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Country Reports

This guide provides a selective list of regularly updated country reports and profiles that are free on the Web, print publications, or from American University Library's subscription databases.

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Development country reports

  • African Development Bank: Countries
    The country's development policy and the bank's strategy for the country.
  • Civil Society Index Country Reports from CIVICUS
  • Food Security Assessment (1995-2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008-09) from the U.S. Department of Agriculture
    Examines the near- and long-term prospects for food gaps in 67 low-income, developing countries and food aid availabilities in donor countries. Factors considered include food supply and demand, prices, trade, food production, population growth, foreign exchange availability, and food consumption and nutrition.
  • Global Accountability Report (2003, 2006 to present) from One World Trust
    Not a country report, GAR assesses intergovernmental, corporate and non-governmental organizations according to four dimensions: transparency, participation, evaluation, and complaint and response mechanisms.
  • Human Development in South Asia (1999 to year before most recent edition, i.e. most recent year is not free) from Mahbub ul Haq Human Development Centre
  • Human Development Reports (1990 to present) from United Nations Development Programme.
    Source for the Human Development Index (HDI).
    (Call number: Ready Reference HD72 .H85). AU Library has print copies from 1990 to present.
  • Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) from Hudson Institute's Center for Global Prosperity
    Details the sources and magnitude of private giving to the developing world. Includes philanthropy and volunteerism from foundations, charities, corporations, universities, and churches as well as remittances.
  • MDG Profiles from the United Nations Development Programme
    Track the progress of countries in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Social Watch
    • Social Watch Report (1996 to present)
      Each annual Social Watch Report has a country report. Social Watch is devoted to the eradication of poverty and the causes of poverty.
    • Social Watch: National Reports
      Reports on countries' progress in the eradication of poverty and gender inequality. Select a country from the National Reports box.
  • State of the World’s Children (1996 to present) from UNICEF
    (Call number: Ready Ref RJ101 .S79; most recent edition in Ready Reference). AU Library has print volumes from 1982/83-1990, 1992 to present.
  • United Nations Development Programme Reports
    In addition to the Human Development Reports, the UNDP also publishes national and regional reports.
  • World Bank
  • World Health Organization (WHO) Countries