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This guide provides access to print and electronic resources for education researchers and practitioners.

Education Encyclopedias

International Encyclopedia of Education (2010)  (AU only)

This 3rd edition of the International Encyclopedia of Education succeeds previous editions (1985, 1994). This 8-volume online work encompasses over 1,350 articles across 24 individual areas: adult education, comparative education, curriculum development, demography and social change, early childhood education, economics of education, educational assessment, higher education, leadership and management, learning and cognition, research methods, teacher education, and technology and learning.

International Education: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Issues and Systems (2014)  (AU only)

As a global society, to what extent has the world reached education access for all? What is the status of formal instruction in countries that have more than 50 percent of their population living in poverty? How do females compare with males in literacy acquisition and mathematical competency in the context of a particular world region? Why do certain countries place more emphasis on child labor and less emphasis on literacy and other forms of content and technological knowledge? In answering these and other questions, International Education: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Issues and Systems identifies the intersection between education throughout the world and how human initiative and inventiveness influences it.

Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development (2011)  (AU only)

The Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development consists of three online volumes divided by the major conceptual areas of child development: learning, behavior, and emotions. 

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology (2021)  (AU only)

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology brings together leading scholars from the vast and varied global domain of educational psychology and its allied academic fields to provide a common language for researchers, practitioners, and students. The Encyclopedia is the first truly comprehensive, systematic, theory-driven, and evidence-based reference work on educational psychology and distinguishes itself through its strong international representation.

Encyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent (2010)  (AU only)

This two-volume work is an authoritative A-Z resource that covers biographies of reformers and dissenters, theoretical and ideological perspectives, key programs and legislation, judicial verdicts impacting educational change in America, dissent and resistance to reforms, and technology's impact on educational reform.

Encyclopedia of Language and Education (2008)  (AU only)

In this 10-volume set of the Encyclopedia of Language and Education, the stated topics in each volume's table of contents are complemented by several cross-cutting thematic strands recurring across the volumes, including the classroom/pedagogic side of language and education; issues of identity in language and education; language ideology and education; computer technology and language in education; and language rights in relation to education. Volume titles include: v. 1. Language policy and political issues in education; v. 2. Literacy; v. 3. Discourse and education; v. 4. Second and foreign language education; v. 5. Bilingual education; v. 6. Knowledge about language; v. 7. Language testing and assessment; v. 8. Language socialization; v. 9. Ecology of language; v. 10. Research methods in language and education.

Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (2006)  (AU only)

Contains 3,000 articles and 39,000 references in all areas of language and linguistics. This 14-volume, 2nd edition (2006) expands on Ron Asher's 1st edition (1993) by incorporating multimedia and 200 language maps.