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Udall Foundation (Morris & Stewart) Scholarship Essay Guide: Selected Print Resources

Looking for a speech, legislative act, book, or public policy statement by either Morris K. Udall or Stewart L. Udall for your 800-word essay? This is the place to begin!

Selected Print Resources for works written by the Udalls

Selected Books by Morris K. Udall

Arizona Law of Evidence, 1960 and 2nd edition, 1981.

Job of the Congressman, 1966 and 1970 editions.

Education of a Congressman, 1972. 

Too Funny To Be President, 1988.

"The Nonsense Explosion" a chapter in American Population Debate, 1971.

Books with a Foreword or Preface by Morris K. Udall

Restoring the Earth: How Americans are working to renew our damaged environment, 1985.

Water Politics: Continuity and Change, 1990.

Environmental Protection Agency: Asking the Wrong Questions, 1990

Energy and the Western United States: Politics and development, 1982.

Reclaiming the West: The coal industry and surface-mined lands, 1980.

Selected Books by Stewart L. Udall

To the Inland Empire : Coronado and our Spanish legacy, 1987.

Quiet Crisis and the Next Generation, 1988.

The Potomac : A Report on its Imperiled Future 1967.

National Parks of America, 1966

The Myths of August : A Personal Exploration of Our Tragic Cold War Affair with the Atom, 1994.

The Forgotten Founders : Rethinking the History of the Old West, 2002

Energy Balloon, 1974

America’s Natural Treasures: National Nature Monuments and Seashores, 1971

1976: Agenda for Tomorrow

Selected articles by Morris K. Udall

"Report on the 87th Congress," Arizona Frontiers, December, 1961. 

"Khrushchev Could Have Said It," New Republic, May, 1962. 

"Where's the Welfare State?"New Republic, October, 1962. 

"I Will Not Compromise,"New Republic, January, 1964. 

"A National Park for the Sonoran Desert,"Audubon Magazine, 1966. 

"Vietnam, This Nation is Caught On a Treadmill,"Reveille, July 1967. 

"The High Cost of Being a Congressman,"Playboy, November, 1967. 

"On Spaceship Earth: Standing Room Only,"Arizona Republic, July 27, 1969; reprinted as "Standing Room Only on Spaceship Earth," in Reader's Digest, December 1969. 

"The United States and Vietnam: What Lies Ahead,"Congressman's Report, October 23, 1967. 

"Ethics in Congress, Or Powell and Dodd Weren't All Bad," Wesleyan Review, 1969. 

"A Scandal Called Welfare," The Progressive, April 1971. 

"Man, Endangered Species,"Illinois Education, November 1972. 

"Land Speculation," Field and Stream, December 1972. 

"The Democratic Party: Where Do We Go From Here?"The New Republic, November 24, 1973. 

"Your Right to Write," U.S. News and World Report, 1978. 

"The Future of Nuclear Generation-A Post TMI Perspective," The Public Utilities Fortnightly, June 1980. 

"Navajo and Hopi: No Villains, Only Victims,"Washington Post, June 23, 1986.