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Business Research: How do I find..?

Looking for cases, business plans, stock price, foreign exchange rates, mergers & acquisitions, trade data, country information, or statistical websites?

Individual Deals

Thomson Financial is the premier source for information on individual M&A deals. Their data can be accessed through SDC Platinum or Thomson ONE Banker, which are located in the Kogod FSIT Lab (T-51) . The database has comprehensive details on all announced deals, whether completed or uncompleted. The database covers U.S. targets 1979 to present and Non U.S. targets 1985 to present. Data are unavailable for the last thirty days as a condition of our academic subscription.
Data available include full financial details, advisors and fees, premiums paid, etc.

League Tables

League Tables are periodic rankings of M&A activity. These usually rank the largest deals and the firms involved in the deals.

Thomson Financial is the most widely cited source for league tables.
They have some information available for free through their
Deals Intelligence site  This requires registration.