling life when she meets Carol, an alluring woman trapped in a loveless, convenient marriage. Feature film. DVD 13123

CenterLink the community of LGBT centers . 2012, 1 videodisc (17 min.).   

Chely Wright: Wish me away. 2012, 1 videodisc ( 96 min.).  Over a three-year period, filmmakers Bobbie Birleffi and Beverly Kopf followed Chely's struggle - some of which was recorded on private video diaries - and her unfolding plan to come out publicly. Using interviews with Chely, her family, key players in Nashville and her management team, the film goes deep into Chely's back story as an established country music star and then forward in verite scenes as she prepares to step into the media glare to reveal that she is gay. Finally, the film chronicles the aftermath of that decision in Nashville, her hometown and within the LGBT community. DVD 5553 and Streaming video. 

Chun feng chen zui de ye wan = Spring fever. 2010. 1 videodisc (107 min.). Wang Ping's wife suspects him of adultery. She hires Luo Haitao to spy on him and discovers that her husband's lover is a man, Jiang Cheng. It's with this man that Luo Haitao and his girlfriend, Li Jing, form a torrid love triangle. For all three, it's the beginning of asphyxiating, sultry nights of physical abandon that exalt the senses. A sulfurous journey into the confines of jealousy and obsessive love. Feature film. On order 1/12/2018. Check catalog for call number.

A Church Divided: Methodists Clash Over Gay Marriage. 1 online resource (1 video file (7 min., 44 sec.)).  Former Methodist minister Frank Schaefer discusses the division within the United Methodist Church (UMC) over the issue of homosexuality. Schaefer was stripped of his clerical credentials in December 2013 after a 13-member jury of pastors found him guilty of disobeying church law. The UMC Book of Discipline, which contains the church's laws and doctrines, forbids celebrations of same-sex marriages and asserts that the practice of homosexuality is "incompatible with Christian teaching." Schaefer is now an outspoken activist working to change Methodist policy on gay marriage. This movement within the UMC prompts the question: How do voluntary, private organizations change-or refuse to change- policies about matters that are central to their missions? Streaming video. 

Cloudburst. 1 videodisc (93 min.).  Stella and Dot have been together for 31 years and have faithfully accompanied one another through life's ups and downs. Now in their seventies, Stella is hard of hearing and Dot is legally blind. Dotty's prudish granddaughter, Molly, decides the best place for Dot is a nursing home that will provide all the necessities. This forces Stella and Dot to make a bold decision: they will leave their hometown in Maine and make their way to Canada, where same-sex marriage is legal. DVD 13750 

Coming Out of the Nkuta. 1 online resource (1 video file (51 min., 49 sec.)).  Or "Coming out of the Closet" as it means in Cameroon, is a criminal offence for the country’s homosexuals. But Alice, a bold and intrepid lawyer, is standing alone against a wall of vitriol to defend them. Rejected by their families and imprisoned by their government, the brave individuals that Alice defends can only lead half lives in their own country. This heartbreaking documentary exposes their desperate plight and search for acceptance. Streaming video. 

Conceiving Family: Stories of Gay and Lesbian Adoption. 1 streaming video file (50 min.).  Following filmmaker Amy Bohigian and her partner as they adopt 15-month-old twins, this program highlights the legal, social, and personal difficulties that accompany the rewards of parenthood when gays and lesbians start families through adoption. Required to live with the twins' foster parents for two weeks to help the children transition, Bohigian and the other adults are forced to work out their different attitudes towards same-sex parenting, with surprising results. Also profiled: long-term partners fighting to both be legitimized as legal parents, a birth family with second thoughts about giving their child to a same-sex couple, lesbian foster parents grappling with the return of a baby to her native community, and two men daunted by the cost of surrogacy. Streaming video. 

