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Acquisitions Procedures: Print Serials

Print Serials Overview (for links, IBU and binding information, see below)

Titles purchased through Serials may be found in Voyager Acquisitions by searching au+1st initial of each word, while titles purchsed through Acquistions (the more "book-like" serials) may be found by entering au+space+first word+space+second word, etc.

AU Library checks in serials and claims missing issues. Detailed workflows may be found in I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Serials\Serials Check-In Specialist Files.

While we use EBSCO for most print serials subscriptions, it is best to supplement EBSCO claiming information with outside research -Ulrichs, publisher websites, etc. - for best results. (see links below)

We are members of USBE and offer them our unwanted issues. (see links below)

Where is volume 45, number 66 of this journal?

Always a good question...

  • Bindery? Look in Voyager Acquisitions (au+1st initial of each word, excluding initial article).  If the"due back" bindery date is  more than a month away, it should still be on the shelves in the bindery work area. Can you take it? If it's not boxed for shipping yet, probably yes. Remove the issue you want, leave the remaining issues and the bindery slip on the Processing and Serials Assistant's desk, and make sure to leave a note with it saying who took what, when and why (i.e., Robyn took Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, v. 56, no. 34 on 3/4/14 for ILL).
  • IBU (Incomplete Bindable Unit)? If Voyager Acq indicate later volumes have been bound but this one is still set to display in OPAC and includes any issues marked "missing", then it should be in the Triangle Room (or its off-site equivalent if Tech Services moves). Again, you can probably take what you need, but leave the remaining part of the volume with an explanatory note on the Processing and Serials Assistant's desk (or the Processing and Serials Specialist's desk).
  • In-house...somewhere? Try that old standby, looking in the piles to the right, left, above or below in the serials stacks, or with other titles on a similar topic.
  • Ask the Serials staff; we're always happy to help.

IBU (Incomplete Bindable Unit)

An IBU is a bindable unit (i.e., 1 volume) that is missing one or more issues.  We pursue various options for replacement, including verifying AU's access to a safe-house electronic option. We also maintain a cart of duplicate issues for our few multiple-copy orders in case the stacks copy vanishes.

Information may be found in "Finding replacement back issues" in I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Serials

...and also in I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Bindery\IBU - Incomplete Bindable Units

To bind or not to bind...

That is a CMT question and should be determined when the subscrption is requested, although the specifics of the binding unit (i.e., one volume, or one year, etc.) is at the discretion of the Processing and Serials Specialist and occurs once the title begins to arrive in-house.

Helpful Print Serials Links