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Filmography - Family Friendly Movies: Q-Z

Titles available on DVD as of June 2012

Filmography - Family Friendly Movies

Titles available on DVD as of June 2012.

This is a selective list of video holdings in the American University Library. Filmographies are created by doing multiple keyword searches in the ALADIN catalog to capture as many titles on a topic as possible.  All DVDs listed below are located in Media Services on the Lower Level of Bender Library. To search the library’s complete videos holdings on prison topics (including VHS tapes) search the library catalog at:

Raiders of the lost ark. 2003.  1 videodisc (115 min.). Indiana Jones, an archeologist, embarks on a thrilling quest to locate the mystical Ark of the Covenant. Accompanied by his fiesty ex-flame Marion Ravenwood, Indy must discover the Ark before the Nazis do, and he has to survive poison, traps, snakes and treachery to do so. DVD 3251

Ratatouille. 2007.  1 videodisc (111 min.). A rat named Remy dreams of becoming a great chef despite his family's wishes and the obvious problem of being a rat in a decidedly rodent-phobic profession. When fate places Remy in Paris, he finds himself ideally situated beneath a restaurant made famous by his culinary hero. Despite the apparent dangers of being an unwanted visitor in the kitchen of one of Paris' most exclusive restaurants, Remy forms an unlikely partnership with Linguini, the garbage boy, who inadvertently discovers Remy's amazing talents. They strike a deal, ultimately setting into motion a chain of extraordinary events that turns the culinary world of Paris upside down.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3814

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. 2005.  1 videodisc (80 min.). A talent scout believes that little Rebecca could be the next big thing on radio and tries to get her on the air.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1711

Remember the Titans.  2001.  1 videodisc (114 min.). A drama of forced high school integration in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971. After leading his team to fifteen winning seasons, white football coach Bill Yoast is demoted and replaced by African-American Herman Boone, tough, opinionated and as different from Yoast as could be. The two men overcome their differences and turn a group of hostile young men into champions. A rousing celebration of how a town torn apart by resentment, friction and mistrust comes together in triumphant harmony.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9133

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. 2004.  1 videodisc (ca. 136 min.). Luke Skywalker rescues his friends, Han Solo and Princess Leia, from Jabba the Hutt, and wages his own battle against Darth Vader.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1645

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.  2005.  2 videodiscs (ca. 140 min.). Torn between loyalty to his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the seductive powers of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker ultimately turns his back on the Jedi. This begins his complete journey to the dark side and his transformation into Darth Vader.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1642

Richard Adams's watership down. 2008.  1 videodisc (92 min.). "Nestled among the rolling hills and peaceful meadows of England lives a community of rabbits. When their warren is threatened, a small group of brave rabbits escapes into the unknown countryside seeking a new home. Led by the visionary Fiver, they face huge challenges and use strength and cunning to survive, while gaining new allies, battling new enemies and always pursuing their dream." -- Container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9336

The saphead. 99.  The art of Buster Keaton.  1 videodisc (118 min.). [The Saphead] Bertie, the spoiled son of a powerful Wall Street financier, pursues his individuality in a series of comic misadventures. [The high sign] Buster becomes unwittingly involved in a radical secret society known as the Blinking Buzzards. [One week] Keaton and his bride inherit a do-it-by numbers pre-fab house, only somebody has mixed up the numbers.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4686

School of rock. 2004.  Widescreen DVD collection.  1 videodisc (109 min.). When his band votes him out due to his embarrassing musical antics, Dewey has to make the rent somehow. After intercepting a call for his substitute-teacher roomie Ned, Dewey finds himself in front of a class of elite elementary school students. Dewey decides to take on the music program and makes it his goal to teach them the gospel of rock and roll. His ulterior motive is to get them to compete against his former band for a cash prize .  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 838

Schoolhouse rock! 2002?  2 videodiscs (221 min.). Collection of all 46 Schoolhouse rock! songs on the topics of science, multiplication, money, American history and English grammar. Plus, the new song "I'm gonna send your vote to college" about the American electoral college.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 589