Contracorriente = Undertow. 2011, 1 videodisc (100 min.).  Miguel, a respected Peruvian fisherman, is expecting his first child with his beautiful wife, Mariela. However, their peaceful existence is threatened by Miguel's love for Santiago, a visiting artist whose presence is viewed as a threat by the villagers. When a fatal accident befalls the community, Miguel is faced with hiding his true feelings or coming to terms with who he is and risk losing everything, including those he loves.  Feature film. DVD 8696

Cure for Love. 1 streaming video file (59 min.).  There's a bride, a groom, and the usual happy crowd of well-wishers. But this is no ordinary wedding. Ana and Brian are ex-gays - adherents to a controversial evangelical movement that purports to convert gay people into heterosexuals. Cure for Love goes inside the unusual Christian subculture and follows the lives of several young people whose homosexuality is at odds with their religious beliefs, using their moving testimonies to fashion a nuanced critique of 21st-century fundamentalism. Jonathan, a soft-spoken young Texan, was driven into an ex-gay "ministry" by crippling self-loathing - but he now embraces a Christianity that leaves room for a loving gay relationship. Darren, another refugee, looks back at the ex-gay experience with mixed feelings and wry humor. Ana and Brian remain within the flock, carving out a progressive Canadian position within the movement. Cure for Love makes a big-hearted contribution to the ongoing dialogue on difference and tolerance. Streaming video. 

The Danish girl. 1 videodisc (approximately 120 min.).  The remarkable love story inspired by the lives of artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Lili and Gerda's marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili's groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer. Feature film. DVD 13175

D.E.B.S. 1 videodisc (91 min.). Plaid-skirted schoolgirls are groomed by a secret government agency to become the newest members of the elite national defense group, D.E.B.S. Feature film. On order 1/12/2018. Check catalog for call number.

Diagnosing difference. 2009, 1 videodisc (64 min.).  A documentary film featuring thirteen transgender and genderqueer scholars, artists, and activists discussing the impact and implications of the Gender Identity Disorder diagnosis on their lives and communities. DVD 10577

The Dog. 1 videodisc (100 min.). In 1972, John Wojtowicz attempted to rob a Brooklyn bank to pay for his male lover's sex change operation. Three years later Al Pacino portrayed his crime in Dog day afternoon. We gain a historic perspective on New York's gay liberation movement, in which Wojtowicz played an active role. In later footage, he remains a subversive force, backed by the unconditional love of his mother Terry, whose wit and charm infuse the film. How and why the bank robbery took place is recounted in gripping detail.  Feature documentary. DVD 2815

Drunktown's finest. 1 videodisc (93 minutes).   On a beautifully desolate Navajo reservation in New Mexico, three young people, a college-bound, devout Christian woman; a rebellious and angry father-to-be; and a promiscuous but gorgeous transsexual woman, search for love and acceptance. As the three find their lives becoming more complicated and their troubles growing, their paths begin to intersect. DVD 14673 

The Duke of Burgundy. 2 videodiscs (104 min.).  Butterfly researcher Cynthia and her lover Evelyn play a sadomasochistic role-playing game on their European estate, until one player's zeal may push their relationship too far.  Feature film. DVD 13178

Einayim Petukhoth = Eyes wide open. 2010, 1 videodisc (90 min.).  Aaron, a butcher and devout family man in Jerusalem's ultraorthodox Jewish community, has his quiet life interrupted when Erzi, a handsome, young Yeshiva student, happens on his shop. Intrigued by the young man, Aaron offers Erzi a job and becomes his friend and mentor. The two grow closer, and soon other feelings surface. As their forbidden desire grows, Aaron begins to neglect his business and his family. But guilt, torment, and pressure from the community lead him to make a radical decision.  Feature film. DVD 7738

Faith and Gay Fear. 1 online resource (47 min.).  In 2014, Cold Fear: Gay Life in Russia revealed shocking footage of a man hunted, trapped, then beaten and humiliated by a group of 30 anti-gay activists in Russia. It was just the tip of an iceberg. Across the world, there is a growing movement to halt the advance of gay rights by direct persecution and support for anti-homosexual laws. The movement has created some unlikely international allies. Now, the team behind Cold Fear - Gay Life in Russia investigates the groups and individuals coordinating the campaign. The investigation team crosses continents as it tracks the money, political campaigns and secret meetings to piece together the network. From the antigay agenda spreading across Europe from Russia to the extreme homophobia in Africa sponsored by western evangelists and right-wing Christians - this film reveals that far from the hatred originating from rogue extremists, it is an organised movement with a shared source of funding. The trail ends in the United States. Streaming video.   

