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Polls and Public Opinion

Introduction to Polling Data at American University Library

Guide is arranged first geographically:

  • World
  • United States - general, then by topic
    • crime
    • health
    • media
    • religion
    • voting & elections
  • Regions
  • Countries


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Polls and Public Opinion - World


Access to Gallup Poll microdata

American University faculty, students, and staff have access to microdata from several Gallup polls:

"Microdata" means the respondent-level data, with one record per respondent (as opposed to aggregated data) - as collected by the Gallup organization - for these three polls, in SPSS or Stata format.  For more information, see the guide (accessible only from AU): Accessing Gallup Poll microdata at AU.

Polls and Public Opinion - United States - Multi-subject

United States - Multi-subject Polls (Scroll down for Subject-Specific Polls)

Polls and Public Opinion - United States - Crime

Polls and Public Opinion - United States -. Health and Health-Care Polls

Polls and Public Opinion - United States -. Media Polls

Polls And Public Opinion - United States - Voting and Elections

  • American National Election Studies
    1948-present. Demographic and opinion time series data from surveys with national samples conducted during U.S. presidential and congressional election years, . These studies allow researchers to explore the relationship between demographics, socioeconomics, party affiliation, and electoral participation, among other variables. Available for download to SPSS or Stata, or for online analysis using SDA.
  • National Annenberg Election Survey
    2000- present (Confirm date range on website) National sample of public opinion regarding beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and behavior relevant to presidential campaigns, with particular emphasis on "the effects of media exposure through campaign commercials and news," .
  • General Social Survey
    1972 - present (Confirm date range on website) Public opinion and lifestyle survey, widely regarded as the single best source of data on societal trends, conducted almost annually since  Covers demographics and personal background as well political and social attitudes and voting behavior. Can be viewed in convenient Quick Tables, analyzed online using SDA interface, or downloaded in its entirely from the Roper Center.
  • Cooperative Congressional Election Study
     2006- present (Confirm date range on website 30,000+ person national stratified sample survey on general political attitudes, various demographic factors, assessment of roll call voting choices, and political information.

Polls and Public Opinion - Africa


Polls and Public Opinion - Asia

Polls and Public Opinion - Europe

Polls and Public Opinion - Latin America

Latin America

Polls and Public Opinion - Middle East

Middle East

Polls and Public Opinion - Canada

Polls and Public Opinion - Russia


Polls and Public Opinion - Ukraine

  • Kyiv Archive, Includes data from the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology which is the authoritative survey institution in Ukraine.


Polls and Public Opinion - United Kingdom