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. 2010.  1 videodisc (113 min.). Meet charming and jobless Scott Pilgrim. A bass guitarist for garage band Sex Bob-omb, the 22-year-old has just met the girl of his dreams, literally. The only catch to winning Ramona Flowers? Her seven evil exes are coming to kill him. As Scott gets closer to Ramona, he must face an increasingly vicious rogues' gallery from her past, from infamous skateboarders to vegan rock stars and fearsome identical twins. If he hopes to win his true love, he must vanquish them all.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5070

Seabiscuit. 2003.  1 videodisc (141 min.). Based on a true story. A half-blind ex-prizefighter and mustang breaker team up with a millionaire and his rough-hewn, undersized horse, Seabiscuit. The men bring Seabiscuit to incredible heights, helping to turn a long shot into a legend. Eventually, Seabiscuit earns Horse of the Year honors in 1938.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7265

The secret of Roan Inish. 2000.  1 videodisc (102 min.). A magical tale of a girl whose search for her missing brother brings an Irish legend to life.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7211

Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi = Spirited Away. 2003.  2 videodiscs (125 min.). When a young girl gets trapped in a strange new world of spirits, she must call upon the courage she never knew she had to free herself and rescue her parents.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 586

Seven chances. 2001.  The art of Buster Keaton.  1 videodisc (96 min.). [Seven chances] A romantically jinxed young man must marry by 7 PM to inherit seven million dollars. While fate seems to thwart his efforts to woo the object of his true affection, public announcement of his strange predicament provides him with a throng of would-be brides. [Neighbors] Buster tries to woo his tenement sweetheart in spite of the barriers that stand between them. [The balloonatic] Buster is carried by hot air from a cityside amusement park to the rustic country where he ineptly struggles for survival and again somehow manages to stumble into romance."--Container.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1135

A shot in the dark. 2008.  1 videodisc (102 min.). Inspector Clouseau must track down a killer in this hilarious sequel to 'The Pink Panther.'.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9338

Shrek. 2003.  1 videodiscs (93 min.). A reclusive ogre and a chatterbox donkey go on a quest to rescue a princess for a tyrannical lord.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5036

Silly symphonies. 2001.  Walt Disney treasures.  2 videodiscs (305 min.). This groundbreaking series of 31 uncensored cartoons, released between 1929 and 1939, provides an astonishing look inside the evolution of animation. Each boasting a unique cast of characters, these musical shorts served as Walt Disney's proving ground for emerging technology, new musical styles and experimental forms. Join composer Richard M. Sherman for an overview of the Silly Symphony series, and take a peek inside the Disney archives to view some rare and remarkable merchandise, conceptual art and theatrical posters.  DVD 4188

Sister act. 2001.  1 videodisc (100 min.). In this comedy a nightclub singer is forced to take refuge from the mob in a convent. While there she turns the convent choir into a soulful chorus complete with a Motown repertoire. The sudden celebrity of the choir jeopardizes her identity.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5341

Sixteen candles. 2008.  1 videodisc (93 min.). Samantha Baker is ready to make the most of her sweet sixteenth birthday, but only if someone, anyone from her family would just remember it. For her birthday, she has to endure creepy freshmen, spoiled siblings, confused parents and the beauty who stands in the way of the boy of her dreams.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4960

Slapstick encyclopedia. 2002.  Slapstick encyclopedia.  1 videodisc (229 min.). Hal-Roach's all-star comedians: American slapstick may have germinated at Mack Sennett's, but Hal Roach Studios refined the form with more sophisticated and deliberately paced narratives, a style which allowed many of his stars to make successful transitions to sound. Presents five films including the rare feature "Big moments from little pictures," with Will Rogers. Keaton, Arbuckle and St. John: Five films which illuminate the careers of three influential early film artists by presenting some of Buster Keaton's rarely seen early shorts, showcasing the often neglected Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and spot-lighting little-know character comedian Al St. John.  DVD 5693