Fest selects. 2011, 1 videodisc (101 min.).  A collection of lesbian short films from some of the top films festivals. DVD 8711 

Fest selects. 2011, 1 videodisc (104 min.).  A collection of gay short films from some of the top films festivals. DVD 8712 

The films of Kenneth Anger: The complete magick lantern cycle. 2010, 2 videodiscs (179 min.).  Collection of films by Kenneth Anger. "A major influence on everything from the films of Martin Scorese, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and David Lynch to the pop art of Andy Warhol to MTV, Anger's work serves as a talisman of universal symbols and personal obsessions, combining myth, artifice and ritual to render cinema with the power of spell or incantation."--Container. DVD 3298   

First Perspectives on Sexual Awakening and Identity. 1 streaming video file (38 min.).  Joy, fear, wild pleasure, a sense of danger-these emotions are at the core of almost any coming-of-age experience. Multiply them by a thousand, and maybe throw disgust or boredom into the mix, and you have a fleeting glimpse of the thoughts and sensations surrounding a young woman's first sexual encounter. This program collects stories and reflections on that very subject from ten unique women, all of whom speak candidly about their backgrounds, their expectations prior to having sex, and how they have learned to define themselves sexually. Participants range from Trish, age 16 and the only virgin in the group, to 45-year-old Annee, who remembers hiding her feelings of triumph after her first lovemaking, to Pauline, an octogenarian who wistfully recalls losing her virginity-on her wedding night. Heterosexual and gay issues are both addressed in detail. Streaming video.   

Fish out of water. 2009, 1 videodisc (60 min.).  Director Dickens explores the contentious issue of faith, homosexuality and same-sex marriage. DVD 7700 and Streaming video. 

Folsom forever. 1 videodisc (72 min.).  In 1984, a scrappy little neighborhood in San Francisco, home too many low-income tenants and the heart of the gay male leather scene, faced destruction from the bulldozers of redevelopment and the AIDS crisis. The Folsom Street Fair was started to call attention to gentrification and raise money for AIDS charities. The film tells the story of how this small street fair grew into the biggest outdoor kink and fetish event in the world, and managed to do a lot of good along the way. DVD 12760 

Forbidden love: The unashamed stories of lesbian lives. 1 streaming video file (85 min.).  Compelling, often hilarious and always rebellious, nine women paint a portrait of lesbian sexuality against a backdrop of tabloid headlines, book covers and dramatizations from lesbian pulp novels. Streaming video.

From Pleasure to Sin. 1 online resource (53 min.).  Sex and the church. In the first part of a major three-part series, the eminent theological historian Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch explores how Christianity has shaped western attitudes to sex, gender and sexuality throughout history. Travelling from Israel to Greece, Italy and Ireland, he begins by showing how the early Christians transformed sex from a biological necessity into a vice, from a pleasure into a sinches Even though Jesus Christ said very little about sex, Christianity soon promoted celibacy as the Christian ideal, turned sex into something dangerous and made even marriage second-best. Streaming video. 

Gaming in color: A documentary exploring the queer side of gaming. 1 videodisc (62 min.).  Explores the LGBTQ video game community, "gaymer" culture, and role of video games in the lives of sexual minorities. DVD 13201   

GBF. 2013, 1 videodisc. (93 min.). Tanner and Brent go through high school being secretly in the closet. Brent longs for the spotlight and plans to come out in order become popular as the newest must-have 'accessory': The G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend). Tanner would rather fly under the radar, but when he is outed instead of Brent, the two boys become frenemies. The three most popular girls in school launch an all-out social war to win Tanner's status-enhancing friendship and Tanner must choose between popularity and true friends. Feature film. On order 1/12/2018. Check catalog for call number.

Gender me: Homosexuality in the world of Islam. 1 streaming video file (52 min.).  Filmed in Istanbul and Oslo, this artistic documentary by Turkish/Norwegian filmmaker Nefise Ozkal Lorentzen openly explores what it is like to be both gay and Muslim. Through the interrelated stories of a gay rights activist, a gay imam, drag artists, and others, Gender Me gently denounces homophobia in general, encourages discourse and engagement within Islam as a positive societal approach to coming to terms with sexual otherness, and seeks to advance a loving appreciation of the oneness of all humankind. Streaming video.

