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EndNote Basic

An introduction to EndNote Online, where you can build bibliographies and share citations with others.

Need Help?

We have created a listserv specifically designed to assist people with EndNote (and other citation management software) needs.

Simply e-mail, and one of the specialists will reply to your email.

Getting Started with EndNote Basic

EndNote Basic works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

1.Register either on-campus or via our VPN.

2. Go to our database list and select Web of Science.

3. Select EndNote from the top level navigation bar.

4. Register using your official American University email account.

5. Then enter a memorable password as specified in the directions.  Pay close attention to the requirement to include a special character.

Password Guidelines. 
Must be 8 or more characters (no spaces) and contain: 
  - at least 1 numeral: 0 - 9 
  - at least 1 alpha character, case-sensitive 
  - at least 1 symbol: ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) ~ `{ } [ ] | \ & _ 
Example: 1sun%moon
4. You are now ready to begin using EndNote Basic.