Sleeping beauty. 2008.  2 videodiscs (75 min.). Princess Aurora is born to King Stefan & his wife. At a ceremony for her, fairies - Flora, Fauna and Merryweather - bestow gifts of magic on the child. But the evil sorceress, Maleficent, shows up and places a curse on the princess - where Aurora will die on her 16th birthday after touching a poisoned spinning wheel. Merryweather tries to undo the damage by casting a spell that will allow princess Aurora to awake from an ageless sleep with a kiss from her true love. The fairies take Aurora to their cottage and raise her as their own child. On her 16th birthday, Aurora meets Prince Phillip and the two fall in love. Maleficent kidnaps the Prince and she tricks Aurora into touching a spinning wheel. Realizing that the Prince is in trouble, the good fairies head to Maleficent's castle and spring the Prince loose. But the Prince soon finds himself up against Maleficent when she turns herself into a fire-breathing dragon. Now the Prince has to be strong enough to withstand the powers of the evil Maleficent.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4879

Snow White and the seven dwarfs. 2009.  1 videodisc (84 min.). The beautiful and kindhearted princess Snow White charms every creature in the kingdom except one, the Queen, her jealous stepmother. When the Magic Mirror proclaims Snow White as the fairest one of all, she must flee into the forest. There, she befriends the lovable seven dwarfs, Doc, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy and Dopey. The Queen finds Snow White and tricks her with an enchanted apple. Only the magic of true love's kiss can save her.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6329

Son of Rambow. 2008.  1 videodisc (95 min.). Will Proudfoot is looking for an escape from his family's stifling home life when he encounters Lee Carter, the school bully. Armed with a video camera and a copy of Rambo: First Blood, Lee plans to make cinematic history by filming his own action-packed video epic. Together, these two newfound friends-turned-budding-filmmakers quickly discover that their imaginative and sometimes mishap-filled cinematic adventure has begun to take on a life of its own.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5594

Space jam. 2003.  2 videodiscs (88 min.). Michael Jordan must play basketball against space invaders that are trying to capture the Looney Tunes characters .  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7990

Spider-man. 2002.  2 videodiscs (121 min.). After being bitten by a radioactive spider on a school field trip, Peter Parker finds himself gaining spider-like qualities. Adopting the name Spider-Man, Peter first uses his new skills to make money, but when the Green Goblin, another altered super-human, kills Peter's uncle, he swears to use his "spider-skills" to fight evil. Along the way he has to juggle a new job as a local reporter, and a budding romance with a beautiful former-classmate, MJ.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7121

Spider-man 2. 2004.  2 videodiscs (128 min.). Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, is desperately trying to balance his dual identities. He can't keep up at college, pay his rent or seem to make amends with his estranged best friend Harry. Mary Jane is more skeptical than ever of Peter. One day Peter's idol, the renowned scientist Otto Octavius, resurfaces after a failed science experiment. Peter begins to notice he's losing some of his powers and wonders at the stress in his personal life. He realizes he must decide between being who he once was or retaining his secret identity to stop "Doc Ock" and save New York City from destruction .  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7122

Spider-man 3. 2007.  1 videodisc (139 min.). Peter Parker has finally managed to strike a balance between his devotion to his love M.J. and his duties as a superhero. But there is a storm brewing on the horizon. When his suit suddenly changes, turning jet black and enhancing his powers, it transforms Peter as well, bringing out the dark, vengeful side of his personality that he struggles to control. Under the influence of the suit, Peter becomes overconfident and starts to neglect the people who care about him most. Forced to choose between the seductive power of the new suit and the compassionate hero he used to be, Peter must overcome his personal demons as two of the most feared villains yet, Sandman and Venom, gather unparalleled power and a thirst for retribution to threaten Peter and everyone he loves.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7123

Stand and deliver. 98.  1 videodisc (103 min.). Story of Jaime Escalante, a math teacher at East Los Angeles' Garfield High School, who pushes and inspires 18 inner-city Hispanic students who were struggling with math to become math whizzes.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4934