Give me your hand. 2009. 1 videodisc (77 min.). Antoine and Quentin are 18-year-old twins who live with their father in France. When their estranged mother dies in Spain, they set off to attend the funeral, without telling their father. The journey turns out to be more difficult than either had anticipated and a rift threatens to split the brothers apart. The brothers must struggle to accept each other as individuals, and to find their places in an uncertain world. Feature film. On order 1/12/2018. Check catalog for call number.

Global Gay. 1 streaming video file (59 min.).  Whether it be regarding legalization in the Middle-East and Africa or the focus of gay marriage laws in the West, after years of long diplomatic struggle, several world leaders have declared themselves in favor of the universal decriminalization of homosexuality. But victory won't come easily. The countries that still punish homosexuality refuse to give in to international pressure. This film follows this battle for decriminalization through the lives and work of some of its fearless pioneers. Filmed in Russia, Cuba, Cameroon, Nepal and South Africa. Homosexuality is forbidden in almost half of the world and a global revolution is underway to obtain what UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Barack Obama call "the final frontier in human rights": the universal decriminalization of homosexuality. Streaming video.

God loves Uganda. 1 online resource (84 minutes).  This film explores the role of the American Evangelical movement in fueling Uganda's terrifying turn towards biblical law and the proposed death penalty for homosexuality. Thanks to charismatic religious leaders and a well-financed campaign, these draconian new laws and the politicians that peddle them are winning over the Ugandan public. But these dangerous policies and the money that fuels them aren't coming from Africa; they're being imported from some of America's largest megachurches. Using vérité, interviews, and hidden camera footage, the film allows American religious leaders and their young missionaries that make up the "front lines in a battle for billions of souls" to explain their positions in their own words. Shocking and enlightening, touching and horrifying, God Loves Uganda will leave you questioning just how closely this brand of Christianity resembles the one you think you know. DVD 5063 and Streaming video. 

Growing Up Trans. 1 online resource (1 video file (86 min.).  Go on an intimate and eye-opening journey inside a new frontier. Told from the perspective of parents, doctors, and, most revealing of all, eight transgender kids themselves, ranging in ages from 9 to 19, FRONTLINE takes a powerful look at this new generation, exploring the medical possibilities, struggles, and choices transgender kids and their families face today. DVD 12646 and Streaming video.

A history of equal rights in America. 2011, 4 videodiscs (ca. 224 min.).  "Recounts the significant advances and the ongoing effort to gain a clear and permanent guarantee of privileges for women and all economically disadvantaged groups. From the right to own property, to the formation of labor unions, women's suffrage, consumer rights, equal pay, Title IX and the Disabilities Act.  This series includes key historical individuals such as: Susan B. Anthony, Horace Mann, Mary Lyon, Juana Briones, Betty Friedan, Madeleine Albright and more."--Container. DVD 10628

Holding the man. 2016. 1 videodisc (128 min.). The love story of two high school boys, one the hunky captain of the football team and the other sensitive drama student. After a sweet courtship, the two fall madly in love and traverse an enduring relationship over fifteen years. Feature film. On order 1/12/2018. Check catalog for call number.

How Gay Is Pakistan?  1 online resource (51 min.).  Being gay is illegal in Pakistan. But, despite this, the country has a growing gay scene. So why are gay rights not being addressed here? This is a complicated place, where homosocial behavior, like men holding hands, is common and accepted. In this revealing journey to the country of his birth, presenter Mawaan Riswan talks to the people struggling to assert their sexuality against a complex backdrop. From the activists campaigning for gay rights despite the threat of violence, to the transgender sex worker considering surgery, and the men who identify as straight but enjoy gay sex, Mawaan discovers a fascinating world hidden from public view. Streaming video. 

I'm Coming Out. 1 streaming video file (45 min.).  Ahmad is a 24-year-old gay man who is comfortable with his sexual identity. Neil is a 55-year-old gay man hoping to overcome a lifetime of hiding who he really is. This program accompanies the two when they return home with the idea of coming out to family members. Though their lifestyles are different, Neil and Ahmad share the same fears and sensitivities as they consider the impact their news will have on loved ones. Ironically, Neil is the one who eventually reveals his sexuality; Ahmad cannot bear the pain he imagines he might inflict. Filmed with respect for the feelings of both the men and those they come out to, the video provides a candid glimpse into a long struggle for acceptance and stands as encouragement to those in a similar place. Streaming video. 

