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ECON480 Resource Guide

for just about everything. The trick is to discover what existing data are the best match to the ideal data you need to test the prediction of your model. This guide provides just a sampling of links to data warehouses.

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Doing Background Research

If you're still learning about your topic, doing background research will make the research process much easier!

Background research (presearch) helps you figure out the lay of the land of your topic: what are the big theories you should know about? Who are the thought leaders whose names you should look out for? What kind of vocabulary is used in this field and how can you use it to create efficient searches? You can use many different resources for your background research and they don't have to be library and/or scholarly. Wikipedia can actually be really helpful for this stage. 

However, if you're interested in using library resources, we've listed a few below. 

Other Resources for Background Research