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This guide provides access to print and electronic resources for education researchers and practitioners.

Find Education Books

Find books at these call letters on the 3rd floor. Research and historical materials are in the regular stacks. Practitioner materials are part of the Curriculum Materials Center (Rm. 418, 4th Floor, Spring Valley Building).

L - Education (General)

LA – History of education

LB – Theory and practice of education

LC – Special aspects of education

LD – Individual institutions – U.S.

LE – Individual institutions – North America (except U.S.)

LF – Individual institutions – Europe

LG – Individual institutions – Asia, Africa, Indian & Pacific Ocean islands, Australia, New Zealand 

LH – College and school magazines and papers 

LJ – Student fraternities and societies, U.S.

LT – Textbooks

New Children's and Young Adult Books

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New Education Books

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