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Acquisitions Procedures: Preservation

Preservation at American University

Given the lack of both space and cool items like Jacques Shears, preservation at AU is limited to basic repairs and preservation: spine replacements, cover lamination, hinge repair, page mends, tip-ins, pamphlet binds, archival boxes, 4-flaps, etc. Some documentation can be found at I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Processing.  Additional information (how-to sketches) can be found in the Processing manual on the Processing student's desk.

Archival boxes are ordered through HF Group. Items are measured and remain in-house, with orders placed approximately 25 boxes at a time by email. Details can be found at I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Bindery\Custom Enclosures Orders. Click on KASEBoxCustomerTemplate_v2.


Process for Evaluating Damaged Books

Circulation collects damaged books and brings them to Processing one cart at a time (checked out to AU Processing - New).

Items are triaged. If a book is five years old or newer, or has 10 or more circulations, it automatically gets replaced, rebound or repaired based on departmental standards. If the item does not meet either of those criteria, a Preservation Slip must be completed, and the book (with the completed slip) is placed on the appropriate CMT shelf for CMT review. If CMT fails to review the book by the end of the following month (i.e., April 30 for a slip dated March 10), then the book is withdrawn from the collection.

Documentation may be found here: I:\AU Technical Services Department\Acquisitions Unit\Processing\Preservation Project