Star trek. 2009.  Star Trek: Star Trek.  1 videodisc (118 min.). Branded as fugitives by the Federation they swore to protect, the crew dutifully returns to Earth to face charges for crimes committed in the course of rescuing a resurrected Spock, but while en route, they learn that Earth is being ravaged by a strange alien probe demanding a response from a life form that no longer exists.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9734

Star trek. 2009.  1 videodisc (126 min.). On the day of James Kirk's birth, his father dies on his ship in a last stand against a mysterious alien vessel. He was searching for Ambassador Spock, who is a child on Vulcan, disdained by his neighbors for his half-human nature. Twenty years later, Kirk has grown into a young troublemaker. He is inspired by Capt. Christopher Pike to fulfill his potential in Starfleet, even though he annoys his instructors. Suddenly, there is an emergency on Vulcan when the Romulan Nero comes from the future to take revenge on the Federation. The newly commissioned USS Enterprise is crewed with promising cadets like Uhura, Sulu, Chekov and even Kirk himself thanks to Leonard McCoy's medical trickery. Together, this crew will travel to the final frontier where the old legend is altered forever.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7084

Star trek II, the wrath of Khan. 2009.  Star trek, original motion picture collection: Star trek, original motion picture collection.  1 videodisc (112 min.). On a routine inspection of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Admiral James T. Kirk's Starfleet career enters a new chapter as a result of his most vengeful nemesis: Khan Noonien Singh, the genetically enhanced conqueror from the late 20th-century Earth.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9732

Star trek III, the search for Spock. 2009.  Star trek, original motion picture collection: Star trek, original motion picture collection.  1 videodisc (105 min.). Admiral Kirk's defeat of Khan and the creation of the Genesis planet are empty victories. Spock is dead and McCoy is unexplainably being driven insane. Then an unexpected visit from Sarek, Spock's father, provides a startling revelation: McCoy is harboring Spock's living essence. With one friend alive and one not, but both in pain, Kirk attempts to help his friends by stealing the Enterprise and defying Starfleet's Genesis planet quarantine.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9733

Star trek, IV, the voyage home. 2009.  Star trek, original motion picture collection: Star trek, original motion picture collection.  1 videodisc (118 min.). Branded as fugitives by the Federation they swore to protect, the crew dutifully returns to Earth to face charges for crimes committed in the course of rescuing a resurrected Spock, but while en route, they learn that Earth is being ravaged by a strange alien probe demanding a response from a life form that no longer exists.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9734

Star trek V, the final frontier. 2009.  Star trek, original motion picture collection: Star trek, original motion picture collection.  1 videodisc (106 min.). A renegade Vulcan with a startling secret hijacks the crew in order to find a mythical planet, while Kirk and his crew set out to stop a madman in an adventure that takes them to the center of the universe and, perhaps, before the face of God.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9735

Star trek VI, the undiscovered country. 2009.  Star trek, original motion picture collection: Star trek, original motion picture collection.  1 videodisc (113 min.). After a lunar cataclysm brings the Klingon Empire to its knees, peace with the Federation may be finally within reach. When Kirk is sent to broker that peace he and his crew are implicated in the brutal assassination of a Klingon diplomat, bringing both worlds to the brink of full-scale war.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 9736

Stardust. 2007.  Paramount DVD collection: Paramount DVD collection.  1 videodisc (127 min.). Tristan hopes to win the heart of his beautiful, but shallow love, Victoria. He promises to recover a star that fell somewhere beyond the stony wall that sets between the mundane England and the fantasy kingdom of Stormhold. So Tristan sets forth on his own journey in Stormhold. Meanwhile in that magical land, the dying king has set his four surviving sons on a quest for the crown. And the witch Lamia is seeking the heart of the star for an entirely different purpose, one that involves her secret power.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3598

Steamboat Bill, Jr. convict 13 ; Daydreams. 99.  1 videodisc (111 min.). Steamboat Bill, Jr.: Follows the adventures of a spoiled young man forced by his father to learn the ropes of riverboating. -- Convict 13: Keaton struggles for survival inside prison walls. -- Daydreams: Keaton tries to find his niche by trying out various professions.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 33

