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Qualitative and multi-method data sharing for AU researchers

Qualitative Data Repository (QDR)

What is the Qualitative Data Repository (QDR)?

"The Qualitative Data Repository (QDR) is a dedicated archive for storing and sharing digital data (and accompanying documentation) generated or collected through qualitative and multi-method research in the social sciences. .... QDR is funded by the National Science Foundation, and hosted by the Center for Qualitative and Multi-Method Inquiry, a unit of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.... Qualitative data are used by social scientists to advance a range of analytical, interpretive, and inferential goals. Yet in the United States, traditionally such data have been used only once: social scientists collect them for a particular research purpose, and then discard them. The lack of a data-sharing custom is due in part to an infrastructure gap – the absence of a suitable venue for storing and sharing qualitative data. QDR hopes to help to fill this gap." (from ABOUT THE QUALITATIVE DATA REPOSITORY)

What data is in the QDR?

Depositing research data with the QDR

"QDR welcomes deposits of digital data generated through qualitative and multi-method research in the social sciences, health sciences, applied sciences, and humanities. ... We encourage you to begin the process of depositing data early in the course of your research, as the earlier we know of your interest in sharing your data, the better we are able to assist you with preparing your data for deposit. You can find a detailed description of the steps to initiate a data project, make initial and final deposits, and place any access restrictions that you may wish to place on your data [under DEPOSIT PROCESS] ....In July 2018, QDR began transitioning to a model in which depositors bear some of the costs of curation and preservation. Curation is an umbrella term used to describe a set of activities: managing, maintaining, validating, and adding value to research data over the long term and carefully preserving them for re-use. Curation increases the value and quality of data as a research product."

In 2020, American University became an institutional member of the QDR, with the concomitant benefits, and could therefore pay for a fixed number of annual "data projects" (consultation, deposits and subsequent curation) with the QDR on behalf of researchers at AU. This membership ended on June 30, 2023 due to lack of uptake. 

The QDR has also released GUIDANCE AND RESOURCES.