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WRTG 101: Professor Zainab Cheema

Search for creative commons licensed images and film clips

Best Pratices for Online Video Use in Podcasts

1.  Use copyrighted material for one of the following purposes:
  •       Critiquing or commenting on it
  •       Using it to illustrate a point or as an example
  •       Copyrighted material is captured accidentally while filming something else
  •       Preserving an event, personal experience, or cultural phenomenon
  •       Recirculating copyrighted material to launch a discussion
  •       Quoting and recombining elements to make a new work


2. Use only the amount of the video necessary to achieve the purpose
3. Use clips from different sources, to the extent possible and appropriate
4. Properly attribute and credit material used


Taken from:  AU School of Communication Center for Social Media, Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video, 2008,