The straight story. 2000?  1 videodisc (112 min.). Based on a true story about 73-year-old Alvin Straight who embarks on a dangerous and emotional journey to make amends with his 75-year-old brother Lyle before his brother dies. Alvin can no longer drive a car because of his eyesight and has to walk with 2 canes, but he climbs aboard his 1966 John Deere lawnmower and drives the 260-mile course from Laurens, Iowa to Mt. Zion, Wis.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 263

Sugar. 2009.  1 videodisc (114 min.). Miguel 'Sugar' Santos is a talented Dominican baseball player who longs to break into the American big league and earn the money needed to support his impoverished family. He is a talented pitcher who might just have what it takes to earn a prized spot on a Major League Baseball team. Before that happens he'll have to prove his worth in the minor leagues. Advancing in baseball's minor league system at the tender age of 19, Miguel is warmly welcomed into the small-town Iowa home of his host family. He struggles with language and cultural barriers despite the kindness of strangers. Subsequently forced to reevaluate his life's ambition after his once-trusty arm becomes unreliable. The previously single-minded pitcher gradually begins to question both the world he lives in and the role he has chosen to play in it.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7247

Swiss family Robinson. 2002?  Vault Disney collection.  2 videodiscs (126 min.). The shipwrecked Robinson family finds new life on a deserted island far from civilization until their makeshift paradise is threatened by the arrival of cutthroat pirates.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3276

Tangled. 2011.  1 videodisc (100 min.). When the kingdom's most wanted bandit Flynn Rider hides in a mysterious tower, the last thing he expects to find is Rapunzel, a spirited teen with an unlikely superpower, 70 feet of magical golden hair! Together, the unlikely duo sets off on a fantastic journey filled with surprising heroes, laughter, and suspense.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8789

Tenk u no shiro rapyuta = Castle in the sky. 2003.  2 videodiscs (124 min.). Orphaned, Pazu is caught up in a thrilling adventure after Sheeta, a young girl wearing a glowing pendant, floats out of the night sky and into his life. Now, the pair must soar above the clouds in order to find the legendary floating city of Laputa and its treasures.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2978

That's entertainment! 2004.  That's entertainment : the complete collection.  1 videodisc (135 min.). The movies, the magic, the memories, the greatest moments, the brightest stars. The incomparable Golden Era of MGM musicals shines in this compilation of music and dance performances.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5671

That's entertainment, Part II. 2004.  That's entertainment : the complete collection.  1 videodisc (126 min.). Legends Gene Kelly and Fred Astair host this all-singing, all-dancing follow up to That's entertainment!, showing up more of what made the Golden Era of MGM moviemaking.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5672

That's entertainment! III 2004.  That's entertainment : the complete collection.  1 videodisc (113 min.). A collection of popular dance and song numbers from the Golden Age of the MGM musicals including scenes and numbers cut from their original films.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 5673

Thoroughly modern Millie. 2003.  1 videodisc (142 min.). During the carefree and fun era of the 1920s, an innocent country girl comes to the big city in search of a husband.  MUSIC LIBRARY DVD 253

Tim Burton's The nightmare before Christmas. 2008.  2 videodiscs (76 min.). Jack Skellington is the King of Halloween. He becomes bored with the same routine every year. He decides to take a walk in the woods. There, he discovered a door leading to Christmastown and decides to spread Christmas joy to the world. When he is back in Halloweentown he shows his friends what Christmas is like, and he suggests doing Christmas this year instead. But things do not go as planned when Oogie Boogie, an evil gambling boogey man, plots to play a game with Santa Claus' life and creates a nightmare for all the good little boys and girls everywhere. Although Sally attempts to stop him, Jack embarks into the sky on a coffin-like sled pulled by skeletal reindeer.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4711

Titanic. 99.  Widescreen DVD collection.  1 videodisc (194 min.). Two people from different worlds meet and fall in love on the brief, tragic maiden voyage of the grand ocean liner Titanic.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2290