I can’t think straight. 2009. 1 videodisc (80 min.). While preparing for her wedding, Tala meets Leyla, a shy Muslim. Although they come from different worlds, the attraction is immediate, and Tala must decide whether to stay true to her culture or to her heart. Feature film. On order 1/12/2018. Check catalog for call number.

The imitation game. 1 videodisc (114 minutes).  During the winter of 1952, British authorities entered the home of mathematician, cryptanalyst and war hero Alan Turing to investigate a reported burglary. They instead ended up arresting Turing himself on charges of "gross indecency," an accusation that would lead to his devastating conviction for the criminal offense of homosexuality - little did officials know, they were actually incriminating the pioneer of modern-day computing. Famously leading a motley group of scholars, linguists, chess champions and intelligence officers, he was credited with cracking the so-called unbreakable codes of Germany's World War II Enigma machine. An intense and haunting portrayal of a brilliant, complicated man, "The Imitation Game" a genius who under nail-biting pressure helped to shorten the war and, in turn, save thousands of lives. Feature film. DVD 12008

L'inconnu du lac = Stranger by the lake. 1 videodisc (100 min.).  Franck spends his summer vacation searching for companionship and sexual encounters at a popular cruising spot on the shores of a picturesque lake in rural France. One day, he meets Michel, an attractive yet darkly mysterious man and falls blindly in love. When a death occurs, Franck and Michel become the primary suspects but they choose to ignore the dangers and instead continue to engage in their passionate and potentially lethal relationship.  Feature film. DVD 11623

Io e lei = Me, myself and her. 1 videodisc (102 min.).  Marina and Federica have lived together as a couple for five years in their gorgeous Rome apartment. Beautiful, funny, and independent, Marina has no doubts about her sexuality or her love for Federica. Federica, a respected architect with a marriage behind her and a grown son, has never declared herself a lesbian and is discreet about her relationship with Marina. When Federica runs into a man she once had a crush on, she starts asking what she really wants from life and love. Feature film. DVD 13858

Jenny's wedding. 2015. 1 videorecording (94 min.). When Jenny decides to marry a woman, her conventional family is forced to accept who she is or risk losing their daughter and their self respect. Feature film. On order 1/12/2018. Check catalog for call number.

Kaboom. 2011, 1 videodisc (86 min.).  Smith is an 18-year-old living the life of a college freshman who is lusting after his straight roommate, hanging out with his lesbian bestie, and trying to decide, if he can, whether he digs boys or girls. Feature film. DVD 9321

The kids are all right. 2010, 1 videodisc (107 min.).  Nic and Jules are in a long term, committed, loving but by no means perfect relationship. Nic, a physician, needs to wield what she believes is control, whereas Jules, under that control, is less self-assured. They have two teen-aged children, Joni, who is Nic's biological child, and Laser, who is Jules' biological child. A big-hearted, sexy and uproariously funny movie that combines comedic surprise with poignant emotional truth. Feature film. DVD 7848

Kumu Hina: The true meaning of aloha. 1 videodisc (77 min.).   "Kumu Hina is a powerful film about the struggle to maintain Pacific Islander culture and values within the westernized society of modern day Hawai'i. It is told through the lens of an extraordinary Native Hawaiian who is both a proud and confident mahu, or transgender woman, and an honored and respected kumu, or teacher, cultural practitioner, and community leader."--Container. DVD 13285   

Lady valor: The Kristin Beck story. 1 videodisc (84 min.).  Former U.S. Navy SEAL Christopher Beck embarks on a new mission as Kristin Beck. Kristin’s journey in search of the American ideals that she protected has a whole new meaning as she lives her life truthfully as a transgender woman. After a lifetime of service, Kristin has learned that her fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness did not end on the battlefield. DVD 7106  

Laurence anyways. 1 online resource (168 minutes).  The third film from Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan (I Killed My Mother, Heartbeats) is an epic, visually stunning romance featuring the soundtrack of the year. Laurence, a high school literature teacher and soon-to-be-published author, enjoys an intense and mutually loving relationship with his girlfriend Frédérique. But on the day after his 35th birthday, Laurence confesses to Fred that he longs to become a woman, asking her to support his transformation. The film follows the course of the couple's on-again, off-again relationship throughout the 1990s. DVD 4030 and Streaming video.;3253557 

