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Geographic Information Systems & Cartography

Geographic Information Systems can be used to store, edit, analyze, share, and display geographic information.


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Meagan Snow
Geospatial Research Lab
Anderson Computing Complex B-16
Office: ACC B-7

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Looking for Data

When Looking For Data...

Keep in mind key questions to help you frame your research.

  • Which subject areas are you looking to find data in?
  • What geographic areas are you looking to represent?
  • At what level, or scale, will your data need to be viewed?
  • What type of agency or organization might produce the type of data you're looking for?
  • What geographic level are you trying to represent/analyze? What types of features do you need to represent?
  • Is it likely this data is already publicly accessable?  What restrictions might be in place?
  • What type of program are you planning to use, and what data formats are you able to work with?
  • Are you looking to explore maps using an online platform, or create your own?