Tonari no Totoro = My neighbor Totoro. 2010.  2 videodiscs (ca. 88 min.). Two young sisters spend a summer in the Japanese countryside with their father. The children's strange new home turns out to be a wonderland filled with creatures and a trio of furry woodland sprites who can only be seen by children.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4709

Toy story. 2010.  1 videodisc (81 min.). Woody the cowboy and Buzz Lightyear, two talking toys, have a fantastic adventure when they go out into the world .  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7768

Toy story 2. 2000.  1 videodisc (92 min.). While Andy is away at summer camp, Woody is toynapped by Al, a greedy collector. Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Rex and Slinky Dog spring into action in a thrilling and hilarious rescue mission.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7769

Toy story 3. 2010.  Disney DVD.  1 videodisc (103 min.). As Andy prepares to leave for college, his loyal toys find they have been donated to the Sunnyside Daycare where untamed tots with their sticky little fingers do not play nice. So, it's all for one and one for all as they join Barbie's counterpart Ken, a thespian hedgehog named Mr. Pricklepants, and a pink, strawberry-scented teddy bear called Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear to plan their great escape and ensure that no toy gets left behind.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 7770

Tron. 2002.  2 videodiscs (96 min.). A hacker is transported into a computer where he must fight for his life against the Master Control system. The hacker teams up with a bookkeeping program and his girlfriend to try to replace Master Control with Tron.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 997

Turtle: The incredible journey. 2011.  1 videodisc (81 min.). Chronicles one loggerhead turtle's journey from a young hatchling emerging from her nest in the sand to a 25-year-old adult returning to the same beach to hatch her own young. It's a remarkable story about the harrowing trek around the globe of this threatened species and an amazing odyssey you won't want to miss.  DVD 9218

Up. 2009.  Disney DVD.  1 videodisc (96 min.). Carl Fredericksen, a retired balloon salesman, ties thousands of balloons to his house and sets off on an adventure, not realizing Russell, and overeager Wilderness Explorer, is on his front porch.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 6690

WALL-E. 2008.  1 videodisc (98 min.). After hundreds of lonely years, a waste management robot finds a new purpose in life. With only a cockroach for a friend, he  finds true love in another robot sent on a mission to Earth to see if it is safe for human life.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4950

Wallace & Gromit: The curse of the were-rabbit. 2006.  1 videodisc (ca. 85 min.). It's 'veggie-mania' in Wallace and Gromit's neighborhood. The two enterprising friends are cashing in with their humane pest-control outfit, "Anti-Pesto." With only days to go before the annual Giant Vegetable Competition they find that their business is booming. They come to find out that running a "humane" pest control outfit can have its drawbacks. Suddenly, a large and mysterious veg-ravaging "beast" begins attacking the town's sacred vegetable plots at night. The competition hostess, Lady Tottington, commissions Anti-Pesto to catch the beast and save the day. But Victor Quartermaine would rather shoot the beast and secure the position of local hero - not to mention Lady Tottingon's hand in marriage.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1871

Walt Disney: On the front lines the war years. 2003.  Walt Disney treasures.  2 videodiscs (210 min.). See never-before-seen Disney war effort productions, including exclusive declassified material, training, propaganda and educational films. Includes "Victory Through Air Power," Disney's 27th animated classic. First hand accounts of the work at Disney.  DVD 811

Walt Disney's Funny factory with Goofy. 2006.  Disney DVD.  1 videodisc (52 min.). Goofy's out of the doghouse and starring in his own classic collection of short films. It's time for fun at work with Donald and Mickey in 'Clock Cleaners,' but then keeping an eye on Junior makes for a nonstop day of so-called rest.  DVD 3317

Walt Disney's vintage Mickey. 2005.  Disney DVD.  1 videodisc (65 min.). Feature-length compilation of Mickey's greatest black & white appearances.  DVD 3316

War horse. 2012.  1 videodisc (146 min.). Set against a sweeping canvas of rural England and Europe during the First World War, begins with the remarkable friendship between a horse named Joey and a young man called Albert, who tames and trains him. When they are forcefully parted, the film follows the extraordinary journey of the horse as he moves through the war, changing and inspiring the lives of all those he meets; British cavalry, German soldiers, and a French farmer and his granddaughter.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4792