Lead with love: Strengthening families through the coming out process. 2010, 1 videodisc (35 min.).  Lead with love follows four families' experiences in learning that they have a lesbian, gay, or bisexual child. Created for parents who are working through this news themselves, this poignant and informative film shares real stories from parents and children, factual information from psychologists, educators, and clergy, and concrete guidance to help parents keep their children healthy and safe during this sometimes challenging time. DVD 12372  

Leading ladies. 2011, 1 videodisc (102 min.).  An infectious comedy about two sisters, their gay best friend, and their overzealous stage mom. The Campari family's life revolves entirely around ballroom dancing, so when one sister gets pregnant and the other plans to waltz out of the closet, their mom's vicarious pursuit of the Midwest Regional Ballroom Competition is in severe jeopardy. Find out what happens, however, as they learn to 'let love lead'. DVD 12392 

Leave it on the floor because we all need a place to belong. 2012, 1 videodisc (105 min.).  In this high energy, smash hit musical, black gay teen Brad is taken in by the ragtag members of the struggling House of Eminence (led by aging ball-legend and house mother Queer Latina). Featuring music by Beyonce music director Kim Burse, and choreography by Beyonce dance master, Fran Gaston Jr., this exuberant musical directed by Sheldon Larry was inspired by Paris is Burning, and is an uplifting ode to the wild, funky and heart-aching life of this underground subculture. DVD 11197 

Looking both ways: H.I.P.S. syringe exchange. 2009, 1 streaming video file (11 min).  A profile piece on H.I.P.S., a D.C. non-profit that is fighting the AIDS epidemic among transgender citizens. DVD 2869 and Streaming video. 

Love and sex in China. 1 online resource (50 min.).  As China changes at an awesome rate, becoming more industrialized, urban and westernized, this film explores how this has impacted traditional relationships between men and women. Our guide is a young journalist, Yang Li Ne, whose parents have just divorced and whose own marriage is unraveling. She speaks about love and sex with young Bejingers, as well as older couples from the villages. Many of the young are afraid of commitment and are cynical about love and marriage. Money, not love, they say, is the basis for marriage. Prostitution is rampant; an estimated 6% of the national revenue comes from prostitution. Older couples reflect on the vanishing traditions that have given their marriages stability. A young gay man who was hesitant to be identified describes the homophobia in Chinese society and the secrecy with which gay and lesbians must lead their lives. He talks about the difference between making love and having sex. Examples of China's traditional erotic art, which was nurtured by the imperial court, are laced through the film. This documentary would be rated R. Streaming video.;1650441 

Love free or die. 2012, 1 videodisc (82 min.).  "This documentary tells the story of Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Bishop in Christendom. Gene has stood firmly by both his sexuality and his religion, and in the process of asserting himself and his civil rights has sparked worldwide controversy. This film addresses issues of institutionalized homophobia, social injustice, and the importance of refusing to be anything but oneself; even in the face of contempt." -- Kino Lorber Education. DVD 9070

The lovers & friends show. Season one. 2009, 1 videodisc (163 min.).  Lisa, the newly out med student; Kai, the friend with a heart of gold (and a psycho ex-girlfriend); laugh riot Tori, involved with her boss; Yasmin, the activist with an unfortunate crush; Mercedes, the social climbing professional with bad boundaries; and Dre, the bad boy lady-killer. This hot new urban lesbian show focuses on six lesbians of color navigating through life's obstacles, making new friends and experiencing new drama. TV series. DVD 12404

The lovers & friends show. Season two. 2010, 1 videodisc (217 min.).  The hottest lesbians on the web are back with another season of drama. Kai must adjust to life without Lisa and does it in a way that makes jaws drop. Tori and Mercedes's relationship hits new highs and lows as they deal with life changing decisions. Dre's player lifestyle gets put on hold when a new and interesting woman enters her life. Yasmin and Deidra learn that living together does nothing to extinguish the sexual tension between them--Container. TV series. DVD 12406

Loving Annabelle. 2006. 1 videodisc (79 min.). The controversial story of Annabelle, a precocious Senator's daughter, who falls in love with her Catholic school teacher, Simone. After Simone is assigned to control the rebellious student, she instead finds herself drawn into Annabelle's world. As their attraction builds, the two women must cope with the reactions of those around them. Feature film. On order 1/12/2018. Check catalog for call number.