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Finding the Full Text of a Test

Please note! Many tests are NOT available for free - many must be purchased in order to use. if this happens, you can try asking faculty if they have a personal copy or finding a similar test that is freely available. You may wish to start your research with our full-text resources to ensure access to a free test/measurement.


ETS Test Locator  ETS' online database of tests and measurements. "Availability" field will direct you to the resource - an address often indicates that payment will be required. Many tests are "downloadable" directly through ETS. Some tests are available through our Tests in Microfiche collection.

PsycTESTS  This new database contains the full text of many measurements previously only available by contacting the author.

PsycInfo The best way to find the full text of a test in PsycInfo is to do a topic search, then under "Limits / Additional Limits", select "Tests and Measures". It's also helpful to search for the word "appended" in addition to your topic, as many tests are appended to articles.

Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences  Database that searches through over 100 test and measurement print materials. Search the library catalog to determine how to access these print materials.



Many books about psychological testing can be found in the BF176 call number range. Most of these will not have actual instruments. Here are some that do:


Tests in Microfiche Mfiche 54, Media Services (lower level).  The index available just above the microfiche shelves. This microfiche collection consists of full text instruments. The index can be used to find these tests by individual call number, name, or subject. Call numbers for individual tests can also be found in ETS Test Locator.

Finding Reliability/Validity Measures

These resources will point you to the validity and reliability measures, which help determine whether a test is actually effective at measuring what it is supposed to measure. All of these resources except for PsycInfo will also give you basic information about the test, including the # of items on the test.

Ways to Find a Test

There are several ways to find a test, depending on the resource:


Online resources can be used to search for keywords (like "anxiety and students"):


Tests are grouped into standardized categories (like "Behavior Assessment" or "Sensory Motor"). Most print resources have this.


Tests are either listed alphabetically or can be searched by name.


Many indices sort tests by author name, and can usually be searched for online.


The serendipity method! Flip through a book or get a full online list of titles, not necessarily listed in any particular order.