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George Koors

How to Add References Using Zotero

Adding References Automatically

Open your browser and Zotero Standalone - make sure this is the one in which you installed the Zotero plug-in

Go to the item you would like to save - this can be an article in a database, a book in the catalog, a youtube video, a website, or basically anything

Click on the icon in the address bar - the icon will change based on the type of item but it will always appear in the same place and clicking it will save the item to your Zotero library

Open your Zotero library - to confirm the creation of a new item. You may now manually edit any of the information automatically collected from the webpage, including the original item type. Zotero will also automatically save a pdf (if available) and a "snapshot" of the page you saved the item from

Manually add items to Zotero

Adding References Manually

Open your Zotero library - find the green New Item Icon and select the type of item you wish to add (book, document, journal article, etc.). You can use the "More" option to browse for additional item types

Fill in the citation information - click on each field and enter as much information as you have

Sync with your online library - click on the green sync icon to ensure your libraries are up to date

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