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Introduction to Census Data

ProQuest Statistical Insight

ProQuest Statistical Insight 

  • U.S. statistical information from the American Statistics Index. Includes Statistical Abstract of the United States and a selection of full-text documents

Historical Statistics of the U.S.

Historical Statistics of the United States

  • Social and economic statistics of the United States from colonial times to 2000

Social Explorer

Use Social Explorer to visually explore demographic information, from census and economic data to election and religion data.

  • Census data from 1790 to the present is included
  • Create and customize maps or tables
  • Note: access is limited to three concurrent AU users


Use SimplyAnalytics (formerly SimplyMap) to generate maps and reports from a wide variety of data sources.

  • Census demographics from 1980 to the present
  • Nielsen's PRIZM market research data
  • Business points from Dun & Bradstreet
  • EAIS Health Data
  • Note: access is limited to five concurrent AU users 

Neighborhood Change Database (Geolytics)

Neighborhood boundaries can change from one census year to the next, making it hard for researchers to compare the same area over time. The Neighborhood Change Database (NCDB) reconciles those changing boundaries in census data from 1970 to 2010. Data extracts are GIS-compatible.