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An introduction to how to find E-books in the library

AU Library Search for Ebooks


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Stacey Marien
Subjects: EBooks

Troubleshooting Ebook problems

When dealing with ebook access issues, there are 3 questions you should ask.
1.  Was the patron able to access the ebook from the catalog and now can't because the catalog record is gone?  You can refer these patrons to the Acquisitions Librarian (Stacey Marien,  There have  a handful of titles removed from the MyiLibrary platform and the Acquisitions Librarian has a list of those or at least can check the title to see what happened.    There may be other platforms where the title has been removed from the catalog as well and  the Acquisitions Librarian can figure that out.
2.  Is the patron trying to access an ebook at another school (and we do not have)?  Explain how AU students, faculty and staff only have access to AU ebooks (unless it is one of the shared Proquest ebooks).  Refer patrons to the other libraries or ask if you can find a print copy in the library or through ILL
3.  Does the patron want to know why we do not own an ebook that other schools have?  Refer the patron to the Book Request Web Form to place an order for the book.
4.  If the ebook turns out to be in a subscription database, then the ERM unit can troubleshoot that.