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Antiracist Praxis

About This Guide

The Antiracist Praxis subject guide was written by the Writing Studies/Information Literacy committee, which is a joint committee between the Writing Studies Program and the Library. The purpose of the Antiracist Praxis subject guide is to make available for the entire American University community the main ideas, key terms, and definitions within the scholarship that informs antiracist practice, particularly as they relate to composition pedagogy and library and information science. The committee obtained an Inclusive Excellence Collaboration mini-grant in 2019-2020 through the President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion to do this work. The committee also received an American Library Association Carnegie Whitney Grant to add additional sections to the guide in 2022. This Antiracist Praxis subject guide will be an ongoing collaboration between the Writing Studies/Information Literacy committee. 

Contributors to the Antiracist Praxis subject guide:

Sarah Trembath (former co-chair), Writing Studies Program

Hannah Park (former co-chair), Library

Maddox Pennington (former co-chair), Writing Studies Program

Christina Bush (co-chair), Library

Marnie Twigg (co-chair), Writing Studies Program

Rachel Borchardt, Library

Symphony Bruce, Library

Zainab Cheema, Writing Studies Program

Nikhat Ghouse, Library

Jay Hardee, Writing Studies Program

Olivia Ivey, Library

Derrick Jefferson, Library

George Koors, Library and Writing Studies Program

Susan Mockler, Writing Studies Program


Special thanks to Katie Hut, Reference Librarian, for her help in formatting the citations in the guide. 


Supported by a Carnegie Whitney Grant from the American Library Association.