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Polls and Public Opinion

Selected Print & Microform Resources for Polls and Public Opinion

American Public Opinion Index, Microfiche 1981-85; REF HM261.A463 1985-1999

British political opinion, 1937-2000 : the Gallup polls JN961 .B75 2001

Gallup Poll: Public Opinion, REF HM261.A1 G35 1935- ; [see also LexisNexis Academic (an AU database) for access to Gallup Poll News Service from February 20, 2003 through current. The Gallup Poll News Service provides news centered on public opinion. Published each business day, articles from the Gallup Poll News Service analyze findings and trends in politics, business, social issues, and Americans' lifestyles.]

Index to International Public Opinion, REF HM261.I552 1978-1999

Monitoring the Future [U.S. High School Seniors] HM261.A1 M65 1975-1986 [see also ICPSR (an AU database)]

Finding Books on Public Opinion

For world opinions about the United States, try this search strategy in SearchBox:

"foreign public opinion" AND "Unites States"

Sample Results:

1. Cover Image U.S. public diplomacy: key issues for congressional oversight : report to congressional committees 
Since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the U.S. government has spent at least $10 billion on communication efforts designed to a...
2. Cover Image US-Cuba: a new public survey supports policy change 
3. Cover Image The United States and China: mutual public perceptions 
by Spelman, Douglas G 
Chinese and American images of each other are notoriously volatile. Many factors are at work. Widely different histories, contrasting cult...
4. Cover Image Correcting America's image problem in Pakistan 
by Yusuf, Moeed 
5. Cover Image The world through Arab eyes: Arab public opinion and the reshaping of the Middle East 
by Telhami, Shibley 
Overview: Once a voiceless region dominated by authoritarian rulers, the Arab world seems to have developed an identity of its own almost ...
6. Cover Image What do Iranians think?: a survey of attitudes on the United States, the nuclear program, and the economy 
by Elson, Sara Beth Nader, Alireza 
The June 2009 Iranian presidential election and the subsequent popular protests revealed the importance of public opinion in driving chang...
7. Cover Image Global perspectives on the United States: a nation by nation survey 
by Levinson, David, 1947 Christensen, Karen, 1957 
8. Cover Image The United States and the rise of China and India: results of a 2006 multination survey of public opinion 
9. Cover Image To see ourselves as others see us: how publics abroad view the United States after 9/11 
by Holsti, Ole R 
Holsti, the authority on American foreign policy attitudes, investigates others' views of us. It's not pretty. It matters. Read this. ---B...
10. Cover Image Through their eyes: foreign correspondents in the United States 
by Hess, Stephen 
Newswork, 2005 
"Drawing on personal interviews and original survey research, reveals the mindset of foreign correspondents posted in the United States fr...
11. Cover Image What they think of us: international perceptions of the United States since 9/11 
by Farber, David R 
2007, annotated edition 
It has never been more important for Americans to understand why the world both hates and loves the United States. In "What They Think of ...
12. Cover Image How they see us: meditations on America 
by Atlas, James 
In this collection of essays, novelists and other writers from around the world share their perceptions of the United States.
13. Cover Image Through a screen darkly: popular culture, public diplomacy, and America's image abroad 
by Bayles, Martha 
"What does the world admire most about America? Science, technology, higher education, consumer goods--but not, it seems, freedom and demo...
14. Cover Image American avatar: the United States in the global imagination 
by Sanders, Barry A 
2011, 1st ed 
Since September 11, 2001, the extensive literature on the United States's image abroad, by popular pundits and academics alike, leaves the...
15. Cover Image Anti-Americanism and the American world order 
by Chiozza, Giacomo 
News stories remind us almost daily that anti-American opinion is rampant in every corner of the globe. Journalists, scholars, and politic...

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