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Scholarly Research Impact Metrics

Acceptance Rates

Acceptance rates are used to measure the relative quality of a journal, similar to acceptance rates for universities. The lower the rate, the more 'exclusive' the journal, which presumably means higher-quality. This is often used when impact factor or other measures are unavailable.

However, not many resources exist to help you find an acceptance rate! Sources include:

1) Cabell's - published rates for some disciplines (but is not comprehensive within those disciplines). Disciplines:  Business, Education, Psychology, Computer Science and Health.

2) SciRev - crowdsourced information about journal submission experiences. May also include acceptance rates and other relevant information.

2) Journal website - some journals publicly advertise their acceptance rate.

3) Direct call to the journal - often, this is the only way to get a current acceptance rate for a journal.

Manuscript matching tools (NOT publisher-specific)

These tools are designed to find a journal from a variety of publishers. Many publisher-specific tools exist as well - just search for the publisher name and "journal finder" to access those.