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Bloomberg Professional: Home


Bloomberg offers online help, using the green < HELP > key.

You can search the entire Bloomberg system by typing your search terms and then hit the < HELP > key.

Or, do not type anything in and hit < HELP > key once to bring up any help documentation Bloomberg has available for the page or function you are viewing.

Finally, hitting < HELP > twice will bring up a chat window that will allow you to work with a Bloomberg support specialist to answer your particular question,


The Kogod School of Business offers Bloomberg training sessions throughout the academic year for AU students, faculty and staff.

What is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg is a professional on-line database that provides real-time and historic trading data, analytics and research, and news for global financial markets. The markets include but are not limited to government securities, corporate securities, mortgage, money-market, indices, currency, commodities and equities.

Navigating the Bloomberg system can be difficult because it requires the user to enter command codes, instead of clicking links on the screen. Cornell University provides an extensive list of bloomberg Code shortcuts.

Database Structure

Command codes are generally structured as follows

Item of interest  <MARKET KEY> Function Code <GO> 

For eample, earnings estimates for Microsoft are produced using this command code.


Create an account

Step 1 Press < GO > without entering a username or password.
Step 2 Provide the information requested. Note, you must have a valid AU email account to proceed.   Also, be sure to provide your cell phone number.
Step 3 Remain near the terminal to activate the account as Bloomberg will call you to verify the account information within a few minutes.


Step 1: Press the < CONN/DFLT > key in the upper right hand of the keyboard