Whale rider. 2003.  1 videodisc (101 min.). The Whangara people believe their ancestor Paikea was saved from drowning by riding home on the back of a whale. The tribal group has since granted leadership positions to the first-born males, believing them to be descendants of Paikea. But then a young mother dies in childbirth along with her newborn male son. His twin sister survives and the little girl, Pai, is brought up by her grandparents. Learning the skills of chiefdom from her uncle, Pai shows that she possesses a natural leadership ability.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1846

What's up, doc? 2003.  Streisand collection.  1 videodisc (94 min.). Four red plaid travelling cases-- one belonging to a befuddled Iowa musicologist, a strange but bright young woman, a rich matron and a suspicious fellow-- are mixed up at a San Francisco hotel, with hilarious results.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 3177

Where the wild things are. 2010.  1 videodisc (101 min.). Max has an active imagination, who will throw a fit if others don't go along with what he wants. Following an incident with his sister Claire and her friends, Max throws a tantrum when his mother pays more attention to her boyfriend than to him - runs away from home. Wearing his wolf costume at the time, Max not only runs away physically, but runs toward a world in his imagination. This world, an ocean away, is inhabited by large wild beasts, including Carol who has the same temperament as Max. Instead of eating Max like they normally would with creatures of his type, the wild things befriend Max after he proclaims himself a king who can magically solve all their problems.  DVD 7208

Who framed Roger Rabbit? 200-.  Vista series: Vista series (Touchstone Pictures).  2 videodiscs (104 min.). The hapless Roger Rabbit is framed for the murder of Marvin Acme, who was photographed "playing patticake" with Roger's wife Jessica. The mixed live and animated action takes place in Hollywood and next-door "Toontown," where humans and "Toons" co-exist.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1096

The wild parrots of Telegraph Hill. 2005.  1 videodisc (ca. 83 min.). Follow the ups and downs of a flock of wild urban parrots within the green niches of San Francisco. Along the way meet unforgettable characters like Picasso and Sophie, the inseparable parrot lovers, and Connor, the lovable outcast of the flock.  DVD 1737

The wizard of Oz. 2009.  2 videodiscs (101 min.). This groundbreaking classic is based on the popular novel by L. Frank Baum. Includes nearly 5 hours of extras and an all-new sing-along feature.  DVD 666

Wordplay. 2006.  1 videodisc (ca. 94 min.). A journey into the world of Will Shortz, the crossword puzzle editor at The New York Times. Shortz has spent his entire lifetime studying, creating and editing puzzles, and has built a huge following along the way including Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 2286

X-Men. 2006.  1 videodisc (104 min.). With the help of their new recruits, The Beast and Angel, the X-Men must face evolution itself in the form of their former teammate, Jean Grey. Possessed with the cosmic power of the Dark Phoenix, the resurrected Jean Grey has become a danger to herself, her mutant comrades, and the entire planet. A potential cure is discovered and processed to treat and ultimately eliminate the genetic mutations, once and for all. As the battle lines are drawn, the X-Men must contend with both Jean Grey's world-consuming powers, as well as the malevolent Brotherhood.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1443

X2 X-Men united. 2007.  2 videodiscs (134 min.). In the wake of a shocking attack on the President, the X-Men face their most dangerous mission ever. Professor Xavier and the superhero mutants are pitted against a mutant-hating scientist who is determined to wipe out the mutant race by tricking Xavier into abusing his telepathic powers. Now the X-Men must stand united with their deadliest enemies to combat a menace that threatens every mutant on the planet. But could a new alliance backfire and annihilate the human race?  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 1442

Yellow submarine. 2005.  1 videodisc (90 min.). An animated feature-film which has the Beatles on an odyssey to Pepperland.The film is an anthology of contemporary art and graphic design of the late sixties - surrealism, art nouveau, op and pop-art - brought together by designer Heinz Edelmann's flattened comic strip.  HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 8983 COLLECTION